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Ashley Madison has become wildly popular over the years. Its secrecy approach allows both married and single users to explore its platform. However, there may be a specific time when you want to delete your Ashley Madison account. So, how do you delete an Ashley Madison account?

To delete your Ashley Madison Account, go to the settings menu, click settings, account tab, and click “delete account.” Your account will be deleted forever.

In this article, we’re going to show you step-by-step how you can remove your Ashley Madison account and deactivate your profile.

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How To Delete Your Ashley Madison Account

There may come a time when you either meet someone or want to get rid of your account. This will require you to delete the Ashley Madison account and move forward.

To delete your Ashley Madison account, there are a few steps that you need to take before you delete the account.

First, we recommend you delete all the pictures from your account.

Next, we recommend removing all the information you don’t want to be stored on their servers.

Hackers have leaked all of the information about users after they have deleted their accounts. We’re not saying this will happen; however, it’s always safe to delete everything on your profile before deactivating it.

This allows you to feel safe that even if something happens in the future, you don’t have to worry about your information being leaked or anyone knowing that you were on Ashley Madison (if that matters to you).

Select The Three Lines In The Top Left Corner

delete your ashley madison account

On both the mobile and desktop versions of Ashley Madison, three vertical lines in the top left corner open up a settings menu. Click on these three lines to open up the menu.

Click On The Settings Tab

setting tab on ashley madison

Next, click on the settings tab that is located directly under the viewed me button. This will open up the settings screen that has several options.

Click The Account Settings

account tab ashley madison

After you click on the settings tab, a screen will appear that you can select multiple options. You’ll want to choose the first option, which is the “account” tab. Once you select the account tab, more options will appear for you to decide.

Scroll Down To Delete Account

delete or deactivate account on ashley madison

There are two different options you can choose – delete your account or deactivate your account.

We’re going to show you the difference between the two.

Difference Between Deactivate & Delete Account On Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison gives you two options when deleting your account. You’re able to choose to delete it or choose to deactivate it. We’re going to show you the difference between the two and how they differ.

Deactivating Account

Deactivating your account is not the same as deleting your account. Ashley Madison makes this clear by adding the following information to the deactivation menu.

Deactivating your account includes:

  • Removal of your profile from search results
  • Hiding your profile on the site
  • Ability to restore your profile by contacting customer service, as long as your account is still in the system (See Privacy Policy)

Deactivating your account does not include:

  • Removal of messages sent and received
  • Removal of messages from recipient’s mailboxes, including Winks and Gifts
  • Removal of site usage history and personally identifiable information from the site
  • Removal of photos

Deactivating your account is great if you want to put it on hold for a while. This means if you’re looking to take a break from the app, or maybe stop using it while you see someone. This option is flexible and will not delete your profile, but you can ensure no one uses it.

Deleting Account

If you choose to delete your account, there will be no way to retrieve all your deleted information. Ashley Madison makes it very clear on their deletion page that you will lose several things upon deletion.

Deleting your account includes:

  • Removal of your profile from search results
  • Removal of your profile from the site
  • Removal of messages from recipient’s mailboxes, including Winks & Gifts
  • Removal of site usage history and personally identifiable information from the site
  • Removal of photos

If you choose the “Delete your account” option, you will not be able to restore your account, and any credits you have left in your account will immediately expire.

If you really want to get rid of your Ashley Madison account, this is the best way to do it. Select the “delete your account” icon at the bottom of the screen, and they will remove your account.

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If you’re trying Ashley Madison out, we recommend giving the platform some time to find someone you’re looking for. Remember that if you delete your account, you will lose everything that you’ve worked to gain.

This includes messages, winks, and gifts.

We recommend deactivating your account and taking a break from it rather than deleting it. You may want to go back and give it another try at a later date.

You will still have all of your messages from before and won’t have to start a brand-new account.

Also, remember that if you delete your Ashley Madison account completely, there is no way of getting it back. It will be gone forever.

Users should consider this before they decide to remove their profile from Ashley Madison altogether.

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