Post Date: September 24, 2020

Getting matches on dating apps, specifically, Bumble can be hard for some and easy for few. Users are often notified when they get a match, but also when they miss a match.

Bumble gives users 24 hours to respond to a match, or they will be deleted. To reconnect with this profile, the user must purchase Bumble’s premium subscription program, Bumble Boost.

In this article, we will show you how to reconnect with matches and the best way to avoid missing matches.

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Missing A Match On Bumble

Missing a match on Bumble is common if you don’t use the dating app every day.

Bumble is different from other mobile dating apps. It requires the girl to make the first move, in which the guy must wait patiently once he receives a match to respond.

Once a guy and a girl match, the girl has 24 hours to message the guy. If she doesn’t send a message, the match will expire, and the guy will never get a chance to talk to the girl.

This is one of the downsides of being on Bumble, as it doesn’t even give the guy a chance to impress the girl. The girl is in complete control of the conversation from the start.

Once the two users connect, there is a 24-hour window for the girl to send a message. If she doesn’t message the guy and lets the clock run out, the message will be expired.

There is still an opportunity to reconnect with the user. Bumble understands that not everyone uses their app every day, and there may be a time when users may not check their phones for 24 hours.

This is why they have a reconnect feature, which allows users to engage with a potential missed connection.

How To Reconnect With A Match You Missed

If you’ve missed a connection, Bumble will display a message that says you’ve missed a connection. From here, Bumble allows you to have two options.

The first option is to let the match expire. If you weren’t necessarily attracted to the person, letting the match expire will cost you no energy or money. Simply do nothing, and the match will expire as if it never happened.

This is most common as if the person didn’t want to talk with them the first time, why try to reconnect?

Once users have fully disconnected, there will be no way of getting them back.

Bumble Beeline

The second option is to use Bumble’s rematch feature. This is available in their Bumble Boost subscription, allowing you to reconnect with the user.

However, this is no guarantee for the guy, as the female user still controls all of the messaging power. She can ignore the request to reconnect.

If you strongly feel you want to rematch, click on the profile you’ve missed and hit the reconnect button.

Reconnecting with another user will give the female a new 24 hours to respond to your profile. If she chooses not to, again, the profile will go into a deletion period.

We recommend using these reconnects sparingly. If the user did not want to connect with you in the first place, there’s a low percentage chance she will want to connect with you the second time.

Also, if the person isn’t active on the dating app, it could mean they’re casually using the app, leading to even more stress in getting a response from them.

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What Happens When A Match Expires

When a match expires on Bumble, the guy will be given a short opportunity to reconnect. If they don’t reconnect in the amount of time they’re given, typically 24 hours, the match will be deleted forever.

This is why it doesn’t matter how many matches you have in your match queue, but rather how many responses you have.

Bumble is unique in that if a match expires, it will be deleted. Other mobile dating apps allow your matches to sit in a queue, and either the guy or girl can decide if you want to pursue the conversation.

Bumble’s approach is completely different. If you’ve missed a match on Bumble, there’s not much that a free user can do. Users are encouraged to pay for the premium subscription to get that match back.

If they don’t pay for the subscription, the user must consistently log in to the app to ensure they don’t miss matches. This benefits Bumble and its overall goal to get you to pay for its subscription services.


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Bumble says you missed a match because the time limit of 24 hours expired before the girl messaged you. You’re able to reconnect to the missed connection using Bumble Boost.

Once reconnected, another 24-hour time limit is set for the girl to message you. If she fails to message you again, the profile will be deleted unless reconnection occurs.

Bumble’s main purpose is to allow females to control the conversation, and to decide which matches they want to continue and which conversations they want to avoid.

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