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Why Does Hinge Say Your Turn?

The Hinge dating app allows people who match with eachother to instantly engage in conversation. Hinge has created a way to remind you to respond back to your match, by using the your turn badge.

Hinge says “your turn” to nudge the user to respond back. This badge icon is used to help prevent ghosting and no responses. The “your turn” icon only appears when you need to respond back to the other user.

In this article we’re going to show you why Hinge uses the “you turn” icon and what it means.

Your Turn Notification On Hinge

Hinge has created a way to nudge users to respond back to one another. Too often on mobile dating apps, users get ghosted (meaning one person just completely ignores the other without reason).

Ghosting is common in mobile dating apps because it’s very easy to do. Users who have over 100+ matches, can simply ignore a match and move on to the next.

Not only are the ramifications of ghosting major, but they can also leave a scar on people that are getting ghosted. We recommend you always let the other person know why you have no interest in them, rather than just stop talking to them.

Your Turn icon

In order to prevent ghosting, Hinge has come up with a way to nudge users to respond back, even if they don’t have an interest. If it’s your turn to respond back to the other person, you’ll be notified with a “your turn” icon, as well as a badge icon on the app itself.

Similar to how other apps use badge notifications when you have an unread message or notification, the number will appear on the bottom of the task bar.

Hinge dating app number icon

The reason they made this notification stick out, is so users will see it and hopefully respond back. For those who need to have all of their notifications cleared, this is one that will surely nag you.

The “your turn” notification badge that appears in the top right of the Hinge conversation queue is purple and sticks out. This is another signal to the user that they should respond.

Notifications And Badge Icon

If you have message that you haven’t responded to, it will be marked by a “you turn” notification, as well as a badge Icon.

The purple notification will remind you that it’s your turn to respond back. If you’re someone who doesn’t use the app often, this is a good reminder that you need to respond back to the person.

If you’re a frequent Hinge user, these purple your turn notifications won’t go away unless you actually respond back to the person.

On top of having a purple icon remind the user that it’s their turn to respond, Hinge has also coupled it with a badge notification.

For those that don’t know what a badge notification is, it’s that red number that appears over your app. Here’s an example of what it looks like.

hinge badge icon

This tactic is another nudge technique done by Hinge. These badge notifications can be shut off, here’s how to do it.

How To Shut Off Hinge Your Turn Notifications

In order to shut off the badge notifications that appear on the app icon, you’ll need to go to your settings.

From here, you will see a notification to shut off badge notifications that appear. This is the same place can eliminate lock screen and notification settings.

In regards to the purple notification badge, there’s no way to turn it off. Hinge does not allow this feature to be turned off. The only way to remove this purple notification from your chat queue is to respond back to the user, or simply remove the user.

If you’re not interested in talking to the person anymore, we recommend you tell them you no longer have interest in them and unmatch them.

It may be uncomfortable, but it’s good to let the other person know what they did wrong (if anything), to have you not interested in them anymore.

We do not recommend ghosting them. Simply unmatching them for no reason is not a good way to get rid of the purple notification,


Hinge has created the “your turn” notification to nudge the user to respond back. If they respond back, the notification will be removed from the chat queue.

In order to remove the purple “your turn” notification, users must respond back or unmatch the profile. These are currently the only 2 ways to get rid of the “your turn” notifications.

These notifications are used to remind users to respond back to their match. Unlike other mobile apps, users are resposible for keeping track of who they responded back to and who they didn’t.

Hinge helps remind users of who you need to respond back to and the purple “your turn” icon is a perfect reminder.

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