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Ashley Madison is a discreet dating site that allows single and married users to interact with each other. However, users must purchase credits to get the full functionality of the website. How much does Ashley Madison cost?

Users must buy credits to use Ashley Madison. Credits on Ashley Madison cost 1000 credits for $249, 500 credits for $149, and 100 credits for $49.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to purchase credits on Ashley Madison and how you can use credits to engage with other users.

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What Are Credits On Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison uses a credit system for users to engage with other users. Unlike Tinder or Bumble, which offer subscription-based options – Ashley Madison works on a pay-by-credit basis.

Users can purchase credits in bulk to get the full functionality of Ashley Madison. The free version of Ashley Madison is unfortunately limited to what you can do.

Credits on Ashley Madison allow you to start conversations and highlight your profile.

Starting a conversation with Ashley Madison requires you to spend credits. This means that you’ll need to spend money on credits to connect anytime you find a profile that you like and want to engage with.

This credit system came under scrutiny after Ashley Madison was hacked, and it was revealed that bots were found on the platform. This meant that users were spending credits to talk to artificial intelligence essentially.

Ashley Madison has since said it has removed the bots and is working off a complete person-to-person system.

How Much Do Credits Cost On Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison sells credits to the users, unlocking features like starting conversations and highlighting your profile for 30 days. Ashley Madison’s pricing is listed below.

  • $249 for 1000 credits
  • $149 for 500 credits
  • $49 for 100 credits
Ashley Madison pricing

By buying the most expensive package at 25 cents, users can get one credit for 25 cents. This is the best deal, as users can get credits essentially 5 cents cheaper than the 500 credit deal.

If you purchase the elite package, users can also have their profile highlighted for 30 days. This means that it will be at the forefront of all the other users’ main screens (like in your area).

This is one way to get your profile to stand out in front of others.

How To Buy Credits On Ashley Madison

Users can buy credits on Ashley Madison by going to going to the home screen. From here, there will be a buy credits button at the top of the screen next to all of the other toolbar items that will look like this:

buy credits Ashley Madison

Once you click on buy credits, you will be presented with a screen that looks like this with multiple buying options.

Ashley Madison Credit Chart

Clicking the buy now button will bring you to a screen that allows you to pay in multiple ways, including:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Mail
How to buy credits on Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison allows you to pay the traditional way with a credit card and Paypal. They also allow you to send checks in the mail to complete your payment.

You will be given a profile number that you must include with your payment. That way, they can link your account to the payment.

After you enter your card details, you will then be presented with upsells. These will help you enhance your account. However, they’re not completely necessary to use Ashley Madison.

Top up credits on Ashley Madison

The first upsell is to top off your credits each month. This means that Ashley Madison will automatically take money out of your account each month and give you credits in your account.

Get Mobile Access On Ashley Madison

Next – users will be asked if they want mobile access. This means that users can get full access to their mobile app. It does cost a one-time fee of $19.99.

If you’re someone who uses mobile for everything, agreeing to this one-time fee may be worth it.

If you’re someone who uses Ashley Madison primarily on your desktop or laptop, you won’t need to spend the money on the mobile access fee.

Last is the member-initiated contact fee (MIC). This is another fee that Ashley Madison has, requiring you to pay $29.99 a month to continue to talk to people.

This means that you’ll also need to spend $29.99 a month on top of the credits you’ve purchased to continue making contact with new members.

Member initiated contact on Ashley Madison

As the message states: “After an initial 30-day period, MIC subscription will be renewed automatically at $29.99 a month.

On top of the credits you’re buying, you’ll need to pay for a MIC subscription which will allow you to maintain contact and initiate contact with members.

To select a full 30 days free of member-initiated contact, you’ll need to check the purple box with the checkmark to activate it when you pay.


Ashley Madison uses credits and a monthly fee to use the platform at its full functionality. Users must purchase either 1000, 500, or 100 credits to send messages to other users.

Ashley Madison’s pricing chart can be a bit expensive. Users who consistently use the platform may have to pay hundreds of dollars a month to maintain their profile and connections.

Users must purchase credits and a member-initiated contact (MIC) fee each month to stay in good standing.

While it may be an expensive thrill, users who use the platform often have the money to spend it on.

We recommend making sure that you have the funds available and trying the cheapest plan possible before sinking all of your money into Ashley Madison.

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