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The League is a dating app that has garnered a reputation for being high-class or elitist. The app is famous for being used by the rich, mainly influencers and celebrities. Launched in 2014, this dating app has a vigorous selection process and package deals that have everyone wondering why is “The League” dating app so expensive.

The League dating app was always intended for a particular market: celebrities, influencers, and upper-class members. The app has an extensive selection procedure that goes out of its way to ensure no false information is being shared. The effort to make the app safe and accurate is why it is so expensive.

Since this dating app is new and has a specific target audience, it is relatively foreign to people who do not closely follow celebrity culture. Many additional features make this app as expensive as it is. Keep reading this article to learn more about The League dating app and why it is priced the way it is.

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How Is The League Dating App Different From Other Dating Apps?

The League entered the dating app market with a completely different mission and vision than regular dating apps. Rather than the typical dating app, which promotes messages of finding love. The League presents the idea of the formation of power couples. This app isn’t just about finding love; it is about finding the perfect partner who is compatible with you in every way. 

With this central message, the League became a place for rich people to get together and date in a safe space. Here are a few main ways The League differs from regular dating apps. 

The Selection Process

Unlike regular traditional dating apps, The League isn’t an app where you can sign up and start. The selection process is vigorous and can take up to several days.

Since one of the main goals of The League is to allow people a safe place to connect without worrying about catfish, extra care is taken to ensure everyone is who they are. 

When you sign up to join the League, you are put on a waiting list. You will, in the meantime, also be asked to provide links to your LinkedIn or Facebook profile. The League team will do a thorough background check on all of your details.

This process can be shortened if you already have a friend on the app who can vouch for you. If all of your information meets the qualifications of The League, your account will be complete and ready for use. 

Target Audience 

Most dating apps are open to everyone. There may be a few that are specialized based on gender or sexual orientation. However, The League is the first dating app to use social and economic status to develop a targeted audience.

This app caters only to people of a particular economic class. Individuals who fail to meet that requirement are not permitted to use the app. 

This selection process is due to the dating problem in many upper-class societies. The creator of The League noticed a rising problem with dating among upperclassmen.

It is very difficult for rich and successful people to use dating apps without the fear of being targeted by people looking for money. The League is an attempt to resolve this issue by giving rich and successful people a platform that is theirs alone.

Main Goal

Most dating apps embrace the idea of trial and error. Their goal is to help people find love. Whether or not this love lasts a lifetime or a few weeks is none of their concern.

The League steers away from this idea. Their main goal is not only to help people find love but to allow people to connect with partners they are perfectly compatible with. 

The League uses a complex algorithm and cross-referencing process to help people find their perfect match. Since a person’s LinkedIn and Facebook profiles are also connected to the app, there is more information to scan, which allows the system to find people with similar interests and higher compatibility rates. 

What Makes The League Dating App So Expensive?

The features that make The League different from other dating apps are also the reasons why the app is so expensive.

In short, since so much effort goes into making sure the app environment is safe and matches are compatible, the process has to be sustained through higher costs.

Here are some reasons why The League is so expensive.

The Concierge

The concierge is a feature available to VIP members of The League. This feature is essentially a system that provides the user with direct support from a representative of “The League.” Your concierge is your guide through the app. You can bring up any problems with the app directly to the concierge.

The concierge also acts as a type of dating guru. Whether it comes to choosing pictures for your profile or deciding what to text someone, your concierge will be there to provide constant support.

One of the most significant issues with using regular dating apps is not knowing who to contact about bugs in the app. The concierge makes this process easy by being there for your every need.

Advanced Monitoring System

Safety was a major pillar in the creation of The League. The app greatly prioritizes the safety of its users. Advanced screening and monitoring systems of the app allow them to do this. User activity and complaints are closely monitored. 

Any sort of suspicious activity is instantly looked into. This rigorous screening process requires a lot of time and effort. This top-class customer service and support is a big reason why The League is so expensive. 

Special Features 

The League also has many other special features not available in other dating apps. The “power moves” feature, for instance, is a feature that allows a user to boost their profile. By using “power moves,” the user is guaranteed more matches per day. This also boosts the user’s position higher in other people’s match lists.

Another special feature is the ability to message people before matching. Most dating apps will make you match someone before you can contact them.

The League allows you to message people before matching. This way, you can see if you are compatible with the other user before matching up with them. The app needs to charge more to provide its users with these special features.

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Is The League Dating App Worth The Price?

At more than twice the price of regular dating apps, you may wonder if The League dating app is even worth it. To put it simply, if you are a person who values safety, and efficiency, then The League dating app is more than worth its price. 

Dating online is a dangerous game. The risks are countless, and the possibility of bad things happening is always high.

In this scenario, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Paying extra for a dating app that ensures your security is worth considering. 


If you were wondering, why is ‘The League‘ dating app so expensive? I hope this article was able to provide an adequate answer. Now that you know the reason behind the app’s price, I’m sure you will not have trouble deciding if you want to use it. 

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