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Bumble and dating apps, in general, can be frustrating at times, especially if you’re dating a significant other. If you met someone on Bumble, there’s a good chance you want to know if they deleted their app and they’re only dedicated to you. If you’re too shy to ask them, there’s a good chance you’ll want to search and see if they’re still on it.

How do you find a specific person on the Bumble dating app? Narrow your distance and age range down to the specific radius where the person you’re searching for lives. This will display profiles in that proximity. If they used the app recently, their most recent location would show.

In this article, we’re going to walk you step by step on how to find a specific person on Bumble.

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How To Find A Specific Person On Bumble

Finding a specific person on Bumble will take some time, as there are a few steps that you need to accomplish.

If you’re trying to find someone that you swiped past, your best bet is getting Bumble Premium so you can get backtracked. Swiping by someone and not having to backtrack means that the person is probably gone forever.

Bumble distance and radius

The way of getting that specific person back is to delete the app and redownload it. Unfortunately, there is no search box or a way to type in someone’s name on Bumble.

Finding a user on Bumble requires these steps:

  1. Narrow down the proximity of the user by shrinking the distance radius. If you live with the person, you should set it to less than a mile. The bigger the radius, the harder it will be to find that person.
  2. Decrease or increase the age range down to the lowest it can go. This will help you sort out all of the extra people that might show up in your Bumble search. The smaller the search for both age and distance radius, the easier it will be to find a specific person.
  3. Start swiping. To find the specific person you want, you’ll need to do a little leg work. This means that you’ll need to keep swiping to the left until you find the person you want. While this may be tedious, it will help you find their profile quicker if you have all of the settings ready to go.

While you’re swiping, keep an eye out for users that have their location on. This can make it easier to narrow it down to the specific user you’re searching for. This is because they are the only ones who can see their exact location.

If you land on a profile and want to go back, tap “Backtrack” at the bottom right of your screen. We recommend swiping slowly as you don’t want to swipe past the person you’re looking for.

Locate A User Using Bumble Passport

Bumble has a feature called Bumble Passport, which allows you to place yourself in different locations worldwide. This feature is great for people traveling and want to meet new people in that location before they get there.

Bumble Passport allows users to put themselves in any location in the world.

Go to the selection screen, and type in the location where you want to place yourself. This will allow you to digitally place yourself in this town or city for a week. After a week, you will be removed from this location and put in your original location that the GPS can track.

This feature is great because if you’re looking to find someone, you can get to the town they’re possibly living in.

However, we caution that this is not a free feature, and it comes at a cost. Bumble Passport is available to Bumble users who purchase the Bumble Premium Package. Users must pay monthly to use Bumble Passport. If you’re looking for someone in particular, it will cost you right around $40 to use this feature.

We recommend using the distance and age method to save you money, but it will cost you a bit more time.

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These are all the steps you need to know to find a specific person on Bumble. This is an effective method of finding someone on this app, and it may be better than you think. We do suggest using such methods so that you don’t accidentally swipe past them, which can be a huge waste of time for two reasons.

First, you’ll be wasting a lot of time swiping if they aren’t around in their profile. The other reason is that if they’re not there anymore or have deleted their account, it’s good to know this early on rather than wasting time once you’ve met them in person.

If you’re 100% certain that person has a Bumble account, then it’s worth taking a look. However, if you’re uncertain, there’s a good chance that a lot of time and energy will be wasted.

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