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Dating.com is one of the oldest dating websites, created in 1993, long before Tinder. Despite it being around for 2 decades, Dating.com has continued to add up-to-date features to keep current members happy while also enticing new members to join. Members, both old and new can access all the features on either the Dating.com website or the app.

While it is free to register for Dating.com, you will need to pay for a premium membership and credits in order to use the full potential of the website and the app.

Knowing the price guide for Dating.com and how the membership and credits work will help you get a better idea of how much you will spend on trying to find your person on Dating.com.

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How Dating.com Pricing Works

Dating.com Pricing Guide

Dating.com is different than other dating sites as you purchase “credits” or “tokens.”

These are then used to perform certain actions on the site, such as video chatting, sending messages, or broadcasting. Members don’t, however, pay per credit or token.

Instead, they purchase bundles with a certain amount of credits or tokens in that membership tier.

How Much Does Dating.com Cost?

Dating.com has a few different ways they price their membership. The first way is a monthly membership that includes a certain amount of credits that members get every month with their auto-renewal membership. Dating.com also offers various credit packages that members can purchase and use these credits to perform actions on the website/app.

How Much Does Dating.com Monthly Membership Cost?

It is not uncommon for Dating.com to offer new members a discounted monthly membership as a thank you for signing up for an account. 

As of July 2022, a standard monthly membership costs $9.99 (not including tax) per month, includes free and unlimited offline introduction messages, and allows all members to view your profile as long as your account is active. New members receive 20 credits, a one-time deal, and 10 free chats.

How Much Does Dating.com Credit Bundles Cost?

The cost of a Dating.com membership varies depending on which bundle you purchase. The per credit cost ranges from 4 cents up to over 1 cent per credit. The more credits that are included in the bundle, the less per credit cost you pay. 

dating.com pricing guide

As of July 2022, the credit bundles cost:

  • 10 credit pack – $10.99
  • 20 credit pack – $22.99
  • 50 credit pack – $49.99
  • 150 credit pack – $99.99

The above prices do not include tax, so make sure to keep that in mind if you purchase one of the credit packs. Furthermore, the credits expire a year after purchase, so if you buy credits and don’t use them within a year, they will expire and automatically be removed from your account. 

What Forms Of Payment Does Dating.com Accept?

dating.com payment options

Dating.com accepts many payments, including credit and debit cards, Paypal, GooglePay, and Samsung Pay. They also allow you to pay using crypto.

If you signed up via the iTunes store, you could use the payment method connected to that account to purchase a membership and credits.

What Is The ‘Per Credit Cost’ For Dating.com Actions?

As of July 2022, the per credit cost of a basic chat is one credit per minute, while video chats can cost up to 6 credits per minute. Emails are 10 credits each while viewing and sending videos or photos are 15 credits each.

As you can see, it wouldn’t be hard to quickly use up your credits, especially once you start communicating with other members.

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Does Dating.com Have a Free Version?

Registering and creating a profile on Dating.com is free. However, you won’t be able to view private photos or videos, send messages, chat, or perform any of the other necessary functions to get to know someone without paying for the monthly membership and credits.

What you can do with a free account is view profiles, receive notifications when someone looking for a friend sends you a message, and watch live streams.

Although for most users, these free features are not enough for them to find love. This means that they are left paying for memberships and credits, which can add up quickly. 

Is Dating.com Worth It?

Dating.com isn’t a small dating service with only a few million members. This rather popular dating service has over 73 million registered users and is available in 32 countries. Because it is so widely used, the chances of members finding that special someone is higher than on a smaller, less popular site.

Some members, however, have complained that the number of other members in their area was low, and they couldn’t find any matches local to them. Other members have nothing but praise for this company and have found plenty of matches nearby.

See our full Dating.com review here.

Does Dating.com Offer Refunds?

Refunds are sometimes given, though the refund request is approved or denied on a case-by-case basis.

For membership refunds, you will need to contact Dating.com customer service to request a refund. All refund requests need to be submitted within 3 days of the purchase. However, whether or not you are approved for a refund will depend on your specific situation. 

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