Post Date: December 9, 2021 is a dating site that stands out from other typical sites of its type. The explicit nature of this platform is both attractive and, at the same time, kind of scary to the more shy and introverted users. However, if you follow some simple guidelines, you can have an enjoyable dating experience on this site. 

Anyone who wants to try out Cougarlife should first have a clear idea of how to get into it. This site is designed for a particular group of people. You should be either a cougar or a cub if you want to get on the site.

Below is a complete guide to It focuses on everything, from who should be on the site and who shouldn’t adhere to the requirements for success on this platform.

What Is

cougarlife complete guide

Cougarlife is a dating site that focuses exclusively on connecting older women with younger men.

The women on this site are usually around forty or older. Meanwhile, the age range for men is twenty-five to thirty-five years old.

However, anyone over eighteen can open an account on Cougarlife. 

Age Doesn’t Matter On

Unlike typical dating sites, Cougarlife is not really for everyone. This site attracts a more mature and slightly different group of love-seekers.

In other words, the women and men on this site have a distinct preference for partners.

Unlike the typical dating site users, they are looking for someone totally in a different age range. 

Age is not a vital compatibility factor in Cougarlife. Many single forty-plus women want to date a young, energetic man.

But they are either too careful with sharing their information or maybe don’t know where to find interested men. 

Similarly, plenty of young men would like to date an older woman. But they might be shy or not know how to approach a more mature woman.

Cougarlife gives these people a platform and creates meaningful connections between them. 

What Is a Cougar On

The term “cougar” is one of those words you don’t find in traditional dictionaries. You have to look it up in urban glossaries online.

So, you might have presumed that this was initially a slang word. However, as society has progressed in its views about women and sexuality, the term “cougar” has become more normalized. 

A cougar refers to an older, mature woman actively seeking younger men as partners. This is contrary to what usually happens in the dating scene.

Women either date similar-aged or older men. And men too, prefer younger women as dates. 

Therefore, the cougar is a woman who is more courageous and confident than the average woman. They take care of their bodies and keep fit.

Usually, these women have successful careers, are entirely independent, and have a strong foothold in society. Plus, they are more straightforward, know what they want, and avoid drama. 

What Is a Cub On 

A Cub is a young man who wants to date a Cougar. Usually, these are energetic and open-minded men. Due to their youth, they have a more modern view of dating and society.

Of course, these men are different from typical men who only want to date younger or same-age women. 

As they are not going with the typical flow of society, a cub might be shy or even ashamed of what they want. But if they get caught on the radar of a cougar, the more confident woman takes care of the rest.

The qualities of a cub are that they are more optimistic and less judgemental than average men. 

Such men might be just starting their careers. Usually, cubs do not have the social standing or the wealth of their mature older female counterparts.

If you can find yourself in either of the two categories mentioned above, give Cougarlife a try. Sign-up is free.

Although there are options for a paid membership, this is a platform where no one will judge you for your preferences. So, feel free to sign up and get yourself a cougar or a cub. 

How To Open A Account

You can open a Cougarlife account on their website. You will be directed to the homepage once you get to the site. Look for “Log in” in the top right corner.

Click it. The Login gateway would appear, asking for a username and password. Below them is the option to sign up for new members. 

Signing up 

A form appears on the screen after you opt to sign up. It will ask you to fill out fields like your date of birth, area code, etc. Before that, there was a field for “Relationship Status.”

There are four options to choose from. Cougar Life will determine whether you are a Cougar or a Cub, depending on this choice. 

Cougarlife doesn’t require any email verification process. Nor does it want any credit card information. So, if you see something like this, you are probably on the wrong website. Or, you might have been subject to some online scam. 

When you have filled up the form, take time to read their terms and conditions and their privacy policy. As soon as you agree to those, your sign-up will be complete.

You now have a Cougarlife Account, and you can operate through your Cougarlife User Profile. 

Profile Interface 

The profile or user interface of Cougarlife is mostly like other dating sites. To find your perfect date, you will want to upload a nice picture and fill in additional fields.

These include age, sex, height, weight, eye color, and hair color. The more enriched your profile is, the greater the chance of finding a suitable partner. 

