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4 Reasons Your Bumble Profile Disappeared

There may be an instance when you sign on to Bumble, and your profile has disappeared. This means that you’re not able to talk to anyone or see any messages.

The reason your Bumble Profile disappeared is that it was deleted, banned, you were logged out, or you logged in with a new phone ID.

In this article, we’re going to show you 4 different reasons why your Bumble profile disappeared and what you can do to get it back.

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Bumble Profile Disappeared

It’s not common, but there may be an instance when your Bumble profile has disappeared unexpectantly. This can not only come as a shock but a surprise for those who have been using the app regularly.

If your profile is removed from Bumble, it means that all of your matches and likes will essentially be removed. We always recommend that you check Bumble’s community guidelines here to ensure you didn’t violate any of them. If your profile goes against their guidelines, there may be a point where Bumble removes it.

If you believe that your profile has been removed for no reason at all, we recommend trying to contact Bumble and see why your profile was removed.

Below are a few reasons why your Bumble profile may have disappeared. We recommend going through each topic and seeing if it matches up with why your profile is missing.

It Was Deleted

First, it may be because it got deleted. One reason it may have gotten deleted is that you deleted it late at night, or someone went on your phone and deleted it.

This is a common occurrence for people who drink late at night and use Bumble. They will use Bumble; they may get frustrated they don’t have matches and delete the app. Often you’ll wake up confused that your profile doesn’t exist anymore. However, it was because you deleted it from your phone.

If you’re someone who likes to use Bumble at night, be sure never to delete it unless you’re sober, it will help you remember the reason why.

It was Banned

Unfortunately, your account can get banned or deactivated. If Bumble determines that you violated their community guidelines, they may shut you down. This means that your profile, matches, and everything on your profile will be removed.

If you’re a guy or girl with over 100+ matches, this can be heartbreaking, especially if you put work into actually building up potential matches that you like. They can be gone instantly, and you will have to start over from scratch.

Some reasons why your profile may be banned are due to the pictures you put on it. If your pictures are too promiscuous and violate the guidelines, you may be banned. We recommend keeping your pictures as tasteful as possible, especially if you’re trying to attract the right crowd.

Second, if your language and how you talk to people violate Bumble’s guidelines, if people report your profile because you’re harassing them or being too vulgar, Bumble may remove your profile. If they remove it, you will lose everything. Especially if you’re a paying customer, you don’t want to lose Bumble Premium.

Logged Out

Another reason that your Bumble profile may have disappeared is that you logged out. This is more common than the other options simply because you could have a malfunction with your phone’s cache, which may result in it logging out.

This doesn’t mean your profile is completely deleted; it simply means it logged you out of your profile.

Most Bumble users will panic because they think their profile is completely deleted when in reality, you need to sign in again. We recommend you stay consistent with your email and password, as using a false email can result in you losing your login credentials if you forget.

To be safe, logging in with Facebook can help you remember your password every time, and it’s typically a one-touch login.

New Phone Or New Account

Like being logged out, getting a new phone or new Apple ID may require you to log out of all your devices; this means that you will have to redownload Bumble and log in.

Your information should be safe as long as your account wasn’t deleted with your new phone. It should just log you out, and you should be able to log right in. Again if your account seems to be deleted, contact Bumble support and see if they can get it back for you.

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Bumble profiles will disappear if they are deleted, banned, logged out or if the user gets a new phone. Oftentimes these accounts will have some notification if they do get banned or violate Bumble’s guidelines.

If you don’t get a notification or any reason why your account disappeared, we recommend contacting Bumble and figuring out why it was deleted.

More often than not, the reason your account got removed or deleted was that you violated Bumble’s guidelines and terms of service. You have to agree to their terms of service to use the app. Please make sure your reason through them properly. That way, you don’t get your account banned.

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