Post Date: February 7, 2020

Teachers, nurses, and other public jobs are ordinary users among dating app users. Should teachers use dating apps?

Yes, teachers can use dating apps. However, it’s encouraged they only post respectable pictures and keep private information off the dating app. This protects you against parents or older students who may see you on the dating app.

In this article, we’re going to look at how a teacher can use dating apps safely without the worry of students or parents.

How Teachers Should Use Dating Apps

Yes. Teachers can use dating apps to help find a spouse or true love. Dating apps are becoming the norm in the dating world, especially with the technology accessible to us right in our pockets.

However, we recommend you follow a few guidelines & rules if you’re a teacher.

Post Casual Pictures

As a public figure and an inspiration to kids, teachers are consistently under a microscope. If you’re an elementary school teacher or someone who deals primarily with kids, parents are more than likely the only people who will see your pictures if they’re on dating apps.

If there’s ever an issue, the last thing you want is a parent bringing up that you’re posting promiscuous pictures on a dating app. It will not only ruin your reputation among parents but can hurt your professional reputation.

If you’re using an app like Tinder, which is known as a casual dating app, you must refrain from any bikini (for a girl) or shirtless (if you’re a guy) pictures.

If you’re a high school teacher or public official in the school system, the situation gets even more difficult.

Although most dating apps require you to be 18+, there’s a higher wave of high school students who will download Tinder or other dating apps just to “have fun” and catfish others.

The last thing you want, as a teacher, is to have your reputation ruined by a student who signs on to a dating app and sends your pictures to other students.

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We’re a bit extreme, but we always like to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

If your job depends on your reputation and character, we are always cautious when using dating apps. Not that they’re bad or give the wrong image, but the pictures you post will possibly be seen by more than just the users on the site.

Keep Private Information Off Dating Apps

Keep your private information off of dating apps. If you’re looking for just a casual date, try not to be blunt about it on mobile dating sites if you’re a teacher.

Private information that could hurt your teaching career should never be posted online.

Depending on the dating app, it may ask you questions that may be embarrassing if your students get a hold of it. Always be cautious about what information you post, and if your students got ahold of it, would you be embarrassed or smile and laugh at it?

Match With The Right People

I know this may seem impossible, as the person on the other end is entirely anonymous until you get to know them through chat.

However, if you notice the person you match with maybe young or older, it may be best to stay clear to ensure you’re not matching with:

  • One of your students
  • One of your student’s parents

This is why we are entirely against blind swiping. Blind swiping is when you swipe right randomly without even looking at the profiles. This often happens when the user is drunk or not in the right state of mind.

We also recommend not letting your friends swipe for you. They have no clue what your student’s parents look like or what one of your students looks for (if you’re a high school teacher).

If teaching is your career and your passion, always swipe on the side of caution, especially if you live in the same town as you teach.

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Dating Apps That Teachers Should Use

Teachers should stick to more traditional apps that aren’t necessarily flooded with the potential of students or single parents with the wrong intentions.

We recommend staying clear of Tinder, Grindr, Plenty Of Fish, or Bumble. These are the standard mobile dating apps young adults flock to for their first mobile dating app experience.

Teachers should lean more to the side of Hinge,, or OkCupid. These dating sites tend to carry more serious users and look more than just a fling.

It also is somewhat clear of the possibility of students joining and downloading.

We’re not saying don’t use Tinder, Grindr, Plenty Of Fish, or Bumble, but be wary there’s a good chance a student might be present if you’re a high school teacher. Steer clear of the potential students and if you’re serious about dating, find a mobile app that is as well.

Dating App Recap

We believe teachers can and should use dating apps. Teaching requires long, stressful hours dealing with kids and mentoring young adults. It can not only be exhausting and need a few glasses of wine, but it is also very time-consuming.

Teachers often spend nights and sometimes weekends grading papers and creating lesson plans. The opportunity to go out and meet someone new is rare and will usually only occur on Friday and Saturday nights.

We recommend you double your chances by having dating apps and increasing your chance of meeting your true love. Especially now that couples now meet on dating apps more often than in real life, it’s beneficial to join the crowd rather than fight against it.

So if you’re a teacher, download a mobile app that you feel comfortable representing yourself on!

As mentioned, be cautious of what information and pictures of your personal life you’re putting on mobile dating sites, as everyone can see.

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