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Plenty Of Fish is a dating app different from the traditional swipe and sorts mobile apps. Plenty Of Fish offers different features, such as location-based search, messaging people who will respond, and seeing if people viewed your profile. But can you see when someone joins Plenty Of Fish?

Plenty Of Fish does not let you search for a specific individual. Users can only search by area, age, height, or hair color.

These features can be seen by everyone that’s on the platform. We’re going to break down the different features that Plenty Of Fish offers, that way, you’re able to see if someone new joins.

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How To Search Plenty Of Fish

We’re going to cover the main features of Plenty Of Fish to help you find out if someone new joined. You might want to see a few reasons if someone new joined.

  • If you’re a frequent user, new users joining the platform will help add diversity to your dating life
  • Catching other boyfriends or girlfriends on the app may be potentially cheating. We hope this is the last reason you’re using the dating app, but this list will help you.

Now, let’s dive into the different features of the mobile app, where you can determine if there are any new users.

The first and most obvious place to start looking for new user searches. One unique thing about Plenty Of Fish is how powerful its search capabilities are.

You’re able to filter our details about what you’re looking for, and at the push of a button, have all the profiles that match what you’re looking for. This search feature is perfect, from height, and hair color to even what they’re on the app for.

Of course, if you’re a paid user, unlock all of the features to have full access to all of the search capabilities.

If you’re looking for new users, we recommend having filters preset to what exactly you’re looking for and updating it every day. Refresh the results and see if anyone new pops up.

What we don’t recommend is refreshing it every few hours. That will get exhausting over time if you frequently refresh the feed.

Viewed Me

This tab is significant because you can see people who view your profile. Typically, new users who come on the app will click around from profile to profile to see what they like.

The Viewed Me tab is another great place, if you’re new, to see if there are new users that are flooding the platform – whether that be around Valentine’s Day or a special holiday.

Oftentimes, if they’ve used the app for a long time, they’re able to dictate who is new around their area. This often is highlighted by a notification on the “viewed me” tab, as users get a red number badge the minute someone clicks on their profile. This feature is pretty useful in seeing if someone new joined the platform.


Nearby is another powerful feature that Plenty Of Fish offers that other mobile dating apps don’t offer. Other mobile apps such as Hinge, Bumble, Or Tinder allow users to set the radius it will randomly pull users (mostly based on score) and display them in a “card stack.”

Plenty Of Fish is completely different in the way they approach this feature. They actually show the user rows of 3 profiles, and you’re able to see how far away from you they are.

This is unique because you can see a full list of users with profiles and your location’s proximity. The beauty of this, you’re able to see if new people pop up in your area. You don’t have to wait for a new card stack to pop up, users are delivered in this tab, and you’re able to figure out rather quickly who’s new.

Again, we don’t encourage cheating boyfriends or girlfriends to go on this app, but if you’re looking to catch someone cheating, this would be the place to find them.

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Meet Me

The Meet Me feature is shown to the user in a card stack format similar to Tinder, Bumble, Or Hinge.

These are typically curated users who will swipe like they traditionally would on any other mobile dating app. Users will appear in the card stack who swipe right and left on the Meet Me feature.

This feature is a bit more random than the other two features. However, this is another spot where new members will sign up.

Premium members can have more depth into the Meet Me feature, but they’re still available within the Meet Me tab.

Do I Get Notified If Someone New In My Area Joins?

No, you don’t get notified if someone new joins your area.

Plenty Of Fish does send out emails that allow the user to know when they connect with another user (also other configurations, based on the user’s preferences).

Go to the notifications tab and set the preferences of how you’d like to be notified when someone matches with you or views your profile.

Two dating app users who love eachother. this is not what you will see if your tinder chat disappeared

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These notifications can be overwhelming, so we tend to leave these email notifications off and leave the push notifications on.

The main point to remember is that you’re not notified once someone new joins Plenty Of Fish; you’ll need to seek out new members and make contact with them actively.


There’s no way to notify new members joining the mobile dating service Plenty Of Fish. There are, however, ways to seek out if someone new has joined.

Using Plenty Of Fish’s powerful features such as the search queries, nearby, and meet me tabs will help provide insight into whether a new person joined.

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