Post Date: March 3, 2020, compared to the other dating apps that are available for users, tends the be one of the more expensive options on the market. Why is so expensive? is expensive because users who use the platform are more serious about dating. Its marketing campaign and company mission are to help people find long-term love and marriage.

In this article, we’re going to look into why is so expensive and why the high price you have to pay to use it may be worth it.

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Why Is So Expensive is expensive because it keeps casual and short-term users away from the platform. Users who are interested in long-term dating will often make financial commitments to find love.

Users looking for short-term flings or casual dating are more than likely not going to put down $40 a month to find a fling. Other apps on the market like Tinder, Bumble, and Plenty Of Fish, allow users to be more casual.

Similar to a gym membership, if you make a financial commitment (especially $40 or more a month), there’s a good chance you’re going to dedicate yourself to that expense. If the person on the other end is also paying, there’s a good chance they’re also more apt to respond faster, go on dates sooner and get the process going more quickly.

It may not seem like a big deal; however, as a user looking for a serious relationship, you’ll want the person on the other end to feel the same. The users are more aggressive with finding a serious relationship with paid apps and are more interested in meeting and conversating.

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Does Work?

In our experience, yes, it does work—this, of course, changes for every user. There are a few tips we recommend to get the most out of

Purchase The Premium Subscription

As we’ll cover in the next section, using the free version of will not get you the same success that the premium subscription will give you.

We recommend purchasing ( even if it’s for a month) the premium subscription to see all the available features for the user.

Using Daily

Checking on the app once a week is not going to warrant your results. We recommend using it daily, whether throughout the day, once in the morning, or once at night. There has to be consistency in your usage to get the most out of the app.

Simply purchasing it and using it for 10 minutes a day isn’t going to get you much success either. If you’re serious about dating, use the app frequently throughout the day to show your matches that you’re engaging and open to dating.

We do caution; however, don’t use it so much that you’re addicted to it. If you train your brain to check it every 2 minutes, then you’ll be addicted to the platform, and it will be harder to get off it. We recommend 4-5 15-minute checks a day to keep up with your matches and stay consistent.

Fill Out Your Entire Profile

Often, we get so bored with the onboarding process that we either forget to fill things in or skip it. We recommend filling in every little piece of information about yourself.

The more the other users know about you, the easier it is for them to find you. Fill in every detail on your profile. The match does a great job of aligning other users with your preferences. Whether that be height or hobby recommendations, Match will pair you with someone who aligns with you.

Take the time and fill out the entire profile and let’s algorithm do the rest of the work!

What Comes Free With

To be honest, not much. does this for a reason, as it limits your use to what you can actually access – almost forcing you to pay for their premium service. allows you three free conversations a day before you need to upgrade access to talk to more people. People who message you, however, you’re not able to see unless you pay.

You’re still able to discover people with likes. However, you’re not able to talk to them. People can like you, but again, you cannot talk to them unless you pay.

In our opinion, the free version is completely useless, as you can’t access any of the core features. To get the most out of, pay for the subscription and start to communicate.

What’s Included In The Premium Subscription? is unique because it’s not like other card-swiping mobile dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble. It has other features that make the paid version much, much appetizing to the single user.

Here’s what is included in the premium membership:

  • Send and Receive Unlimited Communications
  • See Who’s Viewed Your Profile
  • Get Discounts On Match Events
  • Remove Unwanted Members From Search
  • See Who Likes Your Profile
  • Super Likes
  • Crossed Paths

Most of these features are standard in the mobile dating app world. However, there are a few premium items that are unique to

The first one is the powerful search features that filter out users based on several preferences. Other mobile dating apps like Hinge have these features available. However, Match’s search feature is more in-depth and allows the user to search for more queries.

The second feature is the “crossed paths” feature. This is a feature that sends you a push notification when someone is in your physical radius. This means that if you’re at a coffee shop if a person on is in your area, you’ll know.

This may sound creepy at first, but it’s a great tip that a single person who’s actively and seriously looking for another spouse is in the area. We love this feature, especially if you’re in a crowded place!


We recommend that if you’re serious about long-term dating or are looking for marriage, is worth the pricey subscription. If you’re more into casual flings or short-term dating, then seek other dating app alternatives. has built its empire off of being serious about dating and allowing users to find love in the palm of their hand.

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