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Tinder has put safety measures and protocols in place to protect its users. Users, both male and female, may run into a point where they may get banned from Tinder. Does Tinder ban your device?

Tinder bans your device if you’ve violated their guidelines or terms of service. Tinder also bans your email address and your IP address. This completely prevents you from creating a new account on their platform.

In this article, we’re going to show you why Tinder may ban you and how you can avoid being banned.

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What Happens When Tinder Bans Your Device?

Tinder has a complete set of rules and guidelines, which can be found here. Users who go against those guidelines and abuse the policies that Tinder has put in place may result in a ban.

If one user complains about harassment or abuse, Tinder may issue a warning to your account. This warning will look like this:

Warning on Tinder.

To avoid a Tinder ban, users must acknowledge that they have read the community guidelines. This is essentially a “strike” against your account, and Tinder will remove you after this initial warning.

If multiple account file reports about you, Tinder will remove your account.

There is no warning or no second chance. Your account and all of your matches, conversations, and likes will be immediately suspended.

Tinder has the right to suspend any user who violates their guidelines, no matter how much money you have paid them.

If your account gets suspended, you will get an error upon logging in that will look like this:

Account banned on Tinder

If you come across this screen, there are a few things that you need to know:

  • You will not be able to access any of your conversations or matches.
  • As it states at the bottom of the picture, if you’ve subscribed to any premium services through the app store, you will need to cancel your subscription with the appropriate provider.
  • You are banned from Tinder.

Once you’re banned from Tinder, it’s tough to become unbanned.

When you get banned from Tinder, your account will immediately become blocked.

Your email and IP address to which you signed on to Tinder will be put in a block list.

This means that the user will not create another account with the same email or Facebook profile, and the IP address you’re using to sign on will also be banned.

For instance, if you use the email [email protected] and are on your home wifi, both the account and the wifi will be banned from logging on to Tinder again.

There is no way of knowing when Tinder will unban your account. However, this Reddit thread seems to have some guesses.

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Why Did Tinder Ban My Device?

Tinder may ban you for multiple reasons. The only way to get banned on Tinder is to get reported by a user or if you disobey their guidelines and terms of service.

When a user reports you, they will have these options to choose from:

Reporting on Tinder
  • Inappropriate Messages
  • Inappropriate Photos
  • Feels Like Spam
  • Other

Users who are consistently reported on will eventually get banned. Users will almost immediately report you if you send messages or have inappropriate photos.

Our best advice is to feel the person you’re talking to before making inappropriate references. Not everyone on Tinder may be looking for a casual date.

Some may be looking for a relationship, and the best way to not get reported is to be as friendly and respectful as possible.

Does Tinder Block Your Apple ID?

Tinder does not block your Apple ID, as it does not have access to it. It does, however, block your email or Facebook profile and IP address.

If you get banned from Tinder, we recommend trying a new app like eHarmony or Ashley Madison if you’re looking for casual dating. These are the alternative options that will help you find someone to spend time with.

If you think Tinder has made a mistake in banning you, we recommend contacting their customer support line. It may be hard to get through to them, but it’s the last effort to help save your account.

How To Get Unblocked On Tinder

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get unblocked from Tinder. You can only wait and contact their company directly to see how long the ban is.

Users cannot make another account once their account has been banned. Tinder keeps track of important information you provided during the signup process to ensure that the same account isn’t created twice.

The ban could be a few months, a few years, or indefinitely. To prevent the ban from happening, please don’t make people feel uncomfortable, but rather make them laugh and feel good.

This is the number one way to maintain matches and ensure that people don’t feel the need to report you.


If you get banned from Tinder, it’s because your profile was either reported several times or that you wronged their community guidelines.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if other users report your profile until it’s too late.

If you’re worried about being banned on Tinder, we recommend you always keep it clean and tasteful when talking to other users.

If you’re consistently rude and nasty, there is a good chance you will be banned.

Being banned on Tinder means you won’t access any of your matches, conversations, or premium features.

Your entire account will be deleted and marked as banned on Tinder.

Current users will not be able to see or match your profile either. Tinder instantly removes your profile from the card stack, and users will not be able to swipe right or swipe left on it.

Last, the conversations that you had ongoing are no longer available for your current matches.

They will not see your profile anymore in their match queue. Tinder has put your profile into limbo.

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