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Bumble Boost has introduced its own subscription service, similar to other mobile dating apps called “Bumble Boost.”

Bumble Boost is Bumble’s premium subscription service. Bumble Boost includes seeing everyone who swipes right on you, rematch with an expired connection, extend current matches, and search with unlimited filters, and unlimited likes.

We’re going to break down each feature that Bumble offers on their “Bumble Boost” plan and, in the end, tell you if it’s worth purchasing or if you should remain on the free plan.

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Bumble Boost Features

Bumble has created features to help improve your online dating experience. Bumble, created by an ex-Tinder employee, implores the same “swipe” features seen on pretty much all mobile dating apps.

What comes with a Bumble boost? These main features are highlighted on the Bumble website:

  • See everyone who swipes right on you.
  • Rematch with expired connections (after 24 hours, connections will be considered “expired.” This encourages you to sign on every day.)
  • Extend your matches by 24 hours
  • Search With Unlimited Filters
  • Unlimited Swiping

Let’s break down these features one by one, so you’ll have a better insight if you should buy Bumble Boost or not.

See Everyone Who Swipes Right On You

Bumble and Tinder have similar features where you’re able to see a blurred-out image and the number of how many people who have swiped right on you. These apps have done a fantastic job of withholding enough matches, keeping some members hidden to encourage you to purchase their premium platform.

For Bumble, users will start to see an image that looks like this in their match queue over time.

Bumble boost hidden matches

To reveal the 50+ matches shown in the picture above, you’ll need to unlock Bumble Boost to display all users.

The good thing about the free plan is it slowly drips out the matches as you continue to swipe. However, buying a Bumble boost will give you direct access to all users if you’re impatient.

Rematch With Expired Connection

As mentioned, Bumble gives 24 hours for the female to make the first move in messaging the guy. Once 24 hours have passed, the connection is considered “expired.”

Those busy with that online date may not log on for 24 and potentially miss the match. One way to extend the match (both on the girl and guy side) is to rematch with an expired connection.

This will make the connection active again. For girls, it’s a way to talk to a guy they may have missed. For guys, it’s a last-chance attempt to get the girl to notice you or hope that she logs in to see it.

This feature is great for those who use Bumble infrequently and who may have missed their special someone!

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Extend Your Matches By 24 Hours

This feature is mainly for guys who have matched with a girl but have yet to hear from her. Instead of letting the timer run out, they have to match her – extend your match.

This will allow the connection to be extended for 24 additional hours. It’s a great way to get a hold of a busy girl or even send a signal to her that she might be missing out on something special.

Search With Unlimited Filters

Bumble has an “advanced filter” section where users can input exactly what they want in their future partner.

Free users are able to use two filters to add to their profile. Bumble Boost allows users to customize all options to their liking.

Bumble Boost features

Above is just a small example of the types of filters Bumble offers. Filter by height, if they drink, smoke, have pets, and smoke cannabis is a few of Bumble’s filters for its users.

If you have the free version, you’re only able to unlock 2 filters for free before Bumble puts a hold on you. These features are some of the main qualities we look for in a partner; it may save you both time and energy trying to sort out people who don’t have these qualities.

How Much Is Bumble Boost?

Bumble Boost is currently tiered into three different payments (and is subject to change). Bumble Boost is a recurring monthly subscription service, meaning it will change you every month.

Bumble Boost Costs

To date, the pricing model for Bumble Boost is:

  • 1 Week = $10.99
  • 1 Month = $24.99
  • 3 Months = $54.99
  • Lifetime = $149.99

The pricing model is spaced out due to your personal preference. If you think it will take some time to find your spouse, using a month or lifetime subscription may be your best available option.

If you’re looking for short-term usage, simply spending $10.99 can be beneficial for you. This is great if you’re on vacation or trying Bumble out cause a friend recommended it.

Can You Tell If Someone Has Bumble Boost?

Currently, there’s no way to tell if an account has Bumble Boost. Users who have Bumble Boost will normally appear as if they have a free account.

We believe this is done on purpose so that everyone will get treated and swiped the same way. Users can purchase the premium version but still blend in with the crowd, so they don’t appear desperate or trying too hard.

Is Bumble Boost Worth It?

We think that Bumble Boost is worth it. One of the benefits of Bumble Boost is that you can try most of its features for free before you spend money.

However, they limit how many times you can use each feature, but it still gives you a great trial. For instance, users can use one “extend” a day.

The user can also use 2 free filters in the “advanced filter” section to try out how good Bumble is at filtering.

They also offer a “one-week” membership for only $10.99, which is enough money to get the full effect without having to break the bank. We recommend trying Bumble Boost for a week to get the full experience, then making a long-term purchasing decision after you’ve used it.

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Bumble Boost features premium items, which vastly differ from the free version of Bumble. The pricing structure is right in line with apps like Tinder and Bumble.

Bumble Boost allows the user to gain full functionality of the dating app with features such as seeing everyone who swipes on you, rematch with expired connections, extend matches by 24 hours, and search with advanced filters.

These advanced features are great for avid Bumble users looking to enhance their dating experience and find quality matches on the popular dating app.

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