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Bumble likes disappearing? Well, Bumble is similar to other dating apps, as users swipe right and left to find a match they find attractive. When two profiles match, the male user must wait for the female user to respond. If they respond, then the two parties will talk to one another. There may be an instance when one of the matches disappears on Bumble.

Bumble likes disappear if the match expires or you’ve been unmatched. Female users have to send a message within 24 hours, or the like will disappear.

In this article, we’re going to answer why do likes disappear on bumble and how you may be able to get them back.

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Bumble Match Expired

The question many ask us, is do likes expire on Bumble? Well, the very first reason why your Bumble likes are disappearing is because the match expired after matching with them.

When two people swipe right on each other on Bumble, they will get an interstitial screen informing them that they’ve made a connection.

So now many ask, how long do likes last on bumble? The connection is only available for 24 hours, and it requires the girl to message first within that time frame.

If the girl sends a message to the guy, the guy has 24 hours to respond to the girl. Bumble will mark the match as expired if the guy doesn’t respond.

Expired matches can not be accessed or spoken to unless you have Bumble Premium. Bumble Premium has a feature that allows you to rematch the users’ profiles that are expired.

It’s common for matches to be expired, as people may not check their Bumble profile for 2-3 days at a time, meaning they will often miss matches that appear.

If you’re consistently missing matches because of your busy schedule, we recommend spending the money on Bumble Premium. That way, you’ll never miss a match again.

You’ve Been Unmatched on Bumble

The next reason your like disappeared on bumble is that the other person has chosen to unmatch your profile.

This means they are no longer interested in talking to you and have removed your profile from their chat queue.

This may be a hard pill to swallow, but we recommend not making a big deal of it and moving on.

If the other person isn’t interested in you, it’s common for them to unmatch your profile to clear up their chat queue.

Once a person unmatched you, you will no longer see their chat or any pictures they sent you. They are gone forever, and there’s no way to reconnect with them.

We recommend getting the person’s number or social media info before disconnecting on Bumble.

Bumble Like Limit

Bumble had a like limit for free users, commonly referred to as the “daily swipe limit.” Free users are allowed a certain number of right swipes (likes) within a 24-hour period before reaching their limit.

Once the limit is reached, you will have the next day to get more free swipes. This could be a reason why your likes on bumble go down too. If you want more swipes, you will need to pay for the bumble boost!

The Other User Deleted Their Account

Bumble and other dating apps play an emotional role in many of our lives. It’s common for users to get sick of dating apps and completely delete their profiles.

If users delete their profiles, they will lose all of their matches.

This includes any conversations you may have had, which will be lost forever. If you find that one of your bumble likes disappeared, they either unmatched you or have entirely deleted their profile from Bumble.

To match this person again, they will need to download the Bumble app and swipe right on your profile again. We recommend getting the person’s contact information if they tell you that they will delete the app.

If they don’t tell you, that means they don’t see a future with you.

Someone Has Access To Your Account

Another very uncommon reason likes on bumble disappear is that someone has access to your account. This means that someone went on your phone and deleted messages.

Although this is very uncommon, we always recommend that you have a passcode on your phone and that no one else has access to your phone.

If someone has access to your phone and your account, they might unmatch users or talk to people you don’t want them to talk to.

As mentioned, this scenario is infrequent, but if the other options don’t seem plausible, this could be.

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Why do my Bumble likes keep disappearing?

If your bumble like disappeared, it could be a for a few reasons. It may be due to bumble likes expire, users unmatching, or deleted accounts. Additionally, occasional app glitches or bugs could contribute to this issue, and ensuring your app is updated while reporting any persistent problems to Bumble support can help resolve such issues.

Does Bumble get rid of likes?

No, Bumble doesn’t intentionally get rid of likes, but Bumble likes expire due to time limitations, user unmatching, or deleted accounts. Technical issues or bugs can also occasionally contribute to the disappearance of likes. Keeping the Bumble app updated and reaching out to Bumble support for issues can help address these concerns.

Does Bumble likes reset?

Bumble likes don’t reset automatically, but they may appear to reset if a connection expires (after 24 or 48 hours) or if a user unmatches. In these cases, the likes associated with that specific interaction will no longer be visible in your queue. If you’re experiencing unexpected resets, it could be due to app glitches or bugs, and keeping the app updated while reporting issues to Bumble support can help address such concerns.

Why are my Bumble likes Going Down

Bumble likes decreasing can be due to expired matches, users unmatching, or deleted accounts. Additionally, occasional Bumble app glitches or bugs could contribute to the temporary disappearance of likes.

Do Bumble Likes Disappear if you Swipe Left?

No, on Bumble, likes do not disappear if you swipe left. Swiping left simply means that you are not interested in the profile, but it doesn’t remove the like from your queue. If someone has swiped right on you (liked you), their Bumble like will remain in your queue until the match is either made or the window expires.


Hopefully we answered the question of, why do my likes disappear on bumble? Bumble likes and matches disappear because the 24-hour timer has expired or because they unmatch your profile.

It’s common for users who no longer want to be connected with you or talk to you to unmatch your profile.

If your profile gets unmatched by the other user, your previous chat history will be deleted, and you will no longer be able to see any pictures or text sent to you.

Bumble doesn’t just unmatch people, so although it may sometimes seem odd that your match randomly left you, it could happen.

In all of the cases above, there is little that you can do to make sure someone doesn’t just randomly disappear.

We recommend having an open and straightforward conversation by getting to know them. We often see that unusual or strange messages are the fastest way for a match to disappear.

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