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eHarmony is a dating website that helps singles find their true love based on compatibility scores. eHarmony is also known for sending frequent emails to its users, which can be annoying over time. Why do they send so many emails?

eHarmony sends frequent emails to get users to upgrade their profile to a paid subscription. These emails frequently come in an attempt to capture the free user’s dollar. If you’re already part of their paid subscription, the emails will give you updates on company changes and new features.

In this article, we will show you why eHarmony sends you emails and how to stop them.

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Why Does eHarmony Send Emails?

eHarmony, like most paid dating apps, wants to keep you updated with new features consistently. To communicate with their users, they will send frequent emails.

EHarmony will send you deals to convert you to a paid subscriber if you’re a free user. Deals include 50% off monthly subscriptions and extended free trials.

How To Stop eHarmony From Sending Emails

To stop eHarmony email notifications, go to the options menu, select notification options, and deselect the new visitors and premium options.

These events can be simple messages, people viewing your profile, or someone sending a smile at you. If you’re picky about your inbox being clean or don’t like a million notifications sent to your phone, then we’re going to help you.

We also want to help you live a happy and healthy lifestyle where you’re not consistently checking your phone. Notifications and badge icons can consistently have you checking your phone every two minutes.

This will naturally ruin your lifestyle as you’ll always be worried about your next match and not enjoying life. Make sure the notification preferences you choose still allow you to enjoy the company of those around you.

eHarmony Email & Notification Options

eHarmony email preferences can be annoying, especially for active users. To be efficient with your email box and your time, we want to make sure we’re getting the right notifications.

There are a few settings that eHarmony allows us to tinker with to fit our notification preferences both on our phone and our email. Let’s start with our phone.

Email Phone Notification Settings

eHarmony phone notification settings are a bit dried down. To fully customize your settings, you must log on to the site via desktop. They only allow you a few options, which we’ll go through in a minute. For now, let’s learn how to navigate to the notification settings.

eHarmony notification settings

To change your notifications on your phone, you’ll need to go to the gear icon in the corner. This is the options setting where you’ll be able to read different eHarmony policies, and of course, be able to change your settings.

From here, click on the notification options tab. This will take you to a screen where you’re able to decide between two different notification options.

eharmony email notificaitons

As mentioned, these notification options are a bit dried down, as the user will only get the option of receiving two different notifications from eHarmony. The two options are:

  • New visitors to my profile – Notify me when users visit my profile.
  • Premium Offers – Notify me about premium membership offers

The new visitors to my profile option is one we recommend you keep on. This will help you keep track of all the visitors and new matches that come to your site. The best way to get in a relationship is to meet new people and explore what you like and don’t like.

The premium offers tab; however, if you don’t want your phone to get bogged down with eHarmony notifications, we recommend you tick this one-off. There’s nothing worse than thinking you have a match or someone viewed your profile, only to realize it was a premium offer.

If you’re into premium offers and staying up to date with eHarmony, leave this on and have your wallet ready.

Turn Off Email Preferences

To turn off email preferences and customize the information you receive, here’s what you must do.

eHarmony settings icon

First, this will only work if you’re on a desktop. In-depth notifications aren’t allowed to be configured on mobile. If you’re looking to change what actually gets pushed to your email and phone, get to a computer right away!

As shown in the picture above, you’ll see a circle icon and a picture in the top right corner. Click on the picture, and it will present a drop-down menu that looks like this.

eharmony my account information

Click on “data and settings” to access the notifications settings. On the right-hand side, there will be a tab for notification options. Click on that notifications settings tab here.

user settings eHarmony

From here, you’re able to determine what settings you’d like to turn on and off to keep your eHarmony experience as clean as possible.

email settings eHarmony

Let’s dive into what each of these options means!

  • New messages, icebreakers, icebreaker results, comments, smiles, and answer smiles are all eHarmony features that require you to interact with another user.
  • New profile visitors, welcome greetings, and matches all relate to how users interact with your profile. If they choose to visit your profile you’ll get a notification. This is good to have one to see who’s interested in your profile and you can quickly contact them.
  • The rest of the notifications are general notifications about special offers, guidance for searching for a partner, and product information. You can choose to leave these on if you’re curious about the platform.

These options will relate to both push notifications and emails. So if you’re someone who is consistently showing other people you’re phone, we highly recommend turning these notifications off.

If you also like to keep your email as clean as possible, turn these notifications off because you’ll get a good amount of notifications from eHarmony.


Notification preferences can be annoying both on the phone and the desktop version of eHarmony; however, there are multiple ways to shut them off.

It’s important to go to a desktop to really control the notifications from eHarmony. Using the mobile version will limit what you can control. Get to a desktop the minute you sign up (or even sign up using a desktop) to ensure that all of your notifications are set properly.

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