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How Tinder Passport Works – The Complete Guide

Tinder Passport is a new feature that Tinder has added to their gold and premium subscription packages. It’s a new feature that helps couples find matches in different locations.

Tinder Passport is a premium feature that allows users to like, match and talk to other users around the world. Search for a city or town on the passport map and Tinder will search for nearby users, as if you were actually there.

In this article we’re going to show you how Tinder passport works and why it may benefit you to actually invest in Tinder Gold to get the passport feature.

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What Is Tinder Passport

Tinder Passport is premium feature, where users must join one of Tinder’s paid options in order to use it. Users who just use the free version will not be able to use Tinder’s Passport features.

What Is Tinder Passport (And Does This Feature Actually Suck?)

In order to use Tinder Passport, first, the user must tap the profile icon that is located in the top left corner.

From here, the user will tap the settings button which will bring up options located directly about the profile.

Scroll down about half way down the settings menu and you’ll see a title called “location”.

From here, you’re able to add multiple locations in order to change where you’ll be swiping from. Whenever you move the red pin to the location you want, users will see you as if you’re there.

It’s important to let the user know that you’re not from the area (or if you’ll be visiting), as they’ll anticipate that you’re from that area.

Using Tinder Passport, the user is able to change cities as many times as they’d like. However, Tinder only allows the user to be present in one city at a time. They won’t be able to have duel locations. Be sure to make sure your location is set exactly where you want it to, when you log in and log off the app.

Why Use Tinder Passport

Tinder on Twitter: "Tinder Passport: Now free for everyone through ...

Tinder Passport is a great feature for those that are consistently on the move. It allows single users to make friends or even new relationships while they’re traveling to new city’s or towns.

This new feature allows users to be present in different areas, preparing themselves for when they actually touch down. Here are the reasons we’ve found in our research, why people use Tinder Passport.

Moving To A Different City

Moving to a different city by yourself can be tough. Making friends and even starting relationships can be tough. Tinder Passport allows users to get a head start before they even step foot into their new territory.

Tinder users have been known to use Passport as a way to fit into their community months before they actually move into the city. This allows them to meet people the first day they get there, not having to wait months to start the process.

Moving to a different city is often stressful enough departing from family and friends, dating shouldn’t be added stress as well.

Going Away For Work

Single users who often go away from work will use Tinder Passport to try to meet new people in that area. Simply flying to a city for 3-4 days, by your lonesome can be mentally stressful.

Having Tinder Passport allows you to meet new people before your plane even touches down. Often times businessmen and business women will have Tinder Passport loaded on their phone if they’re staying a few days in a different city.

Meet New Friends

Last, is simply just to meet new friends. Ever wanted a friend in LA, Italy, or even France? Tinder Passport allows you to talk to people who are living in those areas.

You can simply match with these people and ask them questions about cultural difference. It’s an easy way to have pen pals and meet people who you typically would not meet in a given day.

If you’re looking to get a new view on other people’s lives, and how other people around the world operate, Tinder Passport is a great shakeup to everyday lifestyle.

Can You Turn Off Tinder Passport

Tinder Passport can be turned off, by simply selecting a new city on the map. Tinder allows you to use multiple locations so you can put yourself in different cities at different times.

In order to turn off Tinder Passport, the user should deselect or remove one of the cities they have listed. This will remove their location from where they previously were located.

It’s important that the user realizes Tinder will take their most recent location when they close the app.

For instance, if you open the app and use Tinder Passport in Texas. Once you close the app, Tinder will take your most recent location and will show you in Texas, until your change your location.

We always recommend putting your location back to where you’re from once you close the app, that way users can swipe on you after you close the app. If not you’ll be showcasing your profile to users that are on your Passport location.

Does Tinder Passport Show Your Location?

Tinder Passport does show your location, however there is a way to turn it off so the user doesn’t see it.

If the user doesn’t hide the location, it will show where you physically are. This is to let the user know that you’re using Passport and the user will understand that you’re not actually near them. This is to help users identify where you actually are that way you can’t be catfish or misinformed.

Relationship Or Hookup? Here's Our Picks

Best For Relationships

Best For Hookups

These apps have been tested by our staff and selected as the top sites for each category.


Tinder Passport is a unique feature that allows users to have a virtual location in another city or town, without physically being present.

This allows users to meet new people in new cities, months or even weeks before they actually visit the area. Passport is an innovative feature that has helped people moving to new cities, or visiting cities meet new people and make the transition that much easier.

How have you used Tinder Passport? Let us know in the comment section below how it has helped or hurt you by using the popular Tinder feature.

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