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Is eHarmony Worth Paying For?

From the outside, it can be hard to assess the quality of an online dating service. These are not the cheapest things around, so it is reasonable to be cautious. Is it worth it to invest your money, time, and hope, into eHarmony?

While no service can guarantee success, eHarmony uses intelligent matchmaking to link people based on their availability and their general personality. It achieves this through a well-written algorithm and a thorough personality test that the user completes. 

Online services promise to bridge any gap and put you in touch with other singles. Still, many dating sites produce poor results and shatter the expectations of many people. Find out why eHarmony is one of the most successful services on the market and why their subscription service is definitely worth the investment.

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How Successful Is eHarmony?

eHarmony is a private service that has left its mark on the national landscape. It is so successful that 4% of the total number of US marriages is due to this platform. Given that the US is home to over 300 million people, that number is staggering.

Other online dating applications are made for casual dating rather than forming stronger bonds leading to marriage. eHarmony is successful in its way, and it caters to a specific demographic. Overall, people over 30 who seek a more serious and stable bond should try it out. 

Look at your watch. Every 14 minutes, a new love connection is made, and a weekly total of 2.3 million messages are sent. These are not bad numbers, considering that this service is one of the oldest on the market. 

So, when it comes to pure statistics, eHarmony is booming, yet there are other services with comparable stats. Where it uniquely shines is in its retention rate. 

The medium divorce rate in the United States of America is sadly over 50%. More than half of marriages dissolve. When it comes to the marriages of people who met on eHarmony, the divorce rate is only 3.86%. 

That is a tremendous difference that sings the praises of this online platform.

The eHarmony trademark compatibility quiz is taken by 15,000 people each day. It has 80 questions, and while it may seem tedious, it makes it easy for the algorithm to narrow down the possibilities.

Overall, eHarmony is one of the most successful US online dating services. While other platforms facilitate communication and dating on a more casual level, eHarmony digs deep and connects you with people who can prove to be your future lifemate.

How Much Does eHarmony Cost?

Meeting and attracting a lifemate is one of the deepest motivations that a person can feel. It is a bone-deep desire that stays with us from adolescence until the day we die. We spend a good chunk of our lives grooming, taking care of our bodies, buying clothes, and sharpening our social skills for that exact occasion.

It is hard to tally up the final cost of our romantic efforts. In comparison, the cost of an online dating service membership pales.

Still, there is a price tag, and you should be aware of it as a customer. There is a free eHarmony version available, yet many valuable functions are disabled. You are much more likely to hit gold while using a paid subscription.

For a single month, the cost is $59.95. Three months will cost 39.95$ per month, six months will be $29.95, and a year will be $19.95 per month. As you can see, you will be rewarded for “buying in bulk” as the subscription gets less costly proportionate to its length.

Yet, there is more to be said when it comes to pricing. Promo codes and unique offers are available on the eHarmony website. Besides, there are “Free Communication Weekends,” which are held regularly.

Although it is not a steadfast rule, the free weekends generally overlap with special Holidays.

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As their name suggests, these promotions will allow you to message your potential matches without having to pay anything. Be sure to stay updated and regularly visit their web page so that you can learn the schedule of the following free weekend.

In terms of payment options, eHarmony supports all of the primary payment processing services. You can purchase a subscription using Visa, Mastercard, and even PayPal.

Like other online subs, it will automatically charge you for renewal once your current time has expired. 

When you find your new partner, don’t forget to turn off your subscription. Otherwise, you will be charged for a service that you’re not using.

Another noteworthy option is the Premier Plan. This feature was implemented as the ultimate guarantee.

If by some stroke of bad luck, you do not find that special someone by the time your subscription runs out, eHarmony will prolong your sub-period for free for an extra year. 

This is proof of the company’s commitment to its promise of helping you contact MR. or MS. Right. 

What Is The Average Age On eHarmony?

Dating services offer you much more than an algorithm. In a way, you are part of its marketable product. Of course, you do want the matchmaking service, but the true attraction is that eHarmony is a gathering place for single people. 

eHarmony dating app

In the online dating world, demographics are key. Due to complex societal reasons, men are much more likely to be single and use dating services when compared to females.

The danger of having a lopsided client base that leans heavily male is always a possibility.

Thankfully, eHarmony is a goldmine, as it has a 38 to 62 percent male to female ratio. If you are a single man, you should love those odds. 

The average age of users is another important demographic factor to take into consideration. It is no secret that eHarmony caters to those who are seeking more long-term engagements.

Thus, you would expect an average age of 35-45 years.

Surprisingly, the average is much lower, with most users being somewhere between 25 to 34. This distribution gives you access to a much more versatile and younger dating pool. 

What Do You Get For Free On eHarmony?

Shopping around for the right online dating website can be a daunting task. There is no shortage of options available on the market, and it can be hard to distinguish between the various offers. 

A more conservative spender would shy away from a service that locks all its features behind a paywall, not allowing you to sample first. Thankfully, eHarmony is free for those who want to browse its services. 

Of course, this cost-free version is restricted in its features and capabilities.

Once you sign up for free, it is possible to take a compatibility test, after which you will be presented with your first matches.

Still, a restricted version account may not be enough to satisfy your curiosity. Is there a more robust trial version that lets you sample the service in full while still leaving you a backdoor to change your mind? 

The answer is yes, there is. eHarmony incorporates a 3-day free trial, during which you will be charged to gain access to all features.

After those three days, if you are still unhappy with the service, you can end the trial and get your money back. 

Is eHarmony Worth Paying For?

Finding a lasting bond with a life partner is one of life’s greatest consolations and most sublime pleasures.

We all crave that bond and spend countless thousands of dollars on clothing, makeup, gym memberships, dating advice, and anything that could raise our chances.

Not to mention the time “wasted” on fruitless dates or dead-end relationships.

Given the monumental amount of resources and time that we dedicate to pursuing this goal, the monthly fee of eHarmony is pocket change

This cost is further trivialized by the service’s success rate. It would be one thing to risk an investment in a new, unproven service.

Yet, eHarmony’s success rate and the sheer number of customers make it almost a sure thing. It sets up the pins perfectly, and you have to knock them down.

Of course, human interaction is never as predictable as we would want it to be. Can you fail? Yes.

But the expectations of being attractive should not fall on the website but the person using it.

You are paying the site to have a solid algorithm, a comprehensive personality test, a broad base of users, and a reasonable success rate. On all these fronts and more, eHarmony passes with flying colors.

Should a user not want to spend cash, that is also an option. The free version can give you a good idea of what the service offers.

Overall, if you are single and searching for that special someone, eHarmony is worth trying, at least for a few months.