Post Date: December 8, 2021

With the influence of the pandemic, connecting to new people has not been easy in the conventional sense. Specifically when it comes to your dating life. Fortunately, the virtual world stepped in to help people out of their loneliness in the form of dating apps.

For example, Facebook Dating is quickly becoming a popular one. 

Facebook Dating, launched in 2019, is a digital dating product that allows you to connect with people who share your interests. It can guide you into having a relationship with someone you connect with. People can only access it through the Facebook mobile app on iOS and Android. 

A dating app can be daunting, especially if it’s relatively new. There are a lot of factors to consider and rules to be aware of.

Hence, to help you out, I have provided all the details to help you navigate Facebook Dating in this article. I would recommend reading the whole thing thoroughly. 

How Facebook Dating Works

The app is entirely free because its usage is rising steadily. Yet, since you have to use the app from Facebook itself, you can be a little confused as to how the whole procedure works. So here is a simple guideline for you. 

  • Log into your Facebook app on your phone. It is inaccessible via computer or laptop.
  • Click on the menu option on the far right 
  • Scroll down and click “dating.”
  • From there, create your dating profile and ensure you have provided the correct preferences of yours to find the best match. 
  • For an alternative method, you can also type “Facebook Dating” into the Facebook search bar and follow along with the shortcut that will appear. 


The app clarifies from the beginning that it will not suggest any of your Facebook friends. Furthermore, none of your swiping or dating activity will ever show up on their timeline or be known to them. 

As a result, you can keep your dating life private, and you won’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed.

Profile Set-up 

The design of the dating app is fairly perceptive and friendly. It offers a pleasant, user-friendly experience. You can also post your photos in any format you like.

You can also include TV shows or songs that you like to give more insight into your personality. It is a step-by-step process, and you will find the app relatively easy to navigate. 

Your preferences will be displayed in a pleasant format, which will help attract the right person for you. Make sure you are authentic about your intentions.

If not, then the start of your potential relationship might just be based on lies, even if they seem minor. 

Two dating app users who love eachother. this is not what you will see if your tinder chat disappeared

The Love Of Your Life Is One Swipe Away

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Facebook Dating has three tabs, Matches, Liked You, and Profile. On Liked You, you will come across a specific number of likes on your profile, and then you can swipe left and right.

Additionally, unlike other dating apps, this feature will not cost you extra money. 

Furthermore, there is also an innovative addition that is the “Secret Crush.” A secret can be either an Instagram follower or a Facebook friend you secretly like.

If you add them as a secret crush, they will be notified as per the feature name.  

If both of you have added each other as your secret crushes, you will be matched, and your names will be revealed to each other.

This is an effective way of knowing if your crush likes you back or not. The number of secret crushes you can have is 9. You can remove them whenever you want.

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Facebook Dating Features

Dating apps consist of various buttons and icons with different meanings.

It is not easy to remember the symbolism behind every one of them, so I have enlisted them for you. 

X: This applies as a “No,” as in you do not like the person’s profile suggested. The same action can take place with a left swipe. 

Heart: This means “Yes,” as you approve of the suggested person’s profile. The same feat can be accomplished with a right swipe. 

Envelope: This implies a Super Swipe. With this, you can send a profile message even before swiping right or left. 

Star: This means a Super Swipe. By sending this, you are saying that you have already said “Yes” to a member’s profile. 

Undo: This icon enables you to change your previous swiping choice. You cannot utilize this feature if your selection ends up as a match. 

Chat icon: Through this, you have access to features such as chats, matches, and “liked me.”

Location icon: This leads to the Passport feature, through which you can swipe in other locations too. 

Is Facebook Dating Safe? 

In any dating app, the risks are more or less the same. Even though, in most cases, the risk is something people are willing to take on behalf of companionship and good conversation. 

When it comes to protecting the privacy of its users, Facebook does not have the best history when it comes to multiple security breaches.

So, through this dating app, you give Facebook further leverage to snoop on you when you willingly offer your interests, preferences, and other information about yourself. 

Hence, if we want to enjoy these dating apps’ features, we must always be cautious and reduce as many risks as possible. 

Precautions To Take While Using Facebook Dating

To ensure that you are not being connected with the wrong people and that too much of your personal information is not exposed, you should always be sure about specific protocols. They are: 

  • Refrain from using crucial information about yourself. These can include your financial information, home or email address, phone number, or any similar information. If you come across someone wanting to know such things, immediately block or report them. They will not know who reported them.
  • Beware of scammers. They tend to be present on all social media platforms. They can trick you into sending money, your personal information, or even sending gifts. These people are not looking for a relationship, they are taking advantage of you. An example could be of a person claiming to fall for you very quickly and asking you to send them something.
  • Thoroughly learn about the person you come across. In the virtual world, misunderstandings can come easily. This can lead to difficult interactions when you decide to meet them such as sexual orientation or identity. So before meeting someone, ensure that you have the correct knowledge of them.
  • Since Facebook dating profiles can be misleading, if you decide to meet someone from the app, always keep a close one informed. Have your own transportation and meet in public. Always keep your phone fully charged in such circumstances. It is also best to avoid alcohol at the first meet-up. 

Facebook Dating Recap

If you know how to navigate a dating app and have put forward your preferences accurately, it can be easy to come across someone who can catch your attention, especially if luck is also in your favor. 

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