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Why Does Tinder Ask For School?

When signing up for Tinder, a message box will appear asking you to input what school you went to. Tinder asks this question to learn more about you and your past.

Tinder asks users what school they went to show off their college or post-grad academics.

In this article, we’re going to show you other reasons why Tinder asks for your school when signing up.

Adding Your School To Tinder

When signing up for Tinder, they will ask you to input the school you went to. This option may seem odd, as it can be a personal question for those who want to stay as secretive as possible.

Tinder features an autofill box that automatically finds the college you went to and adds it to your profile.

Adding School To Tinder

Once you start typing, the list of colleges will appear, allowing you to choose which school you’ve attended or currently attend.

This option can be skipped if the user doesn’t want to display what college they went to.

The school you selected will be showcased right below your first profile picture when your profile is shown to others.

adding school to tinder

As you can see, front and center, our school is shown to public users right under our profile picture. Your school/college of choice will be shown to other users right under your age and name.

The school says a lot about the person, and there are some benefits to adding which school you went to on Tinder.

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Benefits Of Adding Your School To Tinder

There are some benefits to adding what school you went to on Tinder.

First, if you went to a high academic school such as Harvard or Yale, it will instantly make you more attractive to men or women looking for smart people.

Getting into those schools is not easy, and many things come with those diplomas. Most of these benefits are positive to the audience that you’re most likely looking to attract.

adding college to tinder

Intelligence and a high-paying job often come with attending those schools. If you’re someone who went to a high academic school, it can only help you add it to your Tinder profile.

Second, if you’re a college student, we highly recommend adding your school to your profile. Typically college students want to meet people as easily as possible on Tinder, especially as they may not have a means of transportation.

Adding your school to Tinder will make it easier for you to meet other college students, which may be within walking distance to your dorm or college housing.

Negative Effects Of Adding Your School

The downside of adding a school to your Tinder profile is people may judge you if you didn’t go to a school or went to a lower prestige college.

We always recommend adding your school to your Tinder profile because it will attract the right kind of people. If you’re someone who isn’t interested in the highly intellectual person, you can skip over these people.

If you’re not looking to attract people from Harvard, but rather someone from your local community college, then it’s better to have this information on your profile than not.

Remember, your picture, bio, and which school you went to are the first thing people see when looking at your profile. You want to make the best impression possible.

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Not Adding Your School To Tinder

There are no negative effects that we’ve seen by not adding any school to your profile. It can also be a talking point when starting a conversation with someone.

If you went to a prestigious school or a school you want to show off, then add the school to your Tinder profile. If you didn’t go to school or want to leave out the fact that you went to school, that’s fine as well.

It doesn’t hurt or help your chances by leaving this blank. The point of Tinder is to attract the right people to your profile that you can vibe and have fun. Attracting the wrong people only creates headaches and wasted time.


To add a school to your Tinder profile, start typing in your school when prompted during the onboarding process.

Users are only allowed to add the college they went to, not their high school. The box will begin to autofill once you start typing the name of your school.

If you choose to leave this box empty, that’s completely fine. We recommend adding it to the list of topics to talk about once you do find a match.

If you’re someone who went to a prestigious or well-known college in your area, we recommend putting your college on your profile so that you can have a leg up over other users in your area.

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