Post Date: October 30, 2020

Bumble and Tinder are a lot alike in many different ways. Bumble’s co-founder used to be involved with Tinder and the creation of the mobile dating app. Both mobile dating apps have their ups and downs.

Bumble is better than Tinder if you’re looking for a relationship. If you’re looking for casual fun, Tinder is a better-suited mobile dating app.

In this article, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about Bumble and Tinder and what the differences are.

The Similarities Between Bumble & Tinder

First, we’re going to break down the similarities between the two mobile dating apps. Bumble and Tinder are similar, as they both are mobile dating apps that help single users find other single users.

Mobile dating apps are quickly becoming the normal way to meet people, as it’s easy, fun, and convenient for most single users.

Below are a few similarities between Bumble and Tinder which make the dating experiences feel the same.

Profile Display On Physical Attraction

Bumble and Tinder have similar profile displays in that the user needs to go through their main profile pictures and bio. Dating apps like Bumble and Tinder require the user to scroll through other user’s uploaded pictures.

These apps are very much built on seeing if the other person is attractive or not and swiping right or left to match.

The pictures on both Bumble and Tinder are enlarged because that’s what you’ll be judging your match off of. Physical appearance plays a major role in both of these apps.

Bumble Vs Tinder

If the other person likes your physical appearance, there’s a good chance you will get them to swipe right. Personalities and interests are belittled in these apps compared to other mobile dating apps.

Swipe To Match

Both Bumble and Tinder have adopted swipe mechanics as to how their users match.

Swiping to the left and swiping to the right is easy, addicting, and fun.

If you like the user and their profile, swipe to the right. If you’re not interested in the other person’s profile, swipe to the left to discard their profile.

These swipe mechanics have become instrumental in dating, as almost every mobile dating app has built a swipe feature to keep up with Tinder and Bumble.

Locations & Age Matching

Finding users on Bumble and Tinder is based on age and location.

Both mobile dating apps use a sliding scale to determine how far they want to look for other single users and their age.

The sliding scale can get as close as 1 mile and as far away as 100+ miles. These measurements are all done in a radius format, meaning 1 mile around your current location.

The age of users found in that radius is also determined on a sliding scale. Both Bumble and Tinder allow you to create an age range of users you want to match with.

For example, young users will often set their age range from 18-24. Both apps give you the flexibility to change your age range to whatever you want, no matter what your age is.

Profile Verification

Sick of getting catfished and matching with bots?

Bumble and Tinder have created solutions to stop matching with artificial and fake profiles.

Profile verification is when users have the option to take selfies and send them to each platform. They will then use their technology to validate if the user is real or not.

Similar to how social media has verification of blue checkmarks, so do dating apps. If your profile becomes verified, it means Bumble or Tinder has identified that you are real.

This helps when matching with other users because they know you’re both serious and real about dating. This step is a big one in ensuring that fake profiles are a thing of the past.

The Differences Between Bumble & Tinder

While their mechanics are similar, each mobile dating app’s audience and other features make it completely different.

We will show you the major differences between Bumble and Tinder and how you can determine which one to use.

Females Make The First Move On Bumble

The major difference between Bumble and Tinder is that females make the first move on Bumble. This means that when two profiles swipe right and match, it’s up to the woman to make the first move.

It’s up to the girl to make the first message after matching. If the girl doesn’t respond after 24 hours, the two parties are unmatched. They can only be brought back by using premium features.

Bumble Make The First Move

Tinder, however, lets any user match whenever you match with another profile.

The idea behind letting females make the first move is to empower females to decide where they want the conversation to go.


The reputation is where Bumble and Tinder split.

Tinder has a reputation as a casual dating app. It started on college campuses where college kids would use the app to casual date. It has since moved off of college campuses and into the real world. Dating is still possible on Tinder, but it is widely viewed in society as a casual dating app.

Bumble is quite the opposite. Bumble is more of a dating app that is controlled by the female. She makes the first move, and she decides if she wants to continue the conversation or not once it starts.

Women feel more comfortable on Tinder because fewer guys are looking for casual dates than there are on Bumble. The bright yellow colors and clean reputation give it a comfortable feel when meeting new people on the app.

Question Prompts On Bumble

Bumble has introduced question prompts to their app. These question prompts are similar to Hinge’s question prompts, where you can get to know more about the user.

Bumble Question Prompts

Preset questions are available for the Bumble user to answer, which allows you to showcase your personality. We recommend using emojis and expressing your personality the best way that you can through text. Remember, first impressions are everything when someone visits your profile.

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What’s Better Bumble Or Tinder?

It depends on what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you will find better luck on Bumble. The female controls the conversation on Bumble, and she’s able to weed out the guys who are just looking for casual fun.

Bumble also attracts more quality users, as Bumble has a clean reputation for long-term relationships.

If you’re looking for casual fun or a casual date, Tinder is the app you want to download. Tinder has a reputation and attracts users who are looking for fun. While it’s not impossible to find a relationship on Tinder, it is more difficult as users are attracted to the app for fun.

Bumble and Tinder are similar in many ways but also differ in the audiences they attract. We recommend you try both mobile dating apps and see which one you have more success with.

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