Post Date: September 30, 2021

Hinge has added a new feature to their mobile dating app called voice prompts. What are voice prompts, and how do you use them?

Voice prompts allow you to answer question prompts with your voice instead of just writing a text answer. These prompts are automatically uploaded and will play whenever someone visits your profile.

In this article, we will show you how to use voice prompts and how you can help enhance your profile.

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Voice Prompts On Hinge

voice prompts on Hinge

One of the hardest things about using dating apps is the ability to express your real personality. Users solely judge you on the texts you put in the bio, the question prompts, and the pictures you load to your profile.

Hinge has created a new way to help get your personality onto the screen before you even meet the person.

Voice prompts have been added to Hinge as a new way for users to showcase their personalities.

If you don’t like pineapple on pizza, you’re able to show your distaste for such a horrid combination by using a voice prompt.

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How To Use Voice Prompts On Hinge

To use voice prompts on Hinge, you can select the popup that occurs, which will take you directly to the voice prompts.

If the popup doesn’t show up, you’ll need to click on your profile and get to the prompts sections.

Once you arrive at the prompts section, you’ll have the option to select a voice prompt from the preset questions.

Choose the best question that you want to answer with your voice.

Once selected, the screen will look like this.

voice prompts on Hinge

At the top of the screen, you will be able to edit your question by tapping on the pencil icon. This will allow you to change the preset question that you selected on the previous screen.

The microphone icon is where you will record your voice prompt. It’s important to note that you are only allowed to record your voice for 30 seconds.

Hinge wants to keep the answers as short as possible so that users don’t have to sit and listen to a minute-long reply.

For your best interest, we recommend listening to the sample answer that Hinge provides. This will allow you to get a feel for answering your question and keep it short and sweet.

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Why Use Voice Prompts

Voice prompts on Hinge

Voice prompts allow you to showcase your personality. If you have a genuine personality, we highly recommend you showcase it with the prompts.

Also, if you don’t take good pictures, having an outgoing personality can help enhance your profile.

Both guys and girls can become even more attractive when they speak. Having a deep voice for guys is often appealing to girls.

If you’re a girl and you are the life of the party by being funny, then make a joke in your prompt to show off your charisma.

Voice prompts are brand new to dating apps, and Hinge is the first one to allow you to showcase yourself via voice.

If you’re new to voice prompts, we recommend having at least one voice prompt on your profile and seeing the response you get from other users.

If you’re getting likes on the prompt, then make more prompts. People will let you know by liking or disliking your prompts if they work or not for your profile.

The results may vary based on your looks and, of course, the tone of your voice. If you think you have an annoying voice or don’t like hearing the sound of your voice, we recommend you don’t use voice prompts.

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Voice prompts are a new feature in Hinge that allows you to express your personality. Record 30 seconds of voice prompts to enable users to hear what you sound like before meeting them.

If your personality and tone of voice are among your strengths, we recommend adding as many voice prompts as possible.

If you don’t have strong vocal features, we recommend starting with one voice prompt and measuring to see if other users like it.

Voice prompts are brand new to Hinge and will be a staple for the mobile app shortly.

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