Post Date: June 16, 2022

With all the dating sites and apps, it can be difficult to decide which one to use. Bumble is one such dating app that was created in late 2014. While it isn’t the oldest dating app out there, it has quickly become one of the most popular dating sites currently available. In fact, Bumble boasts that they have had over one billion communications initiated by women.

Before women make first contact, however, you will need to entice them with a good profile. The best Bumble bios immediately make the reader want to get to know more about you, while also giving them a feel of the type of person you are. 

If you’re not getting as many hits as you want, or simply want to improve your matches, consider implementing the following tips to improve your Bumble bio.

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What To Put In Your Bumble Bio

Bumble Bio For Guys
Bumble Bio For Guys

Your Bumble bio gives you the ability to introduce yourself to potential love connections, and it is just as important as your profile photo.

Far too often, however, users don’t put enough thought into it nor do they take enough time to write a bio that hooks the reader and draws them in. Thankfully, the following tips will help ensure your Bumble bio is 

Write Just Enough

More is not always better, especially when it comes to dating profiles. The best Bumble bios provide enough information to pique the interest of potential mates without being too long that you bore the reader.

While it may be tempting to lay your entire life story out there in the open, most people don’t want to read a novel when skimming through dating profiles.

Avoid Insulting People

While the internet can be a wonderful place to meet new people and learn new things, it isn’t without its less-than-appealing underbelly.

Being behind a screen lets some people feel comfortable with saying anything, no matter how nasty or inappropriate it may be.

While you may feel tempted to use your Bumble bio to tell the world just what you think about people who don’t fit your specific taste or beliefs, this should be avoided at all costs. These types of bios make you come across as an unpleasant person to be around.

Highlight Your Best Traits

Use your Bumble bio to talk about yourself, not list your dealbreakers. Describe your accomplishments, but do so in a non-bragging manner.

Instead of simply stating that you’re an excellent cook, include a photo of yourself with an eye-catching meal you made. 

List Your Interests And Hobbies

While your bio shouldn’t simply be a list of things you like, you should include what your interests and hobbies are.

This can help increase the chance of connecting with others who share the same interests and hobbies as you do.

With that said, however, avoid simply stating “I like playing games”, and say what games you like. Which consoles do you play on? Or do you enjoy old-school board games?

Avoid Clichés

Clichés are popular for a reason, but they don’t belong in your dating profile where hundreds if not thousands of other guys state the same saying.

Instead of writing, “I work hard and play hard”, include an interesting fact about yourself. Are you an identical twin? 

Keep Your Bio Fun

Keep your profile fun, but not funny. While there is nothing wrong with being a funny person, using funny bios and photos online usually comes across as feeling forced or simply missing their market.

It’s harder than one thinks to show your real sense of humor with a short bio or a few photos. Coming across as fun, however, is much more inviting and makes you seem as though you would be a great person to hang out with and get to know.

Ask The Reader A Question

Adding a question to your bio is a great way to encourage readers to reach out and message you with their answers.

The question doesn’t have to be a difficult one, something as simple as “Do you make your bed every morning?”, or “What is the best 80s movie that no one knows about?” 

Add Badges

One of the unique things about Bumble is that it allows users to add badges and filters to their profiles. These help others weed through profiles so they waste less time trying to find their forever person.

According to Bumble, badges can help increase the chance of connecting with someone by up to 55 percent. If you love dogs, add a badge stating that fact. 

Don’t Forget The Photo

The photos you select for your Bumble profile are another important aspect that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

While it is common knowledge that you should use a photo that shows just you, no one else, without sunglasses or masks covering your face, most dating app users are unsure as to what type of photo to use for their Bumble bio.

In most instances, you should use candid pictures of yourself and not ones that feel forced or staged. If you’re a cat person, include a photo of yourself with your furbabies. You can use your profile photos to convey your personality and hobbies without even saying a word. 

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Add Multiple Photos

Adding more than one photo to your Bumble profile can greatly improve your chance of meeting your match. With that said, however, don’t throw just any photo up there.

Avoid using photos with Snapchat filters or any other filter that could obscure how you really look in person. Try to keep the photos you upload tasteful and candid, without being too stuffy.

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