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Being tired of traditional dating apps, you probably have signed up for the League dating app. But, if you are a standard user, there’s a high chance you won’t show up in search results like premium members in the app. However, League tickets can help you gain more exposure. So, what are League Tickets on the league dating app?

To assist users in boosting their profiles, League tickets can be purchased through the League app. Tickets can be spent on various things, such as improving exposure, finding more potential matches, and making a power move. However, they come with a pretty high price tag!

This article will discuss using League Tickets on the League app and how it benefits the users. Before that, it’s essential to take a closer look at the app and its users. The tickets are pricey, so you should know for whom you will be spending your money.

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Who Are The Users Of The League?

The League is an elite dating app for career-minded people who are serious about dating. Amanda Bradford launched this app in 2015 after feeling frustrated with using traditional dating apps.

The app is popular in the US, Germany, France, Austria, Canada, and Australia. 

The League focuses on busy professionals who have hectic lives and do not have the time to waste on traditional dating apps.

Their commitments to their work and lifestyle prevent them from spending too much time on their love life. So, the League matches career-oriented people with each other, as they can understand each other’s situations well.

Hence, the League is strict about the types of users who can sign up for the app. They only accept selective users. Whoever signs up must go through a quality-checking process. They are allowed in the app only if they match the criteria of the users. 

As a result, you can expect to find no scammers, bots, or catfish in the app. However, getting into the app may take time. When you sign up, you will be put on a waiting list so that the app can verify your identity. So, it can take 24 hours or even months to get your account approved. 

What Are League Tickets?

The League app has various features, and not all of them are available for every member. So, the app has League Tickets for people who want to enjoy additional features. 

With League Tickets, you can boost your profile, get more matches, and reactivate expired matches. Ticket bundles are available for different prices. You can choose one based on your preference. 

League tickets are available not just for paid members but also for standard users. It allows standard users to have some benefits that paid members can enjoy. 

How Does The League App Work?

The League app is an elite dating app that focuses on security and safety. They are very selective about people using their website and services to ensure their users meet the career-oriented and successful individuals they are looking for. 

Like most other dating apps, registering on The League is also simple and fast. You have to add your basic information and a valid email address.

While registering, you have the option to add your social media accounts. This will help you get verified faster. Also, if you want to get into the app within 24 hours, you have to buy a premium membership account. 

Once you are approved to join the app, your account will be activated. Finally, you will be able to utilize the app for your purposes. 

Every day at 5 pm, profiles will be sent to you based on the League’s matchmaking algorithm and your preferences. As the app is very selective about allowing people into the app, there are low user numbers. As a result, the number of profiles you see can vary. 

Standard users get 1 to 3 prospects every day at 5 pm during the League’s “happy hour.” On the other hand, League members get 1 to 7 prospects or friend requests every day, depending on the membership type.

However, sometimes the prospects can be low in number. Sometimes you may get 0, and some days it can be 7. 

There can also be times when you wait for weeks or months to get new prospects. You may go through all the available users in your area. It happens mostly to standard users. Also, the profiles of standard users are not sent to as many people as those of paid members. 

So, if you want to get more profiles in the app, you should purchase League Tickets.

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What Do the Tickets Do? 

Both standard and paid users of the app get benefits from League tickets. If you are not willing to pay the high membership price, you can always get a bundle of tickets. Here is how League Tickets help you: 

  • More Daily Prospects: Tired of waiting for new batches of prospects? Then buy a batch of profiles with League Tickets. The tickets override the app’s algorithm to get you more potential matches. 
  • Get More Matches: You are probably not getting many “hearts” because your profile does not show up in other users’ prospect lists. Using League Tickets, you can boost your profile and get seen up to five times more and faster. 
  • Power Move: Want to get noticed by your crush faster? You can use power moves on people to make sure they notice you before others. 
  • Rematch: You may get busy for days and forget to match with a potential match. The match may have expired, but you can rematch and connect with them with the help of Tickets. 
  • Undo Rejection: Sometimes, users reject a match intentionally or accidentally. But later, they may feel connected to them. You can only do it by using tickets. You can undo the rejection and send your match messages.  

Prospective matches become scarce if you set too many preferences in your profile. So, League Tickets are the best way to get beyond the selected matches of the app.

As you can see, League Tickets provide you with outstanding benefits. They are available in different bundles and prices. So, you should spend your money wisely.

What Is The Price Of League Tickets?

League tickets are available in various bundles for standard users and paid members. You can choose between 5, 15, 50, and 300 tickets.

Here is the detailed price range: 

  • 5 Tickets – $25.00
  • 15 Tickets – $60.00
  • 50 Tickets – $199.00
  • 300 Tickets -$999.00

Most users of the app prefer the 15-ticket bundle. They find the number and price of the League tickets are more reasonable in this bundle. The price may seem quite reasonable, but you have to pay monthly for these bundles.

You might get busy for days, and you may not use all the tickets before the month ends. So, it would be best if you got these bundles when you are sure about using all of them. 

Why Should Users Get Tickets?

League tickets are an excellent way to boost your profile. Also, people who visit the app casually to feel the environment should use League Tickets instead of paid memberships. The paid memberships of the League app are comparatively higher than those of any other dating app. 

Therefore, users should use League Tickets to enjoy premium perks. Then think about upgrading to memberships. Once you decide to use the app for the long term, buy a membership. The League membership will also grant you free League tickets. 

Besides, paid members to use ‘League Tickets’ to benefit from power moves, re-matching, and undoing rejections. So, no matter what your status is, if you want to stay on top of the search and matching algorithm of the app, you should get some League Tickets. 


So, what are League Tickets on the League dating app? By now, you should have a good idea about the League tickets. They are your tickets to meet your future dates. It is difficult to find your desired person in the app without the tickets. 

Although the tickets are pricey, they are extremely convenient to get the most out of this app.

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