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Bumble’s mobile dating platform is one of the more popular dating apps for users under 30. The app allows single users to match with people who think they’re attractive. However, there may be instances where your Bumble matches don’t show up in your queue.

Why do Bumble matches disappear? Bumble matches disappear because the other person unmatches you, deletes their own profile, or blocks you. If you are seeing that your bumble chat disappeared and reappeared, you can learn why here.

In this article, we’re going to show you all the reasons why match disappeared on bumble and how you can identify what happened.

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Why Bumble Matches Disappear

Bumble matches disappear because of a user’s action. When two users swipe to the right on each other’s profile, they will instantly be matched with one another. From here, Bumble will put their profile in your match queue.

The user must wait for the female to make the first contact to start the conversation. If the girl speaks the first words, then the male can respond and continue the conversation.

However, there may come the point where you go to respond to a match, and they have disappeared. There are a few reasons why the bumble match disappeared from queue.

Does bumble remove matches? No Bumble doesn’t just randomly remove profiles from your match queue. If the person you were talking to isn’t there, it’s for a reason.

Your Bumble Match Expired

One of the top reasons why your Bumble expired matches disappear is that your match expired.

If the bumble match disappeared before 24 hours, be sure to check all of the other reasons down below.

When you unmatch on bumble does the conversation disappear?

The Bumble Profile is Hidden

The first thing you’ll want to check if your Bumble chat completely disappeared is if it’s hidden. A filter on the match queue side allows you to hide all the matches or keep them on the screen.

Bumble match queue showing why your bumble matches disappeared.

We recommend checking this if your bumble match queue disappeared. If you did, hit the filter again, and it will redisplay all of the matches you have in the order that you matched with them.

Be sure to check this filter to see if you accidentally hit it before trying any of the other actions below. If they they ended the chat on Bumble, you will not see them here.

Your Bumble Match Unmatched You

Does unmatching on bumble delete messages? Yes, the reason a user may no longer show up in your chat queue is that they unmatched you. Even if you think the conversation is going well, the other person may still unmatch you.

This could be for various reasons, including meeting someone else or not wanting to talk to you anymore. More often than not, people who use Bumble often talk to 4-5 other matches at once. This can be the case if the Bumble match expired while chatting.

It’s possible that the person you’re talking to isn’t feeling it anymore and may unmatch you simply out of boredom or loss of feelings. Don’t take this personally. Move on to the next match.

Bumble Deleted Account

If a profile disappeared on bumble in your match queue then, they completely remove their profile from Bumble. We’ve documented here why users may see “Deleted Account” when they try to talk to a previous match.

The user may unmatch you before they delete their account. If they don’t, it will simply appear in your match queue as a “deleted account.” This means the user completely removed their profile from Bumble and is no longer active. Any message that you send them will not be delivered to them.

The good thing is that you’re still able to see the conversation you had with them. This means if they left you their phone number or their Snapchat, you could reach out to them. If you don’t have any of their information, unfortunately, they are gone forever.

Blocks Your Profile

If the user you’re talking to feels uncomfortable or no longer wants to communicate with you, they may block you. Blocking has no negative effect on your profile as a whole. However, it means you will no longer be able to talk to that person anymore.

If a user blocks you, there is no way currently to get your profile unblocked. Once the user decides to block your profile, they are gone from your match queue. This means that they will not be shown under your matches, and you will not be able to communicate with them.

If your Bumble chat disappeared and reappeared, it could be that the user blocked you and changed their mind.

Your Match was Fake and got Banned

If you noticed that the bumble account disappeared, it can be that you were chatting with a bot. If you see that the bumble match picture disappeared, it is a good indication that it was a fake.

It’s a Bumble Bug

Nobody is perfect, it could be that Bumble unmatched by mistake.

When users encounter a Bumble Bug, it could manifest in various ways, such as app crashes, connectivity problems, display errors, or issues with features like messaging or matching.

Users experiencing a Bumble Bug may report these problems to Bumble’s support team for resolution. Understanding and addressing Bumble Bugs is crucial for maintaining a smooth and enjoyable user experience on the app.

It’s common for app developers to release updates to fix bugs and improve overall performance, ensuring users have a seamless and trouble-free experience while using the platform.

Bumble End Chat vs Unmatch

End Chat: This action is initiated by a user within an ongoing conversation. Choosing to “End Chat” means that you are closing the conversation yourself but keeping the match intact. It’s a polite way to disengage from a conversation without necessarily severing the connection entirely.

Unmatch: On the other hand, “Unmatch” is a more definitive action. When you unmatch someone on Bumble, you are essentially removing them from your match list altogether. This action not only ends the current conversation but also removes the match from your list of connections, making it as if the match never existed.

Understanding the difference between “End Chat” and “Unmatch” is important for you to navigate their interactions on Bumble effectively, allowing them to manage their matches and conversations according to their preferences and comfort levels.

Do Bumble Matches Come Back?

Bumble matches do not come back once you are unmatched, deleted, or blocked. The only way to get users back into your queue that has removed your profile is to delete the app and make a brand new profile.

This will allow you to see a whole new set of matches, including the profiles that may have removed you.

We caution you about doing this tactic as if a profile who sees your profile comes up in their card stack will probably swipe left on your profile.

If someone doesn’t want to talk to you and takes the initiative to block you, it’s probably better that you both don’t talk. Remember, there are millions of males and females in the world. If one doesn’t work out, move on to the next match. Don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable for feeling a certain way.

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Why did my matches on Bumble disappear?

There are many reasons why your matches on bumble disappeared. expired matches disappear on bumble, your match could have blocked you, or unmatched you. They could off deleted their profile completely.

How do you know if someone unmatched you on Bumble?

The best way to know if someone unmatched you on Bumble it likely indicates they have unmatched you. Bumble doesn’t provide explicit notifications for unmatches, but the sudden disappearance of an active conversation without notifications serves as a good indicator. Additionally, connections on Bumble expire if there’s no communication within 24 hours (or 48 hours for same-sex matches).

Does Bumble unmatch automatically?

Yes, bumble does unmatched automatically. Bumble features an automatic unmatching through connection expiration, where a lack of communication within 24 hours (or 48 hours for same-sex matches) leads to the connection expiring.

Do matches expire on Bumble?

Yes, matches expire on Bumble. After you match with someone on Bumble the one who make the first move have 24 hours to start a conversation or the match will expire.


Bumble matches disappear because they are hidden, unmatched to your profile, deleted from their profile, or blocked from you. In most of these cases, you don’t see their profile anymore because of an action they did on your profile.

There’s nothing you can do about this, as it happens from time to time, even if you’re a nice person. Do not take it personally if someone blocks or unmatches your profile. Move on to the next person and spark up a new conversation.

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