Bumble Dating App: Complete Guide

Most of the apps can be pretty distasteful when dating online, with users ranging from drug addicts to 12-year-olds lying about their age. And it gets pretty depressing when you only see apps such as Tinder, Plenty of Fish, etc., blowing up on the internet. But that’s where the Bumble dating app is different.

Bumble is one of the first dating apps where women can make the first move. They decide to message first and are in control of the conversation.

Unfortunately, most dating apps are infested with individuals who are not looking for serious relationships. But on the other hand, Bumble takes the cake if you’re someone looking for a serious relationship.

But that doesn’t mean that casual daters are marked off from the app. It’s just that the app has an equal balance. So let’s have a better look at it.

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How Bumble Is Different Than Other Dating Apps

Unlike other dating apps, 60% of the matches on Bumble result in a proper conversation. This is a big deal because most dating apps are geared more towards fast-paced judgments based on facial features.

This can be pretty daunting for women, especially if they’re regularly being pestered by creepy men. But with Bumble, it’s safer and feels more secure.

From an outward view, Bumble also depends on swipes, just like Tinder. So, if you like someone, swipe right. And if that person does not meet your preference, swipe left.

And if both users are interested, you can exchange messages and have a decent conversation.

If both parties are straight, only the woman can send the initial message. And this is where Bumble is so different from the other dating apps. Here, the woman can initiate the conversation. And after that, the man can respond and take it from there. 

But this is not the case for same-sex couples. In their case, however, either of them can send the initial message after both parties confirm their interest.

There is a time limitation, however. Once you send that first message, the receiver has around a whole day to respond.

Thus, if they can’t respond within 24 hours, the message will disappear from their inbox. So yeah, users need to respond to their matches quickly if they don’t want their messages to disappear and their shots to be lost.

What’s so different and wonderful about Bumble is that this whole app was designed for women.

It is intended to provide women with a safe but sufficient dating app to let them decide and be more in control of their dating experience.

This is extremely important because most dating apps are known for having sleazy, perverted men who can’t help but send unsolicited messages and pictures of their private parts.

It has reached a point where we can safely call it “borderline harassment.” And it ruins the experience for most women who are just looking for a respectable person to date.

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How To Use Bumble

Now that you’ll be using Bumble or thinking of using it, this is the best opportunity to look at how to utilize the app to your benefit perfectly. There are many features within it, and thus you’ll have to know a thing or two. So, here’s a complete guide to using Bumble.

Creating A Bumble Profile

Creating a Bumble profile is the same as creating any other online dating profile. Initially, everyone needed a Facebook account to create a Bumble profile. But that requirement has been removed by the company’s CEO, Whitney Wolfe, herself. 

So, you don’t have to worry about that. Just use your email and a secure password, and you’re good to go.

Creating a Bio

Whatever you do, don’t write something that’s already been written a thousand times. Be unique and try to add a different flavor to your profile to get the attention of the type of person you want to hang out or date with.

So, Bumble will only give you 300 characters to write about yourself. So, if you talk about the sea salad that you ate an hour ago, no one’s going to try to get to know you.

This will attract similar-minded people, and they’ll want to contact you. You could also talk about your strengths and weaknesses. Showing a bit of vulnerability is instead a sign of strength.

Taking Pictures For Bumble

Pictures are important.

We recommend taking pictures that show off both your personality and your best features.

If you’re someone who has pretty eyes, show them off with a close-up picture of your face. If you’re someone with excellent physical features, be sure to show the camera without being too much.

The bottom line is, don’t be a catfish. Your picture should define you and how you are as a person. 

Starting A Conversation

Sending that first text is nerve-wracking, as we all know. And that’s why the text you’re sending must be of substance. Do not send out a random ‘hey’ and wait for the guy to fawn over it.

Instead of sending a pointless message that dumps the communication burden on the recipient, be more creative and bold. Start with a joke or maybe a one-liner.

Something that matches your personality so that the receiver won’t feel like they’re talking to a stranger when you start talking.

But don’t take it too far. If you do so, the recipient might feel pressured to match your level of humor or creativity. Just take it slow and see how it flows. You could ask them something regarding their profile, which you’re curious about. 

Make it sound like a compliment, so you know that they’ll be happy to reply. But at the same time, you need to understand this very clearly. Rejection is part and parcel of how this app works.

Not everyone will be interested, and that’s fine. But don’t let that ruin your experience using this wonderful website.

Filtering Bumble Matches

Bumble has added a new feature that saves your time and thus your energy. So, it’s very understandable that you might be swiping right on several potential matches. But you won’t like them all the same.

This new time-saving feature filters out the potential mates to the most important, or let’s say, “relevant” matches.

This filter includes what you’d likely expect on a dating app. It has filters for one’s age, height, where they live, their political affiliation, or what kind of relationship they’d like to be in.

Learn More

Now that we’ve covered all the basics, you have a better understanding of the Bumble dating app. It is pretty different from the others and safer for the women out there. So don’t feel too shy about giving it a try.

If you’re looking for more information on Bumble, be sure to read this collection of articles.

Thanks for giving this article a read. I hope it helped!

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