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Is Match Better Than Tinder? A Fair Comparison and tinder are often compared as the top dating applications. and Tinder have changed the way we date online.

These two platforms were seamlessly the first to both desktop and mobile, as they continue capturing users, searching for love all across the world.

Although they are two dating platforms, they are two platforms that are extremely different from each other, but also similar in how they operate.

In this article, we’re going to show you the features of both & Tinder and show you how they both compare.

Comparing & Tinder and Tinder are both owed by the parent company – Match Group. Match group is a conglomerate that owns most of the dating apps that you’ve either seen on this website or have downloaded to your phone.

As shown in the picture above, this is just some of the dating services they own. What interesting is how they’ve differentiated their portfolio for different styles of mobile apps.

It’s important to know who owns these apps because we’re able to see features, and algorithm tweaks to each app that allows us to be more interesting on their platforms.

Filters, on-boarding structure and how many profile pictures you’re allowed are one common theme the match group has similarities of between all of their portfolio dating apps.

The Reputation Of Tinder &

Digging into the details of the apps, first we’re going to look at reputation. Tinder and have two completely polar opposite reputations.

First, Tinder has the reputation of a hook-up mobile dating app, as prides itself as a breeding ground for love.

Tinder absorbed this reputation as it launched on college campuses, the number one place for sexual activity all across the world. From college campuses, it started to expand across the world, as users loved the simplicity of finding matches. however, is a little bit different. It’s reputation is built on finding love and making sure the mobile app is a safe environment. From their website, this is how they operate:

At, we give singles the opportunity to express themselves through various free writing sections. Profiles may include up to 26 photos, as well as selected preferences regarding the person they’re searching for. With the click of a mouse, members can instantly see photos and read about potential matches in their area. also understands the importance of privacy and integrity. All communication between members on happens through an “anonymous” email network. The names and contact information of all our members are kept confidential until the member personally decides to share the information with a potential match. And to help ensure the integrity of our community, every profile and photo is screened by our Customer Care team for appropriateness before it’s posted to the site.

One thing does very well is innovate. At the time of writing this post, you’re able to check in with dates, read blogs from their experts on match-making, and pick and choose every little detail about the person to essentially build your perfect match.

This is something that has been the leader of in the dating app space and has maintained it reputation since 1995.

Payment Structure Of Tinder &

The payment structures between the two apps are lopsided. is confident in what it offers, so it has no problem making the premium service a bit more pricey for users, as opposed to how cheap Tinder is.

6 Months$12.99/Month$21.67

As you can see, Tinder and are two completely different price structures.

What exactly do you get with each payment structure and the features of each app. Here is the differences between the two apps.

For, here are the items that are hidden behind their paywall:

  • Send and Receive Unlimited Communications
  • See Who’s Viewed Your Profile
  • Get Discounts On Match Events
  • Remove Unwanted Members From Search
  • See Who Likes Your Profile
  • Super Likes

Tinder has similar features in order to entice the user on the other end to view their profile. For a full list of Tinder Gold features, check out our full coverage here.

As you can see is a bit more expensive. It let’s users know that everyone on this platform is serious about dating.Rarely do people almost pay $50 a month if they’re going to play games on This is why they are able to market about more meaningful connections.

Free Apps & Paid Apps

This may be the big between the two, however since hasn’t changed in years, we can assume it’s not effecting their bottom line that much.

Tinder is super simple to use, simply enter your name, age, pictures, bio and you’re good to go. There’s no painful on-boarding process where you have to answer 50 questions just to see a match.

It’s process has made it easier for users to download and get right into the game. Users are also able to start matching right away, and start talking to other users.

This is why Tinder has been the number one choice because it doesn’t corner users into a payment structure.

Match however, allows the users 3 free conversations a day, before they have to pay. This is new to as they used to be completely exclusive to paying members only.

Tinder’s payment structure gives the options the ability to pay if they want to, but the app is still fully functional, like Bumble, if the user doesn’t want to pay. They give the option to the user to enhance their experience, but it’s not necessary. does offer more powerful features for dating, where users are able to build their perfect spouse by using all of their filters. This all depends on how important these features are to you, and how important short or long term dating is to you.

Similarities Between Tinder &

Match and Tinder, especially on the mobile app, offer a ton of the same features.

For instance, the biggest standout from both the apps is the “card stack” – this is where users are shown a profile, and they must swipe left or right if they like it.

This card stack presentation is common among all mobile apps. This style is great because it allows the user to see multiple profiles, and then decide if they fit your type.

For instance on, instead of using your thumb to right and left swipe, the user can hit he heart or the X that’s seen below. dating app

Tinder and also feature a location aspect, where users are able to set the mileage of where they want to find their matches.

Often times the user can search up to 100 miles in the radius area that they’re in. This helps the user buckle down to see what users are active in their area.

Which One Should I Choose, or Tinder?

The two platforms offer two different style of commitments. Short and long term.

Short Term Commitments

If you’re looking for a short term commitment, or even a fling, we recommend using Tinder. The free to use mobile app is easy enough to get started and won’t be a pain, if for whatever reason you have to delete it.

Tinder also has the reputation (for the most part) that users are looking for flings or short term dating. By minimizing this pool of applicants, it’s easier to have the conversation with the other person if all they’re looking for is short term dating.

Tinder’s paid features allow for the user to accelerate their matches and get in front of more users.

We recommend using Tinder if this is your goal in the dating world. If you’re completely brand new to dating apps, we also recommend using Tinder or Bumble to get used to how the dating apps operate, free of charge.

Long Term Commitments

For those who are looking for long term commitments or to get married, has a better reputation. As mentioned, when you force someone to pay for a mobile app, not only do they have a love commitment to the app, they now have a financial commitment to it.

A financially commitment typically means the person is serious about what they’re doing. Whether that be going to the gym, applying for schooling, or even dating! limits the user’s ability to completely use all the features on the platform, however when unlocked – the user is able to filter and find their perfect match!

Take some time and really focus in on what you want. If it’s just a short term committment and fling, don’t waste your time paying for a service, that has couples looking for true love.

The same goes for couples looking for love. Don’t download the app that has people looking for short-term relationships and hookups. There’s a high chance you won’t find what you’re looking for.

Conclusion and Tinder are similar in how they allow users to sort through different matches based on looks, physical and expected personality.

However the two are vastly different from each other in the type of audience they attract.

So what are you looking for? Short term or long term commitments? Love or just a short term relationship? Let us know what mobile dating app has worked for you!

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