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Tinder is a popular dating app that makes it easy for single users to match with other single users. However, conversations may take a turn for the worse. There may be an instance where you’ll need to unmatch someone on Tinder and remove them from your match queue.

To unmatch someone on Tinder, tap the flag icon on iOS or the ellipses icon on Android in the top right corner and select unmatch. This will delete the conversation and both users will no longer talk to each other.

In this article, we’re going to show you step-by-step how to unmatch on Tinder.

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How To Unmatch Someone On Tinder

To unmatch on Tinder, first, a match must be established between two profiles. A match is established when two profiles can communicate with one another.

Both users will be notified of the match, and a chat option will appear for the users to start texting each other.

If the conversation starts to go wrong, or two users don’t want to be connected anymore, Tinder has made it easy to unmatch.

To unmatch a user on Tinder, follow these steps:

1. Open The User’s Chat

First, you’ll want to find the user’s profile within your chat queue that you wish to unmatch. Once you have found their profile, click on it to bring up the chat dialogue box.

2. Select The Flag Or Ellipses Icon

The top right corner of the profile will be a flag or ellipses icon that displays chat options.

Here is an example of what the icon looks like in the top right corner.

unmatch on tinder
Flag In The Top Right Will Open The Menu

Once the option item shows up, the user will either report the user or unmatch them. If there’s any reason to report them, this will help you file any issues with Tinder.

3. Tap Unmatch

If you want to delete them from Tinder completely, select the unmatch button.

unmatch on tinder

Selecting the unmatch button means they will be gone forever, and there’s no possible way of getting them back. If you’re 100% certain you no longer want to talk to this person, then the unmatch button should be hit.

Reasons To Unmatch On Tinder

There are several reasons you may want to unmatch someone from Tinder. We recommend considering that you may upset the other person if they find out you unmatch them.

Users have reported feeling confused and dumbfounded when they find out they’ve been unmatched. Always let the other user know why you may be unmatching them or tell them, “This isn’t working.”

Unmatch Inappropriate Users

This is often the case that users get unmatched on Tinder. Tinder can often attract gross, straight to the point, and don’t have much class.

These types of users will often say inappropriate things as soon as the conversation starts. This will warrant users to hit the unmatch button right away, as often single users aren’t looking to be treated inappropriately.

Even worse, single users may use Tinder and have a great conversation, only for it to go south. This may also have the girl or the guy feeling uncomfortable, which will often cause an unmatching.

Unmatch Users Who Are Boring

Swiping right and matching with another user is exciting. Tinder has a big animation when you match with users, which gets us excited. Especially if the user is pleasing to the eye, we anticipate a wonderful life with this person.

However, talking in person and texting are two different skills. Users who may be pretty/handsome and personable may not be the greatest at texting. This can often leave us bored and unfulfilled.

When boring users come across the match queue, it’s common for users to unmatch them, as more are entertaining and inspiring than boring profiles.

If you are boring at texting, we recommend enlightening the conversation by asking exciting questions and staying engaged with the user’s life.

Unmatch Users Who May Be A Catfish

If the user appears to be spam or a possible catfish, it’s in your best interest to unmatch these users.

Tinder has done a great job recently, removing bots and spam from their platform. However, an account often poses as a fake or catfish account to get you to have a fake conversation.

If you happen to match with these users, we recommend you unmatch them right away and steer clear of any heartbreak or confusion in the future.

Unmatch Unattractive Users

Not being attracted to the user is something that causes many of us to unmatch. If you happen to swipe late at night, there’s a good chance you may wake up and wonder why you swiped right on that person.

The same goes for if you happen to use Tinder when you’re drunk. Waking up in the morning may have you wondering why you swiped right when you were under the influence.

Do Tinder Messages Disappear After You Unmatch?

Tinder messages do disappear after unmatching another user. Anything you may have said to that user will no longer be available to view you and the other user.

It’s important to note that the user can still screenshot the conversation before you unmatch them.

Screenshot notifications are not supported by Tinder, so there’s no way to tell if you or the other person screenshot the conversation.

It’s also important to note that there’s no way to get back to the conversation if you delete the conversation. It’s gone forever.

This is why we highly recommend getting the other users’ phone numbers or Snapchat before unmatching. If you still want to continue the conversation, staying connected as long as possible is necessary.

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Tinder Unmatch Recap

To unmatch on Tinder, select the icon in the top right corner of the chat window and select unmatch on the dialogue box.

Users that get unmatched without explanation will often wonder why they got unmatched. This usually leaves a confused and painful feeling of doing something wrong.

Always let the other person know why they got unmatched, especially if they didn’t do anything wrong and you’re just not attracted to them anymore.

Although it’s easier to unmatch and never talk to someone again on Tinder, we always recommend that you provide clarity and reasoning for leaving the conversation forever.

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