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Does Bumble Really Work For Guys?

The Bumble dating app was born from a previous co-founder of Tinder, who had a falling out with her peers. She set out to create Bumble, which gives control to the female user. Although the women hold most of the power on Bumble, it can work for guys.

Bumble works for guys, however Bumble is different than most other mobile dating apps. Guys have to wait for the girl to initiate the conversation. Guys are also given 24 hours after they match with a girl to respond and continue the conversation. Bumble is made specifically catered to women, but it does work for guys.

Bumble is a card stack dating app which works similar to Tinder, in that the users will swipe left or right based on looks and profile popularity. If the user wants to meet, they’ll simply right to the right. If they want nothing to do with that person, they’ll swipe to the left.

In this article, we’re going to show you how Bumble is different and how guys can still find success with the popular mobile dating app.

How Bumble Is Different For Guys

Bumble has a Twist that most dating apps do not have. When a man and a woman match on Bumble date, the conversation must be initiated by the female. The male has no say in messaging, sending pictures, poking or even whispering to the potential match.

This twist gives the ladies all the power in initiating the conversation, as guys can be aggressive or foul-mouthed with their opening line. If a girl would like to initiate the conversation, she simply opens up the match and imitates the conversation.

Once the conversation from the female is initiated, then it’s an open communication between male and female, similar to any other dating app chat.

Bumble Chat

Bumble chat is different because it allows users to send pictures, video chat, and phone call right from in the app. This is a feature that isn’t seen on most chats for a few reasons

  • Users privacy is a major concern for users using hookup or dating apps
  • User often seen unwanted or discreet photos to users right off the bat
  • Calling someone may be too fast too quick for most users

Bumble features have done wonders for those who have felt cat fished in the past. Whether that’s a male being deceived or a female being deceived, users are able to request pictures from the other user, to determine if they’re real.

Users are also able to tell if a user is real by looking for a blue check mark on the profile.

This means the user has gone through Bumble’s validation process and they have determined the user is a real person and not a bot.

Is Bumble Worth It For Guys?

After going through all the differences of the dating apps, Bumble still remains one of the top options for guys, preferably under the age of 40.

How Bumble Users Will See Pictures From Girls & Guys

Quality Of Matches

Compared to other mobile apps, Bumble has collectively better quality matches to choose from. I’ve found myself swiping more times to the right, then I have for the left.

I’m not sure if this is because Bumble is in the power of the female’s hands, so they feel like they’re not going to get gross pics from gross guys, but Bumble seems to be a safe spot for good looking females to venture out.

As if it’s a bar scene, good looking girls usually attracts good looking guys, so although the girls might have improved, it may be a little bit harder to get likes as the competition is turned up a bit.

Rarely Encounter Fake Profiles

As mentioned, Bumble has a validation system which forces the users to take a selfie of themselves doing a specific action. This could be making a funny face or putting their hand half across their face.

Users that are real will have a blue check mark next to their name, indicating that they went through the validation process. See below.

They have a photo recognition system in place that is able to detect real or fake profiles, so they’re able to sift out fake profiles easier than others. This is clutch, as there’s been rumors that other mobile apps use bots to try to get the user to swipe right on them.

Question & Answer Feature

This is a new feature that we see in the likes of Hinge and other dating apps. The user is asked simple questions such as “your dream dinner guest?” and other simple questions that allow you to feel out the other person’s personality.

Why is this important? You’re able to get a glimpse in the mind of the other users, without having to waste a swipe to the right.

For instance, if the user types a massively long response and is very negative throughout the entire answer, there’s a good chance she’ll be negative when you meet.

If she shares different political views, life views or even religious views, this may also be answered in one of the 4 questions the user is allowed to answer. Be sure to take a good look at these questions, as looks aren’t everything in dating nowadays. Make the relationship last and get to know the person you swipe on!

Features That Guys Can’t Access On Bumble

There is however, a few features guys may not like on the Bumble dating app. If you don’t care about good looking girls, fake profiles or Bumble’s innovative features, maybe you’ll care about these.

Guys Have To Wait To Talk To Their Match

As mentioned, the power of Bumble is in the hands of the female. If you match with a girl who could potentially be the girl of your dreams, you need to wait for her to message you.

If she takes too long to message you, then her profile could expire and she could be gone forever. If you’re someone who must make the first move and always been in control, Bumble may not be the best mobile dating app for you.

Matches Expire And Are Gone Forever

24 hours. That’s all you get once you match with someone. Yes there’s features that are available to extend more than a match more than 24 hours, but 99% of the time, if you match with someone and they don’t respond – they’re gone forever.

This is a little disheartening because when you match with someone, you have a moment of gratitude because they think you’re also good looking and have a great profile.

When actually, they could not respond back because they met someone else, or maybe they’re busy and don’t open the app for 24 hours. Regardless this is one feature that could be frustrating for guys who want to talk to matches as soon as they match with them.


In our experience, Bumble is a great mobile app for guys and allow guys to swipe right more frequently with real profiles, and use features that can test if the person is real or a catfish.

Download Bumble today and let us know your experience. Do you think it’s better than all of the other apps? Do you have better chances when the girl goes first or when the you’re able to talk first. Let us know!

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