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How To Deal With Creepy Guys Online: 8 Practical Tips

Finding creepy guys on dating apps is a commonality, no matter what the dating app is. Regardless if it’s a mobile app that’s known for hookups like tinder, or people who are a bit more serious like

The level of “creep” determines on what makes you feel uncomfortable or not. What may be normal for you, may be creepy for other girls.

When we describe what a creepy guy is in this blog, we’re referring to a couple definitions

  • A guy who may be over aggressive with is words
  • Someone who follows you on all your social media accounts
  • Someone who won’t leave you alone after you tell them to
  • A guy who might be sketchy or may be hiding something

We’re all seeking normal guys. Someone who is charming and can hold a conversation without having to force it. There’s been plenty of times where we’ve been on a date and the vibes aren’t there. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we’d rather that be the case then the guy be creepy.

Dating horror stories are a normality and we’re hoping we can help eliminate bad dates in general. In order for us to help you, you need to help you!

How To Stop Attracting Creeps

We’ve created 8 simple tips to help you stop attracting creeps to your dating profile. While we can’t control someone’s personality, we can try to help guide you to have a profile which attracts the right kind of crowd.

If you’re serious about dating, these are good tips to follow to limit the stress in your dating life.

If you’re looking for hookups, then do the opposite of everything we say!

Clear Pictures

One of the biggest reasons for attracting creeps is uncertainty. That will be the theme of this article. When a guy is curious, he’ll try to learn as much as he can about you. That’s typical human nature to learn more about something that you’re unsure of.

One of the biggest changes to your pictures that we recommend is that they’re clear are the user is able to clearly identify who you are. If you have a phone that doesn’t have a good camera, have a friend take a picture for you. Blurry pictures sometimes look outdated and will leave the guy on the other end wondering what your actually look like.

Also, be careful when putting group pictures. If you’re always using group pictures, it may be tough for the guy to actually pick up on who you are. This will also raise the curiosity of who you really are, thus having him to dig a little bit to find out more. Be as clear as you possibly can and show off your best features.

Full Body Pictures

Take full body shots. If you’re concerned about your weight or have a body insecurity, its ok! We all have something we’re ashamed of. The worst thing you can do, is to trick someone that you’re skinnier than you are, or hide any physical attributes.

Every time you match with a guy, assume that you’re going to meet him in real life. If you fake your weight or physical appearance, they’re going to be extremely mad and ticked off when they see who you really are. This will automatically almost result in a failed 2nd date attempt.

Show off your body and you will attract the guys who are attracted to not only your beautiful face, but your body as well.

Match With Your Own Age

If you’re a younger girl, there may be a chance that you’ll want to match with an older guy who will be “more mature”. This is sometimes the case, but often times the older guys can be just as creepy.

We recommend if you’re a younger girl, try to stay around your age as far as dating. We wouldn’t go any higher than 5 years in the age range. This will give you a good range for guys that have similar interests for what you’re looking for.

If you’re an older girl, we recommend not going too young. Young guys on dating apps are often looking for older women to have fun with. If this is your intention, it may not be a bad ideas to set your preferences to younger.

However, if you’re looking for kids or to get married, it will be in your best interest to find people who are also looking to settle down and begin that stage of their life.

Don’t Put Your Social Media In Your Bio

This is a common mistake we see and it’s one of the best ways to attract creeps. Girls thing that if they put social media (Instagram or Snapchat), that they’ll gain more followers.

While this may be true, it’s the best way to attract creepy guys. Not only are you giving guys free reign to your personal life, you won’t have to match with them, for them to slide into your direct messages.

Snapchat is a great tool to see if people are real and to validate their identity. We only recommend using Snapchat once you’ve established a connection with another person.

Leave your social media handles out of your profile and only give them to the other user when you feel comfortable.

Be Truthful About Kids, Age, Height, Weight

One thing that makes guys go crazy is dealing with girls who lie. There’s a good chance that if you’re dating a guy who’s older, he’s been in or has dealt with a girl who is a liar.

Just like us girls, we’ve dealt with some guys who have lied to us or have deceived us in some way.

This is why we recommend being as truthful and transparent up front as possible. Let the guy know exactly what he’s getting into the minute he matches with you.

If you have kids, don’t hide them from your pictures. The worst thing you can do is start to get a guy to like you, then drop that you have a kid. Even if your kids aren’t in your pictures, let him know from the start that you have kids and the situation with your ex.

Most guys will either leave or will stay when you explain the situation.

Another common lie we see is with the age or height. If you’re older, then your spouse is going to find out eventually how old you are. Don’t like for the sake of feeling you, cause the sad reality is you’re not.

Same goes for the height, if you’re tall than be tall. There’s plenty of tall guys that will love to match with you. Own your height and your age to attract the right kind of guys.

Be Clear Of Intentions

If you’re looking for a hook up, tell the guy that. If you’re looking for a relationship – tell him that. If you leave anything in the air or say something like “I’m not sure what I’m looking for”, you’re leaving yourself wide open for anything.

If you’re looking for a hookup, there’s nothing wrong with it, but just be prepared to meet creeps non stop. If you are looking for a relationship, put it in your bio or let the person know off the jump that you’re looking for something real.

There’s nothing wrong with being transparent and honest with the other person on what you’re looking for. It will also help you be on the same page so therefor you both can work toward having a healthy and long lasting relationship.

Don’t Drunk Swipe

This is something we’re all guilty of. It’s late on a Friday or Saturday and all of a sudden you start to feel lonely. You open up your dating app and start drunk swiping. Even worse, you start drunk messaging.

This could be bad because you may say the wrong things to someone who you really may like! As the saying goes, nothing good happens after midnight, so if you haven’t met a guy either at the bar or out with friends, don’t look for someone new to keep you company on a dating app.

This is where mistakes often happen. We recommend calling a friend or just putting the phone down and going to sleep. It will feel tough because you’ll feel lonely, but in the morning you’ll feel much better about yourself.

Stay On The Platform As Long As Possible

These mobile dating apps have done a great job of keeping your privacy to a minimum while allows you to add as much information as you’d like expose. This is why we recommend staying on the platform as long as possible.

If the guy gives you his number right off the bat, or will only give you his Snapchat and nothing else, there should be a reason o be little sketched out.

We recommend (if they give you his number) to ask him to stay on the platform a little longer while you get to know him. Politely ask if you don’t mind talking on the app for a little while longer while you get to know him. Don’t say it in a mean way, as that will more than likely turn guys off.

Remember, if a guy has your phone number, the only way to get him to stop talking to you, is to block his number. If you no longer want to talk to him on the app, simply delete him and go on with your life.


Creepy guys are going to be all over dating apps, there’s nothing that we can do to change that. However, we can put out good vibes in order to attract those who have the same interests and intentions that we have.

Be honest, clear and transparent with your intentions, pictures and anything else you put out to the public. This will not only increase your chances of getting more honest matches, but it will help reduce the stress in your life. Let’s be honest and make bad dates a thing of the past!

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