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Hinge Vs Tinder – What’s The Difference?

Hinge, a mobile dating app, is one of the mobile apps to enter the ring of dating apps. Like other dating apps, the user is shown a card stack of potential companions, and it’s up to the user to sift through them. Hinge, however, is different from the other mobile dating apps.

Hinge is different from Tinder and other dating apps because of its reputation and marketing campaigns. Hinge markets itself as the app for relationships, encouraging users to delete the app once they find love.

There is a clear difference between other apps like Bumble and Tinder for those who have used Hinge.

We’re going to break down the main differences below and help you make an informed decision on whether to download it or not. We’ll also give you a detailed description of their premium service, unlocking certain features.

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How Hinge Is Different

Hinge is completely different from other dating apps. Below, we will show you why it’s different from Tinder and other dating apps.


Hinge established itself as the “relationship app right out of the gate.” Hinge was founded in 2012 by Justin McLeod, with the idea of keeping online dating honest and straightforward.

Never has Hinge pushed an agenda of being a casual dating app, but simply an app to meet and find your next true love!

Like most dating apps, hinge features profiles that show up once they’ve liked or disliked. Hinge’s significant user experience compared to the rest of the dating app is that it doesn’t require the user to swipe.

This is important because the like button is on the right side (closest to the thumb for a right-handed phone holder), and the dislike button is on the left side (far away from the phone holder). This design forces users to slow down their decision-making and take time to look at profiles.

This design element has caused a ripple effect and forces the user to understand a person’s interests instead of swiping left and right if someone is “hot or not.”

Clean Company Image

Hinge added to its squeaky clean image and launched a “designed to be deleted campaign.” This marketing piqued the interest of many singles looking for relationships, as the app was telling you it wanted you to delete it.

Typically, mobile apps will try to keep you on the app as long as possible, as you pile through hundreds and sometimes thousands of profiles.

Hinge made its message loud and clear – find your soulmate and delete our app. Although this isn’t ideal for business and keeping a customer for recurring revenue, it opened up the transparency between the user and mobile app.

This has helped Hinge spread organically as users will take Hinge’s users as people looking for relationships and not just casual dating.

Hinge Features

Hinge is built differently than other mobile apps. As mentioned, they have eliminated the swipe feature, which forces users to slow down and read the profile.

Hinge also has some exciting features rarely seen in other mobile apps.

See Who Likes You Immediately

When you “like” a person’s profile, the other user gets a notification immediately, letting them know they’ve been liked.

Hinge Toolbar

This feature is usually hidden behind a paywall, forcing you to subscribe to unlock. Hinge gives the user access to see who liked them right away. This is another element that speeds up the dating process are they can go through if they want to like the other party back or not.

Users can see who likes them in the toolbar at the bottom, signified by the heart icon.

However, Hinge does withhold some of the likes available to see in the preferred membership section for more popular accounts.

Your Turn Notification

This is Hinge’s most innovative feature, and psychologically, it helps people from ghosting.

Your Turn hinge

If you’re unfamiliar with ghosting, it’s essentially when you’ve been talking to someone, whether it be for five messages or five messages, and you stop talking to them for no transparent reason.

This term has become popular in the dating world as guys and girls will find something better, not interested in the other party or get bored. Instead of telling the other person, they’ll stop talking to them.

Hinge has created a slight change in the design of their mobile app, called the “your turn” notification. Essentially, it is a purple banner that says “your turn” above the chat.

This is significant because it triggers the “badge” notification, so users will constantly be reminded ( if they have the badge notification on) that they have a message to respond to. For those who like a clean home screen, this badge icon can be annoying and will either subconsciously trigger you to reply or delete the user.

A small design in the app helps users respond to their match and continue the conversation, which helps to avoid being ghosted.

Restricted Likes

Restricted likes are great because they force the other users to be extremely picky about their daily likes. Hinge allows you to send ten likes a day before they shut the user down for the day, forcing you to pay for a monthly subscription.

Sending ten likes a day is nothing compared to the hundreds you could send with other mobile apps. There’s no rapid swiping and praying that you find a match.

Restricted likes make the guy or girl go through each profile and decide if they want to use 1 of their ten likes on that particular person. Hinge has changed the game to be about quality, not about quantity.

The downside of restricted likes is obvious; you’re only restricted to 10 matches a day unless you pay for premium features.

Again, we favor restricted access, forcing the user to choose wisely.

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How Much Is Hinge Preferred Membership & Is It Worth It?

Hinge Preferred is a premium membership with a bundle of features and unlockables. Here are some of the features Hinge offers:

  • See everyone who likes you
  • Set advanced preferences
  • Send unlimited likes
Hinge preferred pricing

As with most mobile apps, the pay structure is built with pricing tiers. One month of Hinge Preferred is $19.99, 3 months is $39.99, and for six months, it’s $59.99.

If you’re looking to increase your likes, have a popular account that gets multiple likes that you want to unlock, the preferred membership may be suitable for you.

One other feature is locking the advanced filters. If you have kids or care about dating someone, this feature is unlocked. Other unlocking features in Hinge Preferred:

  • Height
  • Children
  • Family Plans
  • Educational Level
  • Politics
  • Drinking
  • Smoking

All of these filters can be set to your liking to weed out the people who do/don’t have these recreational activities and personal preferences. This is a great way to limit the field to precisely what you’re looking for.

We believe Hinge Preferred is worth it if you’re trying to narrow down the type of guy or girl of your dreams. This could help accelerate the process in an environment meant to facilitate love.

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Hinge is different from other mobile dating apps because it’s designed to be deleted, encouraging people to find love rather than casual dating.

Hinge is different as they aren’t a card stack dating app, meaning users take more time to look at the user’s profile instead of swiping left and right rapidly. Users are also only allowed roughly ten likes per day, which causes users to be pickier on who they use it on.