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What Does Deleted Member Mean On Bumble? – Full Guide

Often in our match queue, we’ll see a blank picture, and where the name used to be, it will say “deleted account.”

When a Bumble shows deleted account in the match queue, it’s because the person you matched with has deleted their profile completely. They are no longer a user of Bumble and have deleted the app.

Bumble doesn’t delete your messages, as you’re still able to access them. However, you’ll no longer be able to talk to that person.

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Deleted Account In Bumble

Bumble and dating apps, in general, are often downloaded and deleted.

This is common among those unsure about the mobile dating process and meeting people in real life.

Often people will naturally get sick of the dating app timing and delete the app.

This by no means is a direct reflection on you, as the person you’re talking to probably just needed a break.

If the user deletes their account on Bumble, you will see a blank cutout picture, and where the name used to be, you’ll see “deleted account.”

deleted account bumble

As you can see, the messages will still be available, so you’ll be able to backtrack to see if the person left you their phone number.

A deleted account isn’t always a bad sign.

If you’re getting serious about dating someone that you met on Bumble, it’s a great sign that they deleted their account, as their only interest is you.

This feature is also great because if someone gives you their phone number and then deletes the app, we’re left with nothing.

Most mobile dating apps don’t keep the conversation once the person deletes their profile; typically, everything deletes when deleted.

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Does Deleted Account Mean They Unmatched Me?

No. A deleted account does not mean they’ve unmatched you. Like other mobile apps, if someone unmatches you, they will disappear from the chat queue.

This is no different in Bumble as if someone has unmatched or blocked you – they will not show up.

This is so there’s no conflict or difficult things as one person feels uncomfortable or disinterested.

Bumble does not alert you or the user if you unmatch them; it’s a pretty easy and seamless process that the mobile developers have created to disengage from the conversation safely.

We always advise not to give your phone number to anyone until you feel entirely comfortable with them on Bumble.

Even still, we recommend you use a 3rd party app like Snapchat, where you can still hide your phone number.

If someone gets your phone number and then decides to be mean and flip on you, the only thing you can do is block their phone number.

It’s much easier to delete someone from Snapchat or another app, where they won’t have your phone number and can text/call you from another phone.

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Can I Start Over Once I Delete my Account?

Oftentimes users want a fresh start from Bumble for a few reasons:

  • They moved to a new area and want a new profile
  • They aren’t getting any matches and want to start fresh
  • They want to avoid certain people

Once an account has been deleted, that person can re-enter the pool of applicants with a fresh start.

It’s essential to make sure the other account is completely deleted before starting a new one.

If users happen to see duplicates when they’re swiping, they will think it’s a bot or duplicate profiles and swipe left.

This will narrow your matches down and make it harder to find your next boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you do need to delete your Bumble account, there are specific steps that you should take to make sure the profile is apparent.

How Do I Delete My Bumble Account

Deleting your Bumble account is simple; however, there are a few things we want to make sure we check before deleting.

First, make sure all the matches that you’re talking to, that you want to take with you, either have your number or Snapchat so they can contact you.

Once you delete your profile, there’s no getting those matches back.

Second, if you decide to create a new profile once you delete yours, make sure you save or screenshot your description so you don’t have to type it all out again.

The most time-consuming thing to do once a profile has been deleted is to retype everything while adding your pictures.

To delete your profile from Bumble, navigate to the profile menu, click on the gear icon in the corner, scroll to the bottom, and hit delete account.

delete bumble profile

From here, a screen will pop up asking you why you’re deleting your account.

This is Bumble’s way of figuring out why you’re leaving their platform. We recommend giving them a reason why that way they can make their platform better.

If you’re deleting your account only to download it again, hit other, and then your profile will be deleted.

delete bumble profile

Like what we discussed above, you will now appear as a deleted member to other people you have matched with.

If you don’t want anyone to know you have deleted your profile, you’ll need to unmatch with everyone, then delete your profile.

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A deleted member in Bumble means that the person has deactivated their profile and can no longer be contacted.

It means they have deleted their Bumble account and can no longer receive notifications or messages on their phone.

If you come across a deleted member, the conversation will still be able to be read.

However, no contact can be made. Even if the same person creates an entirely new profile, they will not be able to access the conversation they had with you before; you’ll need to rematch with them.

Before deleting your profile, it’s good to understand that all information will be lost and deleted.

You won’t access any prior conversations with any matches once you hit that delete account button.

Be sure that you’re ready to delete your account and lose all of your matches before actually making a move to delete Bumble.