Post Date: August 18, 2020

Tinder is a mobile app that allows users to swipe for free to try to find matches. Users are limited to how many swipes they get per day if they’re using the free version. In the top left of their chat queue, there is often a blurred picture with numbers over the face.

When Tinder says 99+ likes, it means that over 100 people have liked your profile. To see all of the users who have liked your profile, you must purchase Tinder Gold.

In this article, we will show you what 99+ likes mean on Tinder and how you can help find more matches.

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What 99+ Likes On Tinder Means

99+ likes on Tinder

Tinder has introduced its subscription service called Tinder Gold. This allows users to pay monthly to have additional access to Tinder’s premium features.

To entice users to pay for the subscription service, they have added a small blurred picture with a number over it.

Users who go to their chat queue can see that they sometimes have 3, 10, or even 99+ likes over a blurred picture. This is Tinder’s way of telling you that 99+ people have swiped right on your picture.

Tinder Gold’s features allow users to see who likes their profile immediately. They will be shown the 99+ people who like their profile. It gives them the option to accept or deny their swipe right. Paying for Tinder is the only way to access this.

If you’re a free user of Tinder, this number will only change once you have swiped left or right on the user.

The good news, if you’re a free user, is that someone has swiped right on your profile. The bad news is that you won’t be able to see who it is unless you keep swiping.

Tinder keeps this picture in the most valuable spot on the mobile app, in the chat queue.

Tinder users can try to decode what the user has swiped on them by taking the colors of the blurred picture and trying to match up with the users in the card stack. This is very hard to do, but it’s one way to determine who swiped right on you.

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What Is The Blurry Picture Behind The 99+

The blurry picture is the user’s profile that has liked your profile. Tinder has blurred out its profile to entice the user to pay for their premium service. Tinder Gold allows users to see exactly how many matches they have and take away the photo’s blur.

Tinder has limited the number of swipes that a user gets per day to pay for their premium service, which allows for unlimited swipes.

The more that you swipe, Tinder will slowly start to release your matches to your card stack. This is to keep you wondering if the next person in your card stack is the person who likes you.

This, of course, keeps you swiping, which then keeps you addicted to the platform. Tinder does a great job of giving the user just enough information, so the user is always left wondering who likes them once they close and open the app.

Number Didn’t Go Down

Tinder has been known to use bots and other artificial tactics to make the users think users like them when they necessarily might not.

When users first sign on, they might have 3-10 users who like their profile in front of the blurry picture. If the user swipes consistently and doesn’t get a match, it will make them want to swipe more.

This is the desire that Tinder places on its users. They don’t know what the person is behind the blurry profile, and it will either make them convert to paid users or completely turn them off.

Tinder has millions of users, so if you’re in a popular city, this number could be more than 99 people who actually like your profile.

If you’re in the suburbs, this number could be inflated. Users using the free version of Tinder have complained that the number didn’t go down after using all of their free swipes. This could be to entice the user to keep swiping or purchase Tinder Gold.

No Matches Even Though It Says 99+ Likes

Tinder’s algorithm is tricky. It’s consistently changing for the user. A platform that used to be bot-heavy has since blocked external bots and has limited its own bots.

If you’re a user in a suburban area, it could be a number that is inflated. Profiles that commonly have 99+ are in a crowded city, or if the guy/girl is beautiful.

99+ profiles typically indicate a lot of interaction; however, if your profile has been idle for a while, it could be a tactic to get you to find out who these 99+ people are by subscribing to their premium service.

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99+ Matches Recap

When a Tinder user has 99+ likes on Tinder, it means that 99 or more people have liked their profile. If you’re an attractive person or live in a crowded city, it’s not uncommon to have over 99 likes consistently.

To see all of your 99 or more likes, you’ll need to subscribe to Tinder Gold, which shows you all your matches.

If you continue to use the free version of Tinder, you’ll need to continue to swipe to find out who these matches are. It may be time-consuming to find out who these matches are, as Tinder will slowly release your matches to your card stack.

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