As a man, when you browse through the cougars’ profiles, you will only see the first name, age, essential bio, and the women’s display photo.

However, the photo will remain blurry for the men until they become friends with the older woman they are interested in. 

Paid members on the site get to see the photos more clearly. Plus, your profile will be more visible to other users on the site when you pay for your membership. 

Matching On

It would help if you always kept in mind that Cougarlife is more dedicated to female users. Therefore, women’s likes and dislikes are prioritized on this site.

Like other dating sites, they also use a matching system based on your profile information. 

For interaction and subsequent hook-up, matching is critical. Cougarlife will periodically keep on sending these matches to your timeline.

You can either refresh them or send them a message. If your match replies to your message, then you two will become “live.”

After becoming “live,” you two can start interacting and see where it goes from there. Remember that cougars are outgoing and confident.

Whereas cubs are usually shy and have less experience. Apply this knowledge to your conversation, and you will probably find success. 

Tips To Create An Attractive Cougarlife Profile

Your profile is the only thing on the site for people to know you. So, take care to fill it up as best as you can. Plus, a completed and enriched profile shows a real person behind this profile and not some scammer. 

Creative Username: Don’t take any cliche username. For example, your username should not have “cub” or “cougar” in it. That is just boring and shows a lack of motivation. Be creative with the username. Incorporate your nickname into it to add some uniqueness. 

Thoughtful Caption: The caption on your profile is the first thing visible to other users on their homepage. So, take care to write it. If you are a woman, opt for a caption that has an element of mystery. If you are a Cub, write something nice and youthful. 

Descriptive About Me: This is the section of your profile where you can truly express yourself. As a cougar, you can show your confidence and experience through the words in this section. On the other hand, keep this section honest and truthful when you are a younger man. 

Profile photos: Add a few photos to your profile. Each photo should show different sides of you. The photos should feature both your physical attractiveness and your personality. Photos are essential when you are a cougar. After all, men will be viewing your profile, and they’ll only have that one thing in mind.  

Be honest: Don’t say anything in your profile that is false. Fill in the body type, hair color, eye color, height, and weight honestly. Don’t use Photoshop on your photos. It would help to clarify whether you are looking for a serious, long-term relationship or a casual hook-up. 

What Are The Special Features Of

CougarLife is a unique dating site due to its explicit and straightforward nature. It also showcases a wonderful blog, and private photo galleries and permits users to exchange gifts and special messages. 

Helpful Blog: CougarLife features a much-enriched blog on its site. The blog’s contents provide various kinds of dating tips for users in general. It mainly focuses on dating between older women and younger men. 

Find A Date Tonight: This is an icon on the site that you can click to see which ladies are seeking a date on that specific night. In other words, you can find date-ready mature women in your area with a straightforward click. 

Explicit nature: Many dating sites strictly maintain a ‘kid-friendly environment on their platforms. However, CougarLife mainly targets the older population. Even the younger men on the site are above 25, and there are rarely any 18+. 

Send gifts and flirts: You can send them a virtual gift when you like a cougar or a cub on the site. You can also send flirts to someone who steals your heartbeats. These features let the other person know about your feelings without using words. 

Priority Mail: The chances are high that the person who has caught your eye has also managed to catch the eye of many others on the site. So, to keep yourself ahead of the competition, use the Priority Mail feature. This lets your mail appear at the top of your crush’s messages. Recap

The best way to learn more about is to get started. We recommend creating a profile and exploring it yourself. Take the leap and try out the website here.

Finding a perfect date in Cougarlife is not difficult. All you need to do is work on your profile and be honest with yourself. You might find a cougar or a cub who will complement your life and even become your lifelong partner.

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The best way to truly understand is to create your own profile and explore the platform firsthand. Take the plunge and sign up to try it out for yourself here.

By building your CougarLife profile and interfacing directly with the membership base, you’ll get a personalized feel for the dating dynamics and whether it’s a good match for your goals. Stay true to who you are in your bio and photos for the most authentic experience.

With an open-minded and honest approach, you may just find a great cougar or cub match that complements your life wonderfully. Some have even found lifelong partners.

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