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How Does The Tinder Algorithm Work?

Like most mobile dating apps, Tinder will try to pair you with the best possible partner based on multiple data points. These data points going into a math equation that we call an algorithm.

The Tinder algorithm has a score that it gives to every user, based on the number of likes they get. This score acts as a popularity score for the user and helps Tinder decide which users to match up on the app.

Mobile dating apps can figure out the type of guys or girls you swipe on and instantly present someone who matches that criteria to keep you engaged with the platform.

Tinder Gives Everyone A Score

Tinder gives everyone an ELO score which helps determine your rank in the algorithm. What does that exactly mean?

According to Austin Carr, writer for Fast Company, every user has an “attraction” score, which is dictated by a number. This score is built off of how many rights and left swipes a user gets. Austin could not get much detail about how the algorithm was calculated, but only that it was by number.

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During his time at Tinder headquarters, a developer showed him the score, which he had an “upper-end of average” score of 946.

But for the sake of example of how the system could work. If a user swipes right, you will get 1 point. If the user swipes left, you will get 0 or -1 points.

In Austin’s case, he would more likely be shown scores of around 900, as girls around that number would more likely be in his league of attraction.

This is just an example of how Tinder could use an algorithm to pair up attractive people with other attractive people. Tinder has admitted that it’s tough to tell what is “attractive.” For some, bears and tattoos may be the main focus when looking for a spouse. For others, that may be the farthest thing of what they’re looking for.

Therefore Tinder has multiple data points to ensure that “attraction” is filled by more than just a pretty face. Profile bio, pictures, and much more go into having a successful profile that can accumulate a high ELO score.

Tinder has also said publicly that there’s much, much more that goes into this core than the previous “ELO” score it used to scale off of.

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How Do I Improve My Tinder Score On The Tinder Algorithm?

Improving your Tinder score is important to find quality matches as you’re swiping through the app. If you’re a girl, it’s important to have high-quality pictures that show off your best features.

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The same goes for males. If you have a picture from far away of you holding a fish, your nice smile or blue eyes may not appear “swipe-worthy.” There’s a few key general rules of thumb we recommend for anyone trying to improve their Tinder score.

Improve Your Opening Picture

You have one picture and essentially 2.3 seconds before the guy swipes. This is the average time that we found before a male makes a decision when swiping. Females are a bit longer at 4.8 seconds.

Men typically move faster through dating apps as they try to sift through the card stack quickly. Rarely do men read bios and engage with the content you’ve posted to your profile until after you’ve matched.

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Especially with Tinder, the way the app is designed, users are given the card stack and have to sift through it as if it’s a deck of cards. Speed swiping is made easy simply by moving the thumb horizontally.

This is why making your opening picture as appealing as possible is crucial. Simply having your best features pop in the first picture will slow down the swiper’s pace and allow them to click on your profile and learn more about you.

Make Your Bio Appealing

We’re all on Tinder because we’re looking for our soul mate, best friend, and someone to make us happy. Slamming your bio with negatives is not the answer for improving your Tinder profile.

Make your bio as appealing as possible with positives and paint the picture of what life could be like dating you. Too often, we see bio’s stuffed with negative messages and full of red emojis that immediately turn a user off.

Talk about what you’re looking for and be as transparent as possible. This will help lead to the right quality of people.

If you’re looking for a relationship, state it without coming off mean. Tinder has a reputation for a “hook-up” app; if you’re not looking for a hook-up, simply state it that way you can weed out who the people are.

Update Your Photos

Tinder has been around since 2012. The dating world has been completely flipped upside down ever since.

Dating apps are a normality in today’s dating world. New and old members of Tinder can pick out of your photos are old or new.

If your profile features you with a dark tan, and it’s in the middle of March, the user can only assume that it’s an old picture.

Grainy or outdated pictures can easily be recognized by users. If you happen to gain a little bit of weight or look different than the pictures you’re presenting, update it as soon as possible. The worst thing you want is actually to meet the person, and it’s not what they’re expecting.

To attract the right man or woman, be as honest and transparent as you can for your pictures.

Better than Tinder


Tinder’s algorithm, like other dating apps, helps them configure a compatibility score. This compatibility score (formerly known as an “ELO” score) is what helps this mobile dating apps best match you with other users.

Your score is important to finding the right matches and be shown to the right people. Many men and women will casually throw up pictures of themselves to get started in the dating world. We recommend taking the extra 10-15 minutes and find the right pictures (or take new ones).

It also takes that time to fill out a bio that’s roughly 50-100 words. Please don’t write a novel, as there’s a good chance that the user won’t read it. Short and sweet will allow

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