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How Does Christian Mingle Work?

Christian Mingle is unlike any other popular dating app, as it is a faith-based dating site. Users come to Christian mingle to find a match that shares their Christian Faith.

Christian Mingle works by sending you compatible matches that fit your criteria in a grid view. Users can send messages to other users and favorite their profiles to let them know you’re interested.

In this article, we will show you all the core features of Christian Mingle and how you can best utilize it to get matches.

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How Christian Mingle Works

Christian Mingle is a faith-based online dating website and mobile app that allows users to match other faith-based Christians. This platform is specific to religion and faith, rather than traditional dating apps based on looks and personality.

Christian Mingle gives the option for users to upload pictures to their profile and write exactly what they’re looking for in their profile.

Interests such as Christian faith, education, height, bio, and kid aspirations are among the top criteria Christian Mingle allows you to fill out.

Christian Mingle User Statistics

Before we show you the features of Christian Mingle, we wanted to cover the user statistics that Christian Mingle makes available to the public.

Christian Mingle has the highest amount of Christian singles compared to any other mobile dating app. Its 60,000 sign-ups per month to help the faith-based dating app pair up singles with other like-minded singles.

Boasting a user base of over 16 million members, the app is never a dull place for conversation. Over 200,000 daily messages are sent on the platform, with users communicating to meet and share a happy relationship.

Christian Mingle’s users range from the age of 25-54. Unlike apps like Tinder & Bumble, whose average age range is much lower, Christian Mingle is an app used for single users who are ready for a commitment and relationship.

Christian Mingle Browse Features

The browse tab is where all of the action happens on Christian Mingle. This will give you a scrollable grid view which allows users to have endless scrolling of users that pertain to that tab.

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The sub-features that are available within the browse tab are:

  • New – See what new users appear on the mobile app. If you’re new to Christian Mingle, we recommend using this tab last, as you’ll want to see the other tabs first
  • Online – This is our favorite tab because it shows users who are actually online. Online users are more likely to see your messages and favorites, which in turn are more likely to respond back to you
  • Distance – If you live in a small city with easy transportation, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you’re in a suburban town, this may be an important tab to you, as distance matters to those in relationships.
  • Match % – In this tab, you’ll see other profiles that best match up with your profile. This could be anything that you input from their pre-selected options that coincide with your options
  • LookBook – The LookBook is exactly the swipe option that many people are used to on mobile dating apps such as Tinder & Bumble. Users are able to swipe left and right to show their interest to other users.

This is the most important tab on the mobile app, as all of the viewing pleasures of other users will be found on this tab.

The browse tab is located in the lower-left icon, which you can quickly access if you find yourself lost on the app.

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Send A Message Or Favorite

Christian Mingle has two main features if you’re looking to connect with another user. The user can either send a message or send a heart (a favorite) to the other user. These are the core features of Christian Mingle because it lets the other user know you’re interested.

Sending a message is a direct approach. Users can click the envelope, which will let you send a direct message. Be sure to include something exciting or relatable to the user, as this may be your only chance to make a first impression.

For less aggressive people, the favorite feature lets the other user know that you’re interested in them, often letting them decide to like you back. This often triggers the other user to make the first move. We recommend girls use the heart feature, as you want the guy to show his interest in conversation first.

Christian Mingle Pricing

Like most dating apps and dating services, there’s a pricing threshold that users must cross to get the full value of the mobile app.

Christian Mingle falls right in line with other mobile dating apps for people who are serious about dating. Although these prices may seem high initially, understand that high pricing often attracts serious users.

Casual users are more likely to flock to other dating sites that offer more features for free, so they can casually browse through.

Christian Mingle is different as it increases the price slightly, giving you more quality and consistent user experience. Christian Mingle pricing tiers are as follows:

  • 6 Months – $24.99/mo
  • 3 months – $34.99/mo
  • 1 Month – $49.99/mo

Christian Mingle users are better off paying for the 6-month option as it gives them plenty of time to find and sort through users they encounter through the app.

The features that come with a paid subscription are as follows:

  • Full Access To Photos
  • Send & Receive Messages With Other Subscribers
  • Read Receipts to see who is reading or ignoring your messages
  • See a full list of users who have liked you
  • See a full list of users who have viewed your profile
  • Control your profile online status

These features are available in all of the paid subscriptions that are available at each month level.

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Christian Mingle is the top faith-based dating site in the app store and on the web right now. It’s the clean reputation of putting faith before looks that give it the edge over another popular mobile dating app.s

If you’re serious about your faith and want to find someone special who shares that faith with you, then Christian Mingle is the place to go. Finding someone with the interests as you, as well as the same faith beliefs, is easier than ever with Christian Mingle.

Sign up today for Christian Mingle and try out all of their free services. Once you feel comfortable on the dating app, purchase the plan, and continue to improve your dating experience from there.

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