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Wondering why does Bumble sometimes show distance? Well, Bumble is a mobile dating app that matches users by age and distance. Both are shown at the bottom of the user’s profile. However, sometimes Bumble will not show the distance of the user.

Bumble does not show the distance of the user if they have put their profile into snooze mode. Snooze mode means they’re taking a break from Bumble and won’t receive any matches.

In this article, we will show you why does Bumble not show distance sometimes, and what it means.

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Bumble Showing Distance Of Other Users

When does bumble show distance? Bumble uses geolocation to show you users who are in your proximity. Geolocation is when the cellular service pinpoints your last location and places it on a map.

From this point on the map, the user will adjust their criteria and distance range. Bumble will find all of the users in a distance radius, meaning the area around them.

From here, Bumble will check your age range and match all of the users that fit these criteria. the Bumble location distance play a major factor in determining how other users are found.

Bumble Not Showing Distance

There may be times that you come when Bumble shows location but not distance. There are a few reasons why their distances aren’t shown, both good and bad.

The Bumble User Is In Snooze Mode

One of the main reasons Bumble doesn’t show distance is because that user is in snooze mode. As we wrote about here, Snooze mode is when the user decides to take a break from Bumble.

There are a few reasons that we’ve identified why users will take a break from online dating.

If online dating has become overwhelming, users will decide to take a small break from swiping and matching. This is common for those getting too many matches to keep up with or users who aren’t getting any matches. This could be the main reason the Bumble distance is not showing.

Bumble snooze button

Too many matches can be overwhelming because Bumble forces the girl to open the conversation. If she has 99+ matches to respond to, it will be hard to go through all of the matches.

On the other hand, if a user isn’t getting any matches, they may put their profile into snooze mode.

Snooze mode allows users’ profiles to be still active, but they are not shown to others. This means you’re still able to send them messages, but they cannot match with anyone.

This mode also removes the distance from the user’s profile. As mentioned by Bumble here:

Bumble why can't I see someone's location

As they state, a location will not appear for a profile in snooze mode (for one you’ve already matched with).

User Is Away From Distance

When does bumble stop showing distance? There are a few different reasons for this.

One reason, is that the user is away from the Bumble distance filter that they have selected. If this happens then the distance will not show up.

Another instance is when users that exceed 99+ miles or left their bumble location 4 hours away. If bumble is not showing miles away this could be why. This happens because Bumble cannot pinpoint the user’s location due to it being out of the location radius.

This may also be the case if the Bumble user is close to you. For instance, sometimes Bumble will show users that are “less than a mile away.” They may also show no distance if the user is in the same bar or club as you.

This is because Bumble cannot determine a location, so it will simply deliver nothing to the user’s profile. These few reasons are the answer to why does bumble sometimes show distance in miles and sometimes not.

The User Hasn’t Opened The App In Several Days

Another reason, as Bumble notes, why the location won’t show up is that the user hasn’t opened the app in several days.

This is often the case for users who are traveling across the country.

Bumble will take the last location of the last time the app was opened. For example, if the user is in California for work, and then goes home back to New York, their location will still be in California if that’s where they last opened it.

If the user is still talking to matches they met in California while still in New York, it will not provide an accurate location. This could be why does Bumble show city and not distance. Bumble is not able to determine a location near the user, and it will appear blank.

Distance and proximity are the basis of apps like Bumble. If the user is out of their location range, the app will show a distance but nothing to the user.

bumble user distance

Last, the user may not have been active for a really long time. Often time single users will leave their Bumble running without properly deactivating it. Users may delete the app but not actually delete the profile.

This means the user will still be shown in the card stack to other users. If they’ve gone inactive but you have matched with them, there is a good chance their location may not be there.

Bumble will do this because they don’t want to serve inactive profiles to other users. If you’ve already matched with an inactive profile, there’s a good chance the distance is not showing on Bumble.

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When Does Bumble Distance Disappear

bumble distance disappears

bumble distance disappeared

distance disappears on bumble

why did his location disappear on bumble

bumble location distance disappeared

bumble distance filter gone

Watch out for Bumble Location Stalking

The idea of Bumble sometimes shows distance refers to the use of Bumble’s location services in the dating app. This allows you to check up on someone’s location without their knowing, and can be seen as a bit of an invasion of their personal space.

This might mean someone could be repeatedly checking to see where a user is at various times, which can feel a bit like you’re being spyed on. It’s really important to be respectful of other people’s personal space and privacy, especially when using location services on dating apps or any other type of platform.

What does ~” Mean on Bumble Location

The bumble “~ miles away” means the app doesn’t exactly know where the bumble user is. It gives you a rough idea of where they could be, using information like where they were last seen on the app or places close to them. The reason for this is to keep their exact location private, but also give you an idea of where they are generally based.

Why does Bumble sometimes show location and sometimes not?

Bumble shows distance sometimes, you might see a location pop up on Bumble, and at other times, you don’t. Why? Well, it’s all about the user’s personal choices and settings. Members can decide whether or not they want to turn on location services within the app.

How do I stop Bumble from showing distance?

To stop Bumble from showing distance:
Open the Bumble app on your device.
Go to your profile by tapping on your profile picture or icon.
Select “Settings” from the menu options.
Look for the “Distance” or “Location” settings within the preferences.
Toggle off or disable the option that allows Bumble to show your distance.
Save or apply the changes and you will have your settings changed to bumble no distance shown.

Does Bumble show exact distance?

No, bumble does not show exact distance. What it does is give a roundabout range, generally to the closest mile or kilometer. This feature is designed to give users a sense of how far away someone is, but without invading privacy too much.


Bumble will sometimes show distance, and other times it won’t if the user is out of range or in snooze mode. If the user exceeds the 99+ miles threshold, no location will be available to track them.

Alternatively, if the user enables snooze mode, which puts the user’s profile on hold for other users to swipe on it, it will be sitting idle as the user takes a break from Bumble.

This feature is common for people who are tired of using online dating apps or need a break from messages and matches.

Location is an important part of mobile dating apps, as closer matches are easier to develop relationships with. Long-distance matches are harder to meet and see consistently.

If your match doesn’t have a location on their profile, ask them if they’ve been idle recently or if they’ve moved out of state for whatever reason.

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