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To get more matches on Tinder, there are certain guidelines and best practices that you should follow to increase your chances of getting matches. To get more Tinder matches, there are a few things users should do to their profile.

To get more matches on Tinder, you must have a clear opening picture, photos that clearly showcase your personality, and a descriptive bio but not overwhelming for the user searching it.

Believe it or not, there is some psychology to getting girls or guys to swipe right on your pictures. Tinder has best practices, as do most mobile dating apps, to improve your chances of getting likes (both guys and girls).

We’re going to break down the psychology that goes into swiping right and how you can improve your profile.

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How To Get More Matches On Tinder

We’ve tested multiple ways on how to get more matches on Tinder. These methods work for both girls and guys, and will help get you ahead of your competition.

These are the best ways we found to get more matches on Tinder.

Have Clear Pictures

Tinder, especially for guys, is like a speed dating service. They are constantly swiping left and right at rapid speeds. We tested that guys, on average, can determine a yes or no between 2.2 and 2.5 seconds, sometimes even faster!

Therefore, you only have that short amount of time to make a first impression. The point of the first photo is to attract the guy/girl long enough to make them want to get to your next picture and then potentially the bio.

Picture it like a game. You want to level up the user as fast as possible to get to the end. That’s the goal of online dating as well. Keep the guy/girl interested long enough that they’ll swipe right on you and want to meet potential.

There are a few rules that we recommend you follow about your first picture:

  1. Make sure it’s clear. We live in a day in age where camera phones are almost better than professional cameras. Take time and capture clear images of yourself for your dating profile.
  2. Make yourself stand out. Group photos are great if you want to show off your friends and make yourself seem popular. However, they’re terrible if the user can decide which person is you. Often girls and guys make the mistake of having multiple pictures of themselves in group settings. This makes it hard for the user to determine who you are.
  3. Stand Out. Don’t take an awkward selfie. Put the fish down. Standing in a gym mirror and flexing makes you awkward, not hot. Our best advice is just to act normal. If you like the gym, show it off through your big or defined muscles. The user can put 2 and 2 together that you lift. Put yourself in the mind of the user looking at the picture and ask yourself what they would think.

Showcase Your Personality

Your vibe attracts your tribe. Having photos of you not smiling and just staring at the camera will attract a dark, introverted vibe. This is perfectly fine if you’re also looking for a dark, introverted person.

In every photo you take, you have to place a mental image inside the user’s head that you’re exactly who you are in the picture. If you’re a fun and outgoing person, show off your smile or have yourself laughing with friends.

Tinder opening picture

As guys and girls scroll through Tinder, they want to picture themselves with you and your personality, as it’s being detailed through each photo.

Be conscious that each user starts to build their imaginary life with you as they continue to swipe. Building a happy mental picture is also key to getting the right swipe.

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Craft A Descriptive Bio

Once the user has swiped through your opening picture and the rest of your pictures, there’s a good chance they’ll get to your bio. Understand this process all happens in a matter of seconds.

First, let’s start with a few unwritten rules when writing a bio.

Don’t Leave The Space Empty

First things first, make sure you have something written. The worst thing you can do is leave the bio part empty. This signifies to the user that you may be a bot.

There have been questions floating around Tinder that bots on the platform help with the user’s experience. To eliminate this question from the user’s mind, fill something out in the bio space.

If you’re not sure what to say, find a random movie quote, talk about your hobbies or talk about what you’re looking for. The point does not leave the bio section blank for any reason.

Shorten The Length

No one is reading paragraphs and paragraphs worth of text on the dating app. We recommend keeping it between 25 to 75 words. Anything more than that is almost guaranteed to get skipped over.

Have a short blurb about yourself, your interest, and maybe something funny to express your personality further.

This is a great time to show off an amazing talent you have, what you’re looking for, or even your general hobbies. Keep in mind the length is everything from someone forming their final opinion on you.

Talk About Yourself

Talk about what you want, your desires, and your hobbies. Do not talk about what you don’t want, what you hate, and things you don’t like to do. It’s an immediate turnoff. Those issues can be expressed when you finally match with someone.

A bio is a place for positive vibes and, again, crafting a picture that you’re a catch in the user’s head. If your bio is flooded with red emojis, negative talk, and hobbies you hate to do, it immediately sends a bad signal.

For guys, they are turned off by the negativity, and even though they may have liked your pictures, this could seal the deal for a left swipe.

Keep things positive, upbeat, and funny to lock in your potential right swipe on Tinder.

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How To Get More Matches On Tinder Recap

More matches are right around the corner if you follow these simple steps. Of course, attraction is another major factor in deciding matches, but improving these steps listed above will only help increase your chances.

Take clear photos, describe your personality through each photo, and craft a descriptive bio to ultimately improve your profile.

Did you improve your Tinder profile and increase your matches? Let us know!

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