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First Messages & Opening Lines On Hinge

The first message and opening line on Hinge can either make or break a relationship. First impressions will determine either success or failure in your dating app adventure.

To have a successful opening line on Hinge, you must engage the user directly. Ask questions, make jokes, and be as interesting as possible to warrant a response from the user.

In this article, we will show you how to use first messages and opening lines on Hinge.

First Messages On Hinge

First messages, whether you’re a guy or girl, are important on dating apps. Matching with others is hard enough, but holding a conversation is even harder.

To have an effective and efficient conversation on Hinge, you must first say the right things in the first message. The first message is the most important because it determines if the user should respond or not.

A lot can be learned from the first message. Remember, you need to stand out from the other matches on the platform. If your first message is boring, non-exciting, or rude, it’s common for the other person not to answer.

On the other hand, if your first question is fun, exciting, and eventful, you will almost immediately get a response. From here, it’s up to you to carry the conversation tastefully.

Opening Lines On Hinge

Hinge is like other dating apps such as Tinder, where the guy or girl can message first. One unique feature that Hinge does have is the ability to comment on a question or answer.

Comment On Their Photo or Answer

Comments to these questions & answers should be treated as an opening line on Hinge.

When engaging with another user on Hinge, it’s important to ask them questions. People are naturally wired to answer questions that are asked. If it’s a question about a hobby they are showcasing on their profile, it increases the chances of getting a response back on Hinge.

In the picture above, we would ask the user what’s their favorite brand of prosecco is. The message would immediately spark a conversation as her interest is in prosecco.

Commenting on a picture gets the best results because you’re able to tell the person you like them and ask them a question simultaneously. Immediately the user can decide if your attractive and if your question was worth responding to.

Rather than liking and asking a question after, we recommend doing it all at once to get a faster response back from the person you liked.

Ask A Question To The User

We recommend you ask a question or make a statement with a follow-up question.

The reason you want to ask questions is that it motivates the other user to respond.

Saying a statement such as “you’re beautiful” or “hey” does nothing warrant a response to the user.

However, saying something like “cute dog! What kind is it?” gives the user a reason to respond. You recognize something in their picture that obviously means a lot to them, and you’re showing interest.

Asking questions often show interest, and that will often keep the conversation going. Statements can often kill conversations and don’t help the flow. We recommend staying away from statements and continue to ask questions back and forth.

Don’t Be Aggressive Or Casual

Aggressive opening lines never win on Hinge. Hinge is a mobile app that is designed to be deleted. Their whole campaign and marketing efforts focus on attracting users who are looking for a relationship.

If you’re aggressive toward another user, there’s a good chance you will scare them off. Other apps like Tinder and Bumble have a userbase that responds better to casual messages.

Your opening line should be about getting to know the other person tastefully. Leave politics and religion out of the conversation and find out what the other person likes. These opening lines can help you keep more matches in your queue and make more meaningful progress.

The Perfect Opening Line On Hinge

We don’t recommend using the same line on every single person. Most users on dating apps will use the same joke or the same opening line.

The best way to get messages back on Hinge is to thoroughly look through the user’s profile and determine what he/she’s hobbies and interests are. Looks are great, but Hinge allows you to see hobbies as well as Instagram accounts.

Use this information to your advantage to easily decide how to maneuver the conversation. If your match doesn’t like pineapple on pizza, ask why they don’t and have them explain it to you. If your match loves dogs but hates cats, use this as a talking point.

If they put information on their profile for the world to see, there’s a good chance they want to talk about it. Continue to ask questions and be curious.


When asking questions, make sure you add some commentary in between the questions. Consistently asking questions nonstop will often burn out the user and cause them to start ignoring you.

Don’t be too aggressive in your questioning. Once you start to get the conversation going, let it flow.

If your opening line on Hinge works, the user will quickly respond to you. Don’t waste your time if they take more than 48 hours to respond to your opening line. Users attracted to your profile, and your opening line will often open the app within 48 hours.

User’s who don’t use the app often will cause you more stress than happiness. Find the right thing to say by researching the profile you’re about to like, and be prepared to ask questions early on.

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