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Many users feel that their account has been shadowbanned when shown low-quality matches or if their profile is not getting any matches. However, there may be more to it.

Does Bumble Shadowban? Bumble does not shadowban. If you’ve created multiple accounts in a short period of time, there is a good chance you will have fewer matches.

This article will show you what a shadowban is and why Bumble does not limit your account.

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What Is A ShadowBan?

A shadowban is a popular term used in social media, which has now found its way to dating app platforms.

The term shadowban means that the user’s profile is hidden from other users. However, it works as if nothing is wrong. They will use the app as they normally would; however, they will never get any matches.

Dating apps may shadowban for several reasons.

The first reason they may shadowban is if a user is violating the community guidelines. Examples of violating the community guidelines are using artificial intelligence to do the swiping for them. Dating apps prohibit any type of third-party or hacking from happening on their platform.

Another reason a user may get shadowbanned is if they create and delete too many profiles too fast. Users who abuse the system may have their accounts punished. This is only reported, not confirmed by some of the top dating apps.

Does Bumble Shadow Ban?

Bumble does not shadowban. They have said on their website:

If you’ve deleted and recreated several Bumble profiles in succession we do not show your account less or ‘shadow ban‘ you from the platform. However, we have found that users who create multiple accounts in a short time (e.g. making five profiles in the span of two months) tend to have fewer matches.

To break down the statement above, Bumble says they don’t shadowban you from using their services.

This means that if you’re getting low-quality matches, no responses, or consistently registering new accounts, you are not and will not be punished.

Many users create new accounts after the first week or the day after using Bumble. Bumble will try to get new users as many matches as possible to use the platform more often.

This is why when you sign up for a new account, you will often get matches rather quickly within the first 48 hours.

However, people will try to abuse this system by getting as many matches as possible, talking to them, then deleting the app and trying again.

The belief is to get as many numbers and Snapchats off the platform as possible before re-upping and making a new account.

Bumble has figured out a way to slow down the user’s habits when they first sign up. Within the first 24 hours, Bumble users are limited to how many swipes they get. They will get locked out for 24 hours once they swipe too much.

This requires the user to do 2 things. First, they must wait 24 hours before they can talk to them anymore.

Second, it requires users to purchase Bumble Premium if they want to unlock all of the features. It’s a win-win for Bumble, and they don’t have to shadowban any accounts.

How To Know If You’re Shadowbanned On Bumble

Bumble does not shadowban. You may feel that your matches are of less quality or that nobody is responding to your texts, but this may happen occasionally.

Bumble does not punish profiles for creating and deleting profiles or punish profiles for frequent use.

If you truly want a great Bumble experience, we recommend paying for Bumble Premium. The complete suite of Bumble tools will be available to you, and you won’t ever have to worry about feeling like you’re shadow-banned. Also, you’re able to use super likes and get other users’ attention who may not have seen your profile before.

If you don’t want to pay for Bumble Premium, you can do a few other options to ensure that your profile always sees quality matches.

First, change your location. Going outside of the radius you’re currently searching will bring in new matches if you can go outside of the radius. If you don’t like to travel, this may be inconvenient for you, but it will give you and Bumble new grounds to work with.

Second, you can change your age range. If you’re looking for 24-28-year-olds, maybe you change it to 23-30-year-olds. It will give you a bigger pool to work off of and a lot more options.

Last, change your opening picture. If they’re not swiping right on you, it’s often because your opening picture isn’t appealing. Show your best side and understand that you only have 1 chance to make a good first impression.

We do not recommend you delete your profile and start again. You will find satisfaction for that one day, but then everyone who already swiped left on you probably will again.

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Other mobile dating apps may shadowban users, but Bumble does not. They have been quoted saying that they will not punish users for deleting and recreating accounts.

However, users who do create multiple accounts will tend to have fewer matches. This is because users are less likely to swipe right on a profile they have seen multiple times. If they see a profile multiple times, they will believe it’s spam and not swipe right on it.

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