How Do I Know If My Husband Is On Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison is a known discreet dating app for single and married users. Wifes or girlfriends may be left wondering if their significant other is on these platforms. How do you find out if your husband is on Ashley Madison?

To find your husband on Ashley Madison, make an account and search within the area where you live. However, you won’t be able to see their profile picture until you match with them.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to find out if your husband is on the dating app Ashley Madison.

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How To Find Your Husband On Ashley Madison

If you’re looking to find your husband on Ashley Madison, there are a few different things you can do

Create An Account

To find your husband on Ashley Madison, you must first create an account.

Unfortunately, there is no way to find out just by going on their website. You first need to create an account by becoming an active user to use their search features.

Start at: Create Login Here

sign up ashley madison

Click on the “Create Account” link at the top of the page and follow the instructions to create your account.

The free account of Ashley Madison lets you do basic features, but you will not be able to match or talk to anyone.

Sign up ashley madison

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to pay for a plan to use the matching feature. If you have a friend get an account, you won’t have to use yours.

Log in to your Ashley Madison account, click on the “Search” button, and search for your area. Click on any profiles you’d like to message.

You will only be able to see a profile if you match with that member through clicking on their profile picture – so be sure you click!

Ashley Madison makes it, so you’re only able to see pictures of the person when you have successfully matched with that person. You won’t just search the database and know who you want to see.

We recommend you create a profile with attractive pictures (fake or real) to catch your husband. Once both users agree to match and show images, they will be revealed.

This is one of the ways to see if your husband is on Ashley Madison

This is the only way to find your husband on Ashley Madison.

Search Your Husband’s Email

Ashley Madison sends emails to verify users and introduce different promotional items. Most wives and husbands will elect Ashley Madison not to send them anything.

However, if you look in the spam or promotional folder, there is a good chance that you may find an email from Ashley Madison.

Finding an email doesn’t mean they are cheating; it could mean they just signed up but haven’t done anything.

This is one way to find out if your husband is on Ashley Madison’s dating platform.

After signing up, this is the only way to find your husband on Ashley Madison by going into the spam folder.

What Other Ways Do I Know If My Husband Is On Ashley Madison?

If you are unable to find an email or are trying to see who someone is on Ashley Madison without having them know (because they may view this as cheating), there are other ways to figure out if they may be on Ashley Madison.

See Who Your Husband Blocked/Unblocked On Facebook

Typically when couples start to cheat, they will poke around on social profiles to see who they are talking to is the real person.

One way wives and husbands will avoid Facebook confrontation is to block them on all platforms, including Facebook.

You can log into your Facebook account and go to one of their Facebook pages (or go through their profile) and look in the “Blocked Accounts” section under privacy settings.

This will display a list of people that are blocked. Again, it doesn’t mean they are cheating, but it can help in the discovery process.

See Who Your Husband Blocked On Instagram

A popular way spouses and girlfriends will discover who you are talking to is to view their Instagram account.

You can log into your Instagram account and look at who you have blocked or anti-friended. Sometimes people will block each other because they are worried about their profile being seen by others.

Like the Facebook technique we noted above, use the same technique to see if anyone new is added to their friends. Also, if you have access to their account, you can see DM’s and blocked friends by going to their settings.

What To Do Next

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How To Delete An Ashley Madison Account

If you find your husband on Ashley Madison, we highly recommend you have a sit-down conversation with them. Just because they are on the site doesn’t mean that they are cheating.

It’s good to open up the dialogue and find out why he signed up for an account. Confront the issue head-on and see if there is any room to work on the relationship.

If you’ve done all of the steps above and don’t find anything, there probably isn’t an issue. The best way to approach something that you feel may not be right is to ask them head-on. The best relationship is an honest one.

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