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Privacy is essential, even if you put yourself out there on Bumble to find love, friendship, business connections, or merely have some fun. Bumble’s incognito mode function aims to allow you to make connections while maintaining a sense of privacy.

Incognito mode on Bumble ensures that only people you’ve swiped right on can see your personal profile. Using the incognito mode feature affords you a sense of privacy because it will only show your profile to people you’ve expressed an interest in, not everyone on the app.

Bumble’s incognito mode feature is easy to activate but will significantly impact your user experience. It’s one of the important features when using dating apps. Let’s discuss how to activate Bumble’s incognito mode and explore the benefits and disadvantages of using incognito mode on Bumble.

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How To Activate Incognito Mode On Bumble

Bumble incognito mode

Unfortunately, the Bumble “Incognito Mode” feature is only available to premium users. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the incognito mode feature, you’ll need to subscribe to the premium option first. The price of premium Bumble might differ based on location.

Once you have premium Bumble, to turn on incognito mode, go to the “Settings” tab on your Bumble app. Scroll down until you see the heading “Incognito mode” with a white and grey toggle next to it. The toggle’s default setting is to be off, which is why the circular toggle switch will be to the left and be grey and white, indicating the feature is not activated.

Bumble's incognito mode

To activate Bumble’s incognito mode, click on the toggle/slide the toggle to the right. The circular toggle should now be on the right side, and the switch should have changed color to yellow instead of grey and white.

Choosing the incognito mode option is not a permanent decision. Therefore, at any point, you can turn off the function and allow all Bumble users to see your profile when they browse through the app.

Benefits Of Using Incognito Mode On Bumble

Bumble’s incognito mode feature gives users a more streamlined, exclusive Bumble experience. Here are a few benefits of using incognito mode on Bumble.

Incognito Mode On Bumble Gives You More Privacy

Incognito mode extends a sense of privacy to you because you only show your personal profile to those you feel comfortable with, knowing that you are on the platform and learning the things you’ve shared in your profile. This gives you control over who gets to see your profile and lets you decide how many people you want to be perceived by.

Additionally, the incognito feature is beneficial if you feel that you have certain beliefs or behaviors that you would like to keep low-key. The feature allows you to show what you want on your profile but ensures that you decide who to show your profile to, protecting you against any people who might not take kindly to your lifestyle.

Incognito Mode On Bumble Promotes Safety

If you’re in a specific area and want to use the app without certain people knowing you’re in the vicinity, the incognito mode allows you to find new people to connect with without letting old connections know you’re in town.

Incognito Mode On Bumble Prevents Awkward Encounters

It is likely that you might run into a few familiar faces while scrolling through Bumble. However, you might prefer it if your boss didn’t stumble across your profile with a flirty picture or if your ex sees how you’re trying to move on from them.

In this regard, Bumble’s incognito mode prevents awkward encounters because you’ll be able to make sure your acquaintances never get to run across your profile simply by swiping left when you come across their profile when using incognito mode.

Disadvantages Of Using Incognito Mode On Bumble

Although using Bumble’s incognito mode can afford you privacy and increase your sense of safety, it has a couple of downsides. Here are a few disadvantages of using incognito mode on Bumble.

You Spend Lots Of Time Swiping To Match Using Incognito

If you’re using the incognito mode on Bumble, it means that you’ve subscribed to Bumble Premium. One of the many benefits of Bumble Premium is that you can see who has liked your profile. This means you can see who has stumbled across your profile and is interested in you.

This feature is an excellent timesaver because it saves you from having to swipe for hours looking at different profiles and allows you to see who’s interested in you and decide whether you want to match with them.

If you see someone interesting who has liked your profile, you can immediately match and start a conversation. However, if you have used the Bumble incognito mode, all the Bumble users will not be able to see your profile. This is unfortunate because it means that you don’t get to see who has liked your profile.

Seeing who has liked your profile can be a fantastic confidence booster. You get to see who exactly has liked your profile and can get a confidence boost by just looking at the number of people who have liked your profile.

You Might Miss A Match Using Incognito

Using Bumble’s incognito mode can be risky because you can miss a possible match. Unless you invest many hours into scrolling through all the Bumble users, you are likely only to see a couple of people you are interested in and allow them to see your profile after swiping right using incognito mode.

On the other hand, if you did not use the incognito mode feature, all users could see you and swipe right on your profile, moving into your “liked” category, enabling you to immediately decide whether you want to match with them or not.

You Waste Time Waiting For Matches Using Incognito Mode

Allowing all users to see your profile gives you a better shot at finding a good match because the person will see your profile and swipe on you, and then maybe a few hours later, you’ll see their profile, swipe right, and there’ll be a match.

Conversely, if you use the incognito feature, you have to put in the work, scrolling as much as possible to cover as many potential matches as possible, and then wait in hopes that the people you’ve swiped on will open the app, see your profile amongst all the others, and swipe right on you.

In this regard, using incognito mode can leave you scrolling for a while without any matches because your profile is only being shown to a handful of people, and you have to wait for them to come across your profile and decide whether they like you and want to match with you.

Incognito Mode Vs. Snooze Mode On Bumble

Bumble’s “Incognito Mode” allows you the privacy of swiping without others knowing that you’re an active user on the platform unless you’ve swiped right on them.

On the other hand, the “Snooze Mode” on Bumble allows you to hide your profile so that your profile won’t be visible to users you have not matched with yet. This feature is different from entirely deleting your Bumble account. You can snooze your account for 24 hours or indefinitely without losing the matches you’ve made and the chats you share with existing matches.

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Incognito mode on Bumble is an excellent tool if you prefer privacy and want to be low-key about being on Bumble, ensuring that your profile is only visible to people you are comfortable engaging with on the platform.

However, the incognito function can limit your ability to find matches because it will take longer for people to discover your profile on the app and decide to match with you. If you’re new to using any dating app and want to buy Bumble Premium, we recommend trying out incognito mode. Bumble Premium is perfect for anyone who is looking to increase their online dating profile with other users.

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