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On Tinder What Does The Yellow/Gold Heart Mean

Tinder has features that indicate how other users communicate with your profile. Tinder has hearts and other notifications that help users realize how important they are.

On tinder, the yellow heart next to your name means they liked you using Tinder Gold. Tinder Gold is a premium feature that indicates the other person is serious about dating.

In this article, we will show you what the yellow heart means in-depth and why you should pay attention to it.

Normal Match On Tinder

When swiping on Tinder, users who connect with another match will have this transitional screen appear.

Match On Tinder
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This is considered a normal match on Tinder. A normal match will feature no icon or any other colored indicator.

Normal matches on Tinder are common, as most of the apps will use the free version of Tinder. As we wrote about here, Tinder allows roughly 50 swipes per day for the free version.

Tinder does a great job of allowing users full access to all of the core features without drastically restricting usage. Other apps like or eHarmony require you to pay to use any of the core features.

While apps like eHarmony and have more quality matches due to paying customers, Tinder has its fair share of paying customers. This premium service is called Tinder Gold. Similar to the payment plans of other mobile dating apps, Tinder gold falls right in line with their premium services.

We call them premium services because it gives you an edge over all of the other users on the platform who are just using the free version of the app.

This is where the yellow heart on Tinder is presented on the Tinder profile.

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Yellow Heart Match On Tinder

On Tinder, the yellow ( or sometimes seen as gold) heart represents that the person who has liked you is using Tinder Gold.

Tinder Gold is a premium subscription service, where the user pays a monthly fee to have access to all of Tinder’s additional features.

Tinder Gold

These features include unlimited swiping, changing locations, and the ability to see everyone that has liked you. We wrote about all of Tinder Gold’s features here.

The yellow heart is important because it shows that the person who has liked you is serious about using the platform.

The reason apps like and eHarmony are held in high regard is because of the financial commitment needed to use the app’s core features.

For Tinder, it’s no different. When a user likes your picture, you’re able to see that they’re serious about dating by seeing the yellow/gold heart when they liked you.

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Why Do Yellow Hearts Appear On Tinder?

This indicates that the user who has liked you is serious about dating and using the Tinder platform. Having a financial commitment to dating is something to pay attention to. If they want to unlock all features and explore the app to the fullest, they will pay the subscription price.

Tinder Gold isn’t cheap; it ranges from $9-$29 a month. Committing to Tinder Gold is a decision that must be made with financial responsibility. This is why when a user likes your page with a yellow/gold heart next to their name; it should be taken seriously.

Tinder Gold

This person is extremely interested in you, and they more than likely are serious about a hookup or dating.

It’s important to ask the person what their intentions are before deciding to move forward with a date or hookup. Transparency and clarity should be the main point of focus with anybody on the app, especially with someone with a yellow/gold heart next to their name.

The reason for this is they paid for services because they want to enhance their experience. If they chose you, it means they want to enhance their dating experience with you. If you’re someone who barely uses the app or uses Tinder casually, tells them because it may be wasting their time.

The yellow heart that appears next to their name indicates that they are a Tinder Gold member and have unlocked all of the features within the Tinder app.

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Can I Hide The Yellow Heart On Tinder?

Unfortunately, you can not. This is Tinder’s way of showing other users that you are one of their premium members, and they make sure to highlight your profile when you like someone.

If you’re looking for premium features without using the gold heart, Tinder offers a one-off purchase such as super likes or boosts that will help you increase your profile recognition but not have you shown as a yellow heart when you swipe right.

If you’re embarrassed or concerned about your profile being shown as Tinder Gold, we recommend you buy the one-off purchases. Tinder Gold is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. Users all over the world are trying to make the most out of their dating experience.

Tinder is no different from your dating experience. We recommend you maximize it and not give a half effort. If you’re truly looking for a fling or a relationship, use the Tinder platform to its capabilities and explore it in depth.


When they like other users, Tinder Gold members will have a yellow heart that appears next to their likes on other users’ screens.

This is to stand out from other normal users who will not indicate their profile. Paid Tinder users will often get more likes because of the bright heart color that appears on their screen. Often, this heart distracts from the user’s physical qualities, and users may swipe right based on the rarity of this heart.

If you buy Tinder Gold’s monthly subscription, we recommend that you realize this heart will show up next to your name when you like someone else. Again, we believe this is a good thing, as it will allow you to stand out from the crowd with every right swipe you complete.

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