Can Tinder Verification Be Faked? Learn Here

Tinder’s verification process was implemented to ensure bots and catfishes are no longer part of their platform. However, can people fake Tinder verifications and trick people into thinking their profile is real?

Tinder verification can be faked only by a real person, not a bot. Tinder’s verification method makes a real person strike a pose, then compares it to the original photo. Tinder will grant verification by adding a blue checkmark to their profile if the pictures match.

In this article, we’re going to show you more about Tinder’s verification process and how other human beings may alter it.

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Tinder’s Verification Process

verification on Tinder

Like other mobile dating apps, Tinder has a verification process. This verification process is put into place to ensure no bots or fake profiles on the platform.

In the late 2010s, Tinder had a significant issue with bots running wild on their platform. Users couldn’t tell the difference between a real person and a bot.

The pictures looked professional, and the conversations seemed real upon matching with them.

Upon talking back and forth with them, it was soon discovered that these profiles on Tinder were bots and not real people.

Tinder created a verification process to help users determine who might be a bot and who is real to combat these.

According to Tinder, the verification process is a basic process of a real person striking a pose. The app then compares the person’s current pose to their original photos. If the images match, then verification is granted.

However, what if someone created a bot that would strike the same pose as its original photos? Could this be done?

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Can Tinder Verification Be Faked?

Yes. It’s pretty easy to do so too. While bots are incapable of striking a live human pose, nothing says that a human can’t fake the pose and earn their blue checkmark, pretending to be someone else.

For example, if a male pretends to be a female, they could fake a pose for the verification process and fill out fake information on the platform.

As we wrote about here, the verification process on Tinder takes into account that you are human and that you look remotely like the pictures that you have uploaded.

However, it’s mainly checking to make the pose of the picture that it provides. This way, they can shut down the bots and not verify someone who isn’t real.

While this verification process will eliminate the bots, it does not eliminate the catfishes and the people claiming to be someone they are not.

This is how verifications can be faked and how people can be tricked into thinking they’re talking to someone, even though they may not be.

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How To Spot Someone Faking Tinder Verification

Tinder’s verification process has helped eliminate the bots on the platform. Therefore we highly recommend you only swipe right on profiles with the blue checkmark next to their name.

This will ensure that you’re not wasting any time talking to a bot or someone who may be artificial.

The best way to spot someone faking Tinder verification is to ask for their social media profiles or Snapchat.

While this may be intrusive early on, it’s the best way to protect yourself from being catfished.

Snapchat will help you quickly identify, in real-time, if the person is who they say they are.

If the person you’re talking to denies giving you their social profiles or Snapchat, then there’s a good chance they may be fake.

We always recommend asking the other person for their online profile before meeting them in person.

This way, you can identify who is worth your time or not meet up in person.

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Why Do People Fake Tinder Verification

Some people make fake profiles on Tinder just for fun. While we highly disagree with people, nothing prevents people from creating fake profiles.

These people are often known as catfishes or fake profiles. They are often of the same or opposite gender and pretend to be someone they are not.

Talking to a catfish may ruin their online experience and overall dating life for people seeking serious relationships.

If you’re looking to fake a Tinder verification, we highly recommend you do not, as the person on the other end could be affected for the long term.


While Tinder and other dating platforms have made tremendous strides in eliminating bots, there are still catfishes and people pretending to be other people on the platform.

The Tinder verification process will continue to improve over the years, but we still recommend you do some manual research on your match to ensure you’re talking to the person you think you’re talking to.

It’s not even worth wasting your time on someone faking it.

In terms of Tinder, you’re better off not meeting up until the other person starts revealing their true identity online or on social media profiles.

Even then, you’re going to have to know the person well enough that you could ask them for their profile if they claim not to have one.

Once they share it with you, then you’ll know whether they’re fake or real.

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