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5 Reasons You Don’t Get Any Matches On Tinder

Getting matches on Tinder isn’t an easy feat. There are plenty of profiles that may seem like bots or fake. Swiping right may seem like an endless chore as you wait for the “It’s A Match!” screen to pop up.

There’s no secret recipe or formula to getting matches on Tinder. Everyone has different tastes, whether it be dark hair, light hair, short hair, or long hair. Skin tone, facial features, and even body types weigh into users swiping right.

In this article, we’re going to break down 5 reasons you may not be getting matches on Tinder and what you can do to fix it.

5 Reasons You Don’t Get Tinder Matches

Poor First Profile Picture

Put your best foot forward! One main reason you may not be getting matches on Tinder is a poor first profile picture. The first picture in the card stack is what the user will base the rest of your profile on.

If your first profile picture is blurry, with a group of friends, or not highlighting your best features, it may get a quick left swipe. Let us explain.

We don’t want to make the user work. There are too many users on the platform to make the user work to find out who you are. If your picture is blurry, there is a low percentage chance they will swipe to your next photo.

We always encourage you to have a crystal clear image that highlights your best features. For instance, if you have a nice smile or sparkling blue eyes – make sure the user can clearly see them.

Tinder profile picture

As far as body parts, if you want to highlight that you work out, we recommend you do it tastefully. Posting skimpy photos of a mirror picture will not help your cause.

Show a photo that your best physical features can be showcased to attract the opposite user.

Also, as mentioned, never have a picture of a group of friends as your first picture. This is often seen in girl profiles, as the girl will try to mingle with their better/worse-looking friends.

We highly discourage this, making the user work even harder to find out how you are. If you have to make the user work, they will just swipe left more often than not.

Remember, you’re competing with thousands of other single users on the platform. You need to make sure you catch the eye of the user as fast as possible.

Check out our complete Tinder User Guide here.

No Description Or Bio

If your pictures are clear and they highlight your best features, the next thing we need to make sure of is that you have a bio that explains a few things…

  • Describe yourself
  • Intentions
  • Your Hobbies

First off, do not leave your bio/description blank. Tinder is unique because, unlike the other apps, there are no questions or preset knowledge (such as height or hobbies) available for the user.

This is when you need to let them know exactly what the user, looking at your profile, is getting into. Describe everything about yourself, whether you have kids and if there’s anything the user should know upfront.

Tinder profile picture

Describe your intentions and what exactly you’re looking for. If it’s something casual, make sure you state it. Although Tinder has the reputation of being a casual dating app, there are people on there who are genuinely looking for a relationship.

If this is you, make sure you state in the bio you’re looking for a relationship. If you have this in your profile on Tinder, this could also be the reason you may or may not be getting matches.

If you’re looking for a more serious relationship – we recommend trying a different mobile app such as Hinge or

Better than Tinder

Less Than 3 Pictures

If the user makes it past your first picture, they ultimately want to see more pictures of you. Having only 1-2 pictures can halt a user from exploring the rest of your profile.

Users who only have 1-2 pictures will often get skipped over, as it’s assumed that they might be bots. We always recommend you fill up all of the picture slots. If you don’t have 9 pictures, we recommend that anywhere between 5-6 pictures make the user feel as if your profile is real.

A good rule of thumb is making the other user believe that your profile is authentic is “more is better than less.” We always want more pictures rather than fewer pictures.

Another thing to note about pictures is to keep them up to date. If you have 9 pictures, but 3 of them are from 5+ years ago, take them out. We want pictures that are up to date; that way, if you do get a match, it’s not a surprise to the other user if/when you meet them.

Infrequent Use Of The App

Matches don’t just show up on your Tinder app. You must consistently use the mobile app, swiping to the right to trigger these matches. Users who don’t use the app frequently will see fewer and fewer matches.

We recommend downloading the app, using it for a month, and seeing if you’re able to get any matches.

We also recommend using the app at least once a day. Rather than be in the morning or at night. Signing on and swiping for at least 10 minutes will increase your chances of getting a match.

We always advise dating app users to put the time in to get results out. If your single life is struggling, put more time into the mobile dating apps to get the most out of it.

Only then does it make sense to pay for the premium features that Tinder has to offer? If you don’t fix the underlying problems noted above, paying for boosts and premium features won’t be that much of a help for you.

Being Negative In The Bio

Believe it or not, giving off bad vibes from both your pictures or your bio can lead to not getting matches.

Any negative or problems that may arise may give off bad vibes. For instance, if your profile is stuffed with “don’t” and negative energy, there’s a good chance people will look right over you.

Most people join Tinder as they want a carefree, fun dating experience. They don’t want drama or any issues as they swipe right and left on profiles.

If your bio is littered with negative comments, there’s a good chance user will pass right by you.

Stay positive and send only positive vibes through your description to attract positive and drama-free matches.


If you’re not getting Tinder matches, we recommend fixing the 5 things listed above. Getting matches is not necessarily a science, but best practices ensure that the other users find your profile attractive.

Follow the steps we’ve listed above, and let us know if it’s helped you in getting more matches. Happy swiping!

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