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Blue Star On Tinder – What Does Super Like Mean?

It’s common to match with someone on Tinder, and next to their name will be a blue star. What does this blue star mean, and why do only some profiles have it?

The blue star on Tinder means the user super-liked your profile. This means they chose to prioritize your profile over others by swiping in an upward direction. The blue star means the person really wants to get your attention.

In this article, we’re going to show you what super like means and why it’s important to your Tinder experience.

Blue Star On Tinder

The blue star means your profile has been “super liked” (swiped up) by the person you just matched with. When you have a blue star next to your name, they’ve seen enough of your profile that they’ve decided to have a bit more fun with it before moving on. They want to learn more about you and want to make sure their profile stands out over others.

Blue Star On Tinder

Tinder has created the “super like” to help profiles stand out vs. other profiles. Tinder can be a crowded environment, especially in popular cities like New York or Philadelphia.

Tinder will give you one super like a week to stand out from users you’re attracted to. This means that you’re only able to swipe up once before you need to wait to recoup your super like.

The only way to get multiple super likes is to purchase them from the Tinder store or purchase Tinder Gold, automatically giving you 5 super likes a week.

How Do I Get Super Likes?

Super likes are part of Tinder’s premium package. Super likes must be purchased individually, or they come standard with Tinder Gold & Tinder Platinum.

how to buy super likes on Tinder

Purchasing super likes can be done by tapping the profile icon in the bottom right corner. These are the super like prices:

PriceSuper Likes

A dialogue box will appear, allowing you to charge super likes to the card you have linked to your Apple or Google profile.

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How Do I Super Like Other Profiles

To super like other profiles, you must swipe up on the person’s profile that you’re viewing. Typically, you would swipe right and left on the other person’s profile to like or dislike their profile. Users can swipe up with the super like to send the blue star to the profile they liked.

How to super like on Tinder

This blue star will appear as a faded gradient on your profile when the other user comes across it. Tinder gives this subtle hint to users, letting them know that they’ve been super liked by you.

If the other user swipes right on your profile, your profile will have the blue star next to your name and their name. This is just a reminder to you (and them) that you super liked their profile.

How Do I Know If Someone Super Liked Me?

If someone super liked your profile, the bottom half of their profile will be light blue when their profile appears in your card stack. This means the other user has swiped up on your profile, indicating they really want to meet you.

If you’ve been super liked by another user, we recommend swiping right on the profile and getting to know them. They thought you were special enough to use one of the few super likes available to them.

Swiping up on someone to super like their profile is an open communication method to let that person know you’re interested in meeting them. However, there’s no guarantee that anything will come from the interaction. It just increases your chances of getting swiped on by another user.

There is no way currently to tell if someone super liked you after you super liked them. Regardless of who super liked who, there will always be a blue star next to your name and the other person’s name.

If you see the blue star on your profile, you know that someone has super liked you. ​

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How Do I Stop People From Super Liking Me?

Tinder currently has no way of turning off super likes. Even if you purchase Tinder Gold, you’re able to customize your swiping experience, but the super likes you receive can not be altered.

If you receive too many super likes and feel uncomfortable, we recommend turning off your “show me on Tinder” option, which will remove your profile from the card stack.

This allows you to stay hidden from other users, and you won’t have to deal with any more super likes on Tinder.

How Can I See The Super Likes I’ve Received on Tinder?

Users who super like your profile will be shown in the match queue with all other users. There’s nothing different between people who like your profile and people who super like your profile.

The only difference is that the super liked your profile with a blue star next to their name. This is to help you prioritize who is really into you and who casually likes your profile.


The blue star on Tinder means someone super liked your profile. Users will super like your profile to stand out and show that they have more than just casual interest in your profile.

If you’ve received a super like, be sure to show that person extra attention because they want you more than other users on the app.

This feature allows users to stand out against other profiles. Tinder being the most popular dating app globally, it can be hard to stand out at times.

Super likes help profiles jump out and increase your chances of being liked by the other profile.

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