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The number of young men dating cougars is increasing as days pass by. Thanks to dating applications like the Cougar Life dating app, many cougars and young men found their one.

However, it is not uncommon for young men to struggle to approach cougars. Although they may enjoy such relations, they may not even know how to start. So, how do you date a cougar?

To date a cougar, first, young men should set up their profiles on with their correct information. Input information like body type, hair color, and ethnicity.

From there, users can send flirts, messages, and even virtual gifts. If the cougars like their personality, they might offer proposals to the cub. 

Now, that’ll seem possible with a few pro tips from experienced cougar cubs. To know further about the tips, keep reading. The guideline will also include the potential risks and safety guidelines for using the Cougar Life dating app.

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How To Use The Cougar Life Dating App to Contact Cougars

To use the Cougar Life dating app, you need to sign up first with some personal information. To make it easy for the cougars, feel free to add your profile picture- an appealing one, of course. Cause, who knows? Maybe they will contact you first if they feel attracted to you. 

After completing all the formalities, look for a suitable cougar. The application contains several filters for young men to fulfill their requirements. For example, if you are looking for a blonde cougar, include that in those filters. 

On the other hand, you may insert a nearby location in the filters. It is beneficial if they want to date a neighbor for frequent dates. Other than filtering with distance or body profiles, you may as well choose a random cougar from the top suggestions. 

After you like a cougar, press on the ‘flirt’ button. It is a form of swiping right in the Cougar Life dating application. Once you flirt with a member, it will notify them immediately. It indicates that you like them and you’d like to talk with them. 

The next step is to press ‘chat with me.’ Clicking this option, you can send them text messages. Approach them in a way that impresses them.

You might want to go for ‘Hello beautiful’ instead of ‘Hello sexy.’ It is because not all cougars wish to have a one-night stand. Some of them may look for guys to date; of course, younger guys who act mature. 

Build up why they should date you instead of enjoying just a few nights with you. Try understanding their difficulties and emotions.

While you do that, forget about the age difference and try impressing her through communication. 

But obviously, it isn’t enough for dating them; because, remember, cougars aren’t easy to impress. Now, there’s an option for sending them virtual gifts.

Using credits, gift them virtual jewelry or chocolates. In addition, to get to know them better, you might ask them for access to the privately uploaded photos.

3 Cougar Dating Tips

Even if you start dating a cougar on the Cougar Life dating app, it may seem difficult to be in a long-term relationship. To ensure a healthy relationship, here are some pro cougar dating tips that will be useful to you:

Be Confident

Dating cougars is nothing to be ashamed of. Be confident that you want to date a cougar without feeling ashamed—cougars like dating those who are confident about themselves and what they want. 

The Cougar Life dating app isn’t like Tinder. So, the cougars wouldn’t know if you want a relationship. You have to be clear about it. If you are flirting with them, do not look at girls of your age. It’s because it will indicate that you’re not confident dating a cougar. 

Maintain a Good Love Life

Usually, cougars want to have a good love life. Hence, they may expect a good love life from the guys they date. They may want to experience new things in their love life, probably pleasurable love every day. 

If you want to date one, you should live up to her expectations. It will increase her confidence if you prove to be sexually worth it. Convince her that your company is enough, and she does not need any other men to satisfy her. 

Treat Her Like a Lover

Being mature enough to date a cougar is all about how you should treat them. Remember that cougars are not your mother.

So do not treat a cougar like one. Treat one like a lover, show her that you care about her life, and be suggestive. Do not always assume that they know better.

You may ask for advice from her and may even share your struggles. But it isn’t their duty to guide you in every single decision.

Of course, she does not want to be your mother or does not want a childish boyfriend. Thus, do not highlight the age difference. Instead, try to care for and fulfill her sexual fantasies. 

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Safety Guidelines for Cougar Cubs or Younger Men

You should always follow safety guidelines when using the Cougar Life dating app, no matter how many privacy policies they have. Firstly, to ensure your safety, be aware of fake profiles.

Many people on such apps with fake information and pictures on their profiles. They might be after your private information or photos. 

Most fake profiles have one to two pictures; they will also send you flirty texts requesting dates. Sometimes, they might even send you gifts to convince you that they’re not fake.

Young men should especially be aware of such scams. And if you suspect any profile, it is best to contact customer service. 

Another way to distinguish fake cougar profiles is to watch their grammar. It’s because they usually have bad grammar. Their activities and communication skills will differ from regular cougars. Thus, check their profiles repetitively to avoid scammers

Maybe you are the one who texted such a scammer first. It is very normal for first-time young users. It becomes tough to detect them, especially after so many exciting fake proposals and offers.

Hence, if you are a first-time user, message and get to know the cougars before meeting them. 

Secondly, plan to meet them in a public place. It is not surprising that young men too can be targeted by robbers and criminals. They pretend to be a hot mature woman, only having wrong intentions. In the end, they might place you in a situation you do not want to end up in. 

In some cases, even real cougars may have wrong intentions. You should never want to date a cougar who is a criminal. It does not matter how hot or seductive she is.

Usually, some cougars target young men in their twenties. It’s because they’re more likely to fall into their traps. 


Maintaining a cougar dating life requires tips and advice. Ask yourself how you date a cougar, and compare your assumptions with the guidelines in this article. I’m sure you will find yourself benefitted from reading this article. 

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