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OkCupid is an online dating platform based in the US. Like all other social media or online platforms, OkCupid has a long list of terms and guidelines its users must follow. Failing to follow the rules or causing activity on the platform that is illegal or harmful can result in a person getting their account suspended or even terminated. 

If a user violates the terms of service or community guidelines, it can result in the instant suspension of that user’s account.

If you are reading this article, you probably face issues regarding the suspension of your OkCupid account.

To help you understand why you are having trouble signing in, here is a list of 5 reasons your OkCupid account was suspended. 

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The suspension of an OkCupid account usually results from violating their terms of service or community guidelines.

5 reasons your OKCupid account was banned

Since the list of rules is so long and complicated, many users unknowingly commit acts that go against the platform’s conditions. To simplify this entire ordeal, here are some possible reasons why your account may have been suspended. 

5 Reasons Your OkCupid Account Was Banned

Using a Fake Name And Picture

Catfishing is a very serious issue in the online dating world. There have been far too many cases where people have met up with people from dating sites only to find out that the person shares nothing in common with their profile.

If lucky, these incidents only result in a disappointing or funny story to share with friends. However, there are also times when catfishing can result in serious issues such as harassment or kidnapping. 

To prevent this issue, OkCupid takes the utmost care to verify the identities of its users. These days, it is common practice on social media for people to use fake names or celebrity pictures in their profiles.

This may seem like harmless fun, but there are cases where crimes stem from these practices. If your OkCupid account uses a name or picture that isn’t your own, it might be the reason why your account got suspended.

Joint Accounts

OkCupid does not discriminate against non-monogamous couples. As long as all parties have shared their consent, people are free to do whatever they please outside the platform’s boundaries.

However, OkCupid does not permit couples to open joint accounts on their platform. If you have a joint OkCupid account with your partner, it may be why your account got suspended. 

Couples looking for extra people to be part of their open or non-monogamous relationship will still need to open separate accounts.

After both people in a couple have their accounts, they may link their accounts together. Linked accounts signify to other users that the people using these accounts are interested in polygamous or open relationships.

Sending Inappropriate Messages

Though OkCupid is a dating site, strict rules exist against uploading offensive, crude, or pornographic content. If two users have matched and are interested in sharing images or texts that are sexual or graphic, they must do so outside of the OkCupid app.

The exchange of nude or sexual texts against community guidelines is a significant reason your account may be suspended. 

OkCupid is also very strict about any hate speech or violent comments. Certain types of content may get you flagged for observation by the OkCupid team.

Furthermore, reports or complaints made against you by other users will also result in the suspension of your account. Multiple reports of inappropriate activity at once can even get your account terminated.  

Failed Login Attempts

Another reason for your account getting suspended could be too many sign-in attempts. Perhaps you forgot your OkCupid password and made too many failed sign-in attempts.

Or, someone may have tried to log in to your account without your knowledge, resulting in multiple failed attempts. OkCupid views multiple sign-in attempts as suspicious activity.

Whether you were the one who tried to log in too many times or someone else, OkCupid is programmed to assume the worst and temporarily suspend that account.

This is done to protect your personal information and data and ensure you’re not getting hacked. If this was the issue, your account should return to normal in a few days. Try logging in again in a week to see if everything is fine.

Prolonged Inactivity 

Inactivity on the OkCupid app or website can also result in account suspension. If you have not logged in or used your OkCupid account in 2 years, OkCupid will assume you no longer need the account and remove it.

Inactive accounts are often removed from social media sites to make more room for new accounts created daily. 

Prolonged inactivity can either result in your account being suspended or, in some cases, permanently terminated. If you cannot sign in due to prolonged inactivity, it may be best to start fresh with a new account.

Getting back into an old account can be tough and take a lot of time and effort. 

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What To Do If Your OkCupid Account Gets Suspended

If your OkCupid account is suspended for any reason other than inactivity, you may find it working fine again after a few days.

The suspension usually refers to an account being down temporarily. This is different from when an account is terminated or removed. If your account was suspended, you may assume that you will get it back after a week or so. 

However, if a few days pass and your account isn’t up and running, you can try one of the following things.

Contact The OkCupid Team

If it’s been around a week and your account is still suspended, try contacting the OkCupid team. You will find the contact information for user support on the OkCupid website. Most complaints are usually handled through email. 

Once you have emailed the OkCupid team, let them know about your issue and wait for a reply.

This may take 2–5 business days. Once you have contacted their team, OkCupid will review your reasons for the suspension. If the situation was not too difficult, you would probably get your account back. 

Sign Up For A New Account

This is the easiest option of the two. First, you need to contact OkCupid and let them know you are unsubscribing from any paid services on their platform.

After this, sign up with a new account to start fresh on the dating platform. This option is suggested for people who have lost their accounts due to inactivity. 

Sign up for a new account as you have done before. Make sure that all of the information you provide is authentic. It is encouraged that you skim through OkCupid’s terms and community guidelines before opening an account.

As long as you follow the rules, you will not have trouble with account suspension. 


These were just a few possible reasons why your OkCupid account was suspended.

Now that you are aware of what the issue may have been, you should have no trouble getting your account up and running again. 

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