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What Is Tinder Gold And Is It Worth It?

Tinder has been around since 2012. It first started out as a hookup platform but has since evolved into one of the top dating apps in the world. In order to build on its financials, Tinder launched Tinder Gold which has features that can help accelerate your matchmaking.

Tinder Gold is a premium subscription service that unlocks features such as unlimited swiping, seeing who already likes you, extra super-likes, and the rewind feature which allows you to go back if you’ve accidentally swiped left on a potential match.

Tinder Gold is worth spending the money if you’re looking for fast results and extra features. Users get a premium experience with Tinder when they sign up for Tinder Gold.

In this article, we’re going to show you exactly what Tinder Gold is and why it may be worth spending the money.

What Features Does Tinder Gold Offer?

tinder gold

To break down the services that Tinder Gold offers, even more, let’s dive into what each feature actually does, and why they want you to purchase it.

Unlimited Swiping

Unlimited swiping is the ability to swipe left or right without any restrictions. If you’ve moved to a new area and have a habit of swiping to the right to meet new people, this may be an issue for you as a new user.

New users will be eager to swipe consistently as the habit of swiping left and right can be addicting, in hopes of finding your spouse.

This is a key feature that many other apps offer, however Tinder limits you. It isn’t public how many free swipes you’re able to get before they make you pay, although it’s been tested by our staff that younger women get anywhere near 80-100, while men get closer to 40-50 free likes per 12 hours.

This could vary per account, so if you’re seeing different results, please let us know.

Seeing Who Already Likes You

Tinder does a great job of showing you a circle with a blurred image and number in the middle (as seen below), to show you that there’s a number of people who have liked you.

Tinder Likes
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This number accumulates overtime, as Tinder will withhold showing you people who like you, in order to urge you to pay for their service.

If you purchase Tinder Gold, you’ll be able to see, in realtime, everyone who likes your profile and connect with them instantly. This is a great way to accelerate your dating as you won’t have to wait for a slow release to see who likes you.

One issue we did find is that some of the profiles may be fake that are accumulated in the Tinder Gold. The photos seemed to be fake an the accounts never responded back to us.

If you have a different experience with Tinder Gold and the profiles not being fake – let us know.

Extra Super Likes

Super likes are a way to express that you’re “super” interested in the person. This could be a way to flag down someone that you fit their type and you really want to get to meet them.

The free version of Tinder currently allows you to have 1 super-like per 12 hours. Tinder Gold, however, allows you to have up to 5 super-likes per 12 hours, which allows you to get in front of more users and catch their attention.

Rewind Missed Connections

Accidentally swipe by someone who may have been your next husband/wife? Shake the phone and rewind like the other apps, right?

Wrong. Tinder doesn’t have a standard rewind or “go back” feature as other apps do. In order to go back, you’ll need to purchase Tinder Gold which allows you to rewind

This is a clutch feature in the case that you’re a speed swiper. A speed swiper is someone who is able to go left and right quickly, judging the person strictly by looks. If this is you, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy Tinder Gold so your next love doesn’t slip away.

Location Change

Tinder follows your location and finds users in your area, based on the distance settings that you have. However, if you’re traveling or moving to a new area and want to be meet friends beforehand, a location change may make sense.

In order to do this, you’ll need Tinder Gold to reposition yourself to a new location, which will then allow you to swipe as if you were actually in the location. This is a cool feature that few apps offer and allow you to be in multiple places to meet new people.

What’s The Difference Between Tinder Gold & Tinder Plus?

Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus are similar, however, Tinder Gold has more features. Users with Tinder Gold are able to see who likes them and utilize that feature to the fullest.

Another major difference is the pricing, as Tinder Plus users will pay typically $9.99 a month, which is a great starter pricing pack, compared to other dating sites.

However, Tinder Gold is a bit more expensive. Users will pay roughly $20/month if they choose the 6 month subscription. Looking to try out the app for a month? $29.99 will be the cost.

Tinder Gold cost

If you’re not looking to break the bank, Tinder Plus may be the best option.

Can People Tell If I Have Tinder Gold?

No. There’s not a special symbol or anything else that signifies that you have Tinder Gold. However, users that have used Tinder for a long time may be able to recognize a few things on your profile that may signify that you have Tinder Gold.

  • If your age is hidden
  • If your location is 100’s of miles away

These are typically the two biggest tip-offs for users that are using Tinder Gold. As mentioned, only the long-term Tinder user will be able to tell, not the general population.

Is Tinder Gold Worth The Price?

It all depends on what you’re using Tinder for. If you’re using it for a hookup app, trying to accumulate as many matches as possible, it may be worth it. You’re able to see who likes you and match with them instantly. This feature is the main purpose of being the Tinder Gold.

If you’re looking to find someone to date and truly start a relationship, it may not be the best available option. There are better pricing options available on more reliable platforms.


Tinder Gold. we believe is worth the price if you’re looking for a dating mobile app that has a high volume of daily users. Our goal is to meet one person in our life, that we connect with. The high traffic and number of daily active users are what Tinder does extremely well, which may be beneficial for you.

If you have a different opinion and a different experience with Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus – let us know in the comments!

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