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Hinge is similar to other mobile dating apps where users can only use a select amount of the free version before they are they can’t. So why does hinge limit likes? As with other apps, Hinge restricts what the user can and can’t use over time.

Hinge limits “likes” for the free version, so users have to pay money to improve their experience. The paywall can only be bypassed by paying a monthly or yearly fee.

In this article, we will show you how most popular dating apps, like Hinge, limit how many likes you get and how many free likes on hinge you get.

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Limiting Likes On The Hinge Dating App

According to Hinge’s FAQ site, they state that a user can get 8 likes per day. The likes reset at 4:00 AM each day before the user can use another 8 likes.

Mobile dating apps like Hinge will limit the number of likes on the free version to get the user to pay for the premium version.

For the user to test the features, it plants a bit of curiosity inside their brain. Curiosity, more likely than not, will turn a free customer into a paid customer.

Out of likes on Hinge

Other dating apps like Tinder and Bumble will give you more likes per day, but the quality of users isn’t as good as Hinge.

Hinge restricts many features that can only be found behind its paywall. Hinge photos will always appear on the feed, but once the eight likes on Hinge run out, you can not take any action on any pictures.

Hinge answers (on the profile) and Hinge Preferred are also locked for users.

How Many Hinge Likes Per Day?

According to the Hinge website, each user gets 8 Hinge likes per day.

When using Hinge, we recommend you’re extremely careful and strategic about how you use these 8 Hinge free likes. Hinge has helped slow down the process by using a button to like and dislike rather than a thumb swipe.

Thumb swiping is often quicker and more careless than tapping a button. Users not only go through their likes quicker on apps like Tinder and Bumble, but they often regret the swipes they make. This results in more ghosting and wasted conversation.

Hinge users the button tap and display profiles in a way that encourages you to read through them thoroughly. Due to the fact, that each user only gets 8 likes per day, users are more careful about whom they give their likes to. Scarcity creates a sense of protectiveness over likes.

Then, at 4:00 a.m. each day, the likes are reset back to 8. This is how the Hinge algorithm works.

Hinge Unlimited Likes Hack

unlimited likes on HInge

To get unlimited likes on Hinge, you must first pay for their premium subscription. Out of all of the mobile dating apps, Hinge gives you the least amount of likes before locking it for the day. Each user is only allowed 8 likes a day before being shown a lock screen asking them to pay.

Purchasing Hinge’s premium subscription will instantly unlock unlimited likes and allow the user to like or dislike profiles infinitely.

If you first download Hinge, we recommend staying on the free plan as long as possible so you’re able to see exactly how Hinge works.

Hinge works like other mobile dating apps with a card stack, but it may not be for everyone. Use the free version for at least a week before you decide to purchase the premium version.

8 likes a day is more than enough to match with another person.

Remember, Hinge is unlike other dating platforms, as it notifies the other user instantly when you send them a like. Apps like Tinder and Bumble blur out the users who have already liked your profile. Hinge puts these users at the forefront of their profile, so they are instantly notified that you liked their profile when they log in.

This is why 8 likes a day isn’t so bad, because it increases your chances of meeting someone.

Why Does Hinge Make You Pay?

Hinge makes you pay because they need to make money on their premium subscription. As with any business, money needs to be made off of the millions of daily Hinge users.

Hinge has created a completely free platform to use the core functionality but restricts premium usage to make money.

Users are locked out once they try to like more than 8 profiles a day. This is to restrict the user and encourage them to buy their premium package.

Hinge markets its mobile dating app as “designed to be deleted.” The style of the app also attracts users who are serious about dating. Quality users make Hinge’s platform worth spending money on.

Since Hinge gives the user information about the user, question prompts to answer, and pictures, Hinge has become a desirable dating app. Not only are you able to find out about the person before swiping left, but users can also make personality decisions based on question prompts.

This is a major improvement compared to other apps like Tinder which focus solely on physical appearance and a short bio.

Hinge delivers more than most mobile dating apps, especially in their free version. Aside from the likes, users can use pretty much all of the features for free.

The free version of Hinge is just as effective as the paid version if you’re patient. If you’re not patient and want to put some gasoline on the fire, we recommend purchasing the premium package to speed up the process.

When Do Hinge Likes Reset?

Hinge likes reset at 4 a.m. local time. This means if you are on Eastern time, it will reset at 4 a.m. EST.

Hinge prompts you when you have run out of likes. After eight likes on Hinge, you will get a notification that you can no longer like any more matches. This means if you use up all of your likes on Hinge early in the day, you will need to wait until 4 a.m. to start swiping again.

This is why it’s important to not swipe right on every single person. Only swipe right on attractive profiles and look past just the first photo.

Be sure the profile you’re looking at has group photos and not too many selfies.

Each Hinge profile is different. In our opinion, Hinge is one of the best online dating apps on the market right now. Being a free Hinge user doesn’t hinder your experience. Paying for premium subscriptions enhances your experience, but isn’t necessary.

Hinge Likes Not Resetting

If your Hinge likes

Does Hinge Limit Likes Received

how many likes on hinge

Does Hinge limit your likes?

Yes. Hinge does limit your likes. You have the ability to send up to 8 Likes per day. These Hinge Likes are reset daily at 4:00 AM at your local time. Once you’ve successfully matched with a Hinge user, there is no limit to the number of messages you can send them. For Hinge+ and HingeX subscribers, you are provided with the luxury of being able to send an infinite number of Likes!

Why do you only get a few likes on Hinge?

There are a few reasons why you only get a few likes on hinge. One being that you are living in rural areas or smaller towns might limit your potential matches in comparison to metropolitan areas. Likewise, highly selective preferences can also narrow down your pool of potential matches, potentially reducing your likes on Hinge

How many likes does the average girl get on Hinge?

The average hinge likes a day for a girl gets 10 likes a day. But, women using Hinge have the potential to receive upwards of 99 Likes in a single day, especially if they have a strong presence on the app. Interestingly, data indicates that the top 1% of female users account for approximately 11% of all Likes on Hinge. In comparison, the top 1% of male users receive around 16% of total Likes.

Why can I not like anyone on Hinge?

The reason you cannot like anyone on Hinge is most likely because you have ran out of your like limits for the day. You only get 8 likes to use a day, so be careful and use those

Conclusion Why Does Hingle Limit Likes

Hinge is a mobile dating app that uses the tap of a button to like and dislike users. Hinge allows each user to send 8 likes a day. Once the 8 likes have run out, the user will be prompted to purchase Hinge’s premium plan.

It’s important to strategically use your 8 likes, as Hinge will notify each user that you have liked their profile. From there, users can decide to match with them or shy away from them.

This feature has helped couples match more efficiently with more quality matches. While 8 likes may not seem like a lot, it instantly notifies the other users are plenty of likes for one day.

If you decide to upgrade your plan to unlimited likes, we recommend you still take time to go through each profile and decide if that person fits your style.

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