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Why Is Ashley Madison Sending Me Emails?

Like other dating app companies, Ashley Madison will send emails to you to provide information or updates. These emails can be stopped but also are sent for a purpose.

Ashley Madison is sending you emails to keep you informed about new products, changes to their service, or updates. You can turn off all emails and make sure no emails are sent to you.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to turn off or change your email notifications on Ashley Madison and make sure that you never have to receive another email again.

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Ashley Madison Emails

Ashley Madison sends emails when you first sign up and occasionally throughout your existence with the company. If you’re someone who is attached and is not looking to receive emails, you’ll want to turn them off.

Later in this article, we’re going to show you to turn off all the Ashley Madison emails that way; you never have to see them again.

The types of emails that Ashley Madison sends are mostly during the onboarding process. These emails will also nudge you to use their platform.

Ashley madison emails

For instance, we received an email when we signed up about connecting with new members. This email will show you all of the members in your area who are looking for a discreet fling.

Other messages you may receive are when a member sends you a message. As you can see, Tara7894 sent us a message. Ashley Madison will send you an email to nudge and remind you. This can get annoying over time.

In this instance, there may come a point in time where you want to shut off these emails. Let’s learn how to do it.

How To Turn Off Ashley Madison Emails

Ashley Madison has a list of notifications and email preferences that you can turn on and off to your liking. To access the list of email notifications, you must take these steps.

Click The Three Lines That Are In The Top Left Corner Of The Screen

setting tab on ashley madison

These three lines will open up a menu with different options. From here, you’re going to click the settings menu, which will populate different varieties of options.

Select Notifications

Ashley Madison notifications

The notifications screen will bring up a side panel that has several different email notifications.

Uncheck All Of The Notifications

The email notifications can be completely customized to your preference. We’re going to show you each notification and how you can best approach it. Starting with the automatic emails:

  • I have New Mailbox activity
  • A Favorite Member logs in
  • Someone viewed my profile
  • New Members sign up in my area
  • Marketing and Special Offers

Ashley Madison members can turn these notifications on or off. If you don’t want any of these emails to hit your inbox, we recommend unchecking all of the boxes to make sure none of them ever do.

Next, users can also receive additional emails based on other preferences they select. These include:

  • New Local Match messages
    Let’s you know about potential matches you might be interested in.
  • Quick Reply Messages
    Automatic messages sent in response to Winks.
  • Show In-App Notifications

Users can decide if Ashley Madison’s system finds someone they might be interested in. They will send an email to you letting you know that someone fits your criteria of the people you seem to like.

Quick reply messages are emails that you can click on, which will open the app and reply immediately. This is great if you don’t want to open the app or turn on push notifications consistently.

If you’re using the app, there may be notifications that pop up that a user has messaged or winked at you. These messages can be shut off by turning off “show in-app notifications.

Turning Off All Ashley Madison Email Notifications

If you’re looking not to get a single email from Ashley Madison, we recommend turning off all of these boxes. This will ensure that Ashley Madison doesn’t send you notifications that you’re not expecting.

Emails to retrieve your password and that you’ve successfully changed your password may still appear.

If you’re concerned about using an email that you don’t want receiving emails, we recommend using a brand new email. This way, it only shows Ashley Madison’s emails, and you can control how often you look at them.

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Ashley Madison’s emails can be controlled in the settings. Using these boxes to check what you want and don’t want to receive can help alleviate headaches. We recommend checking only the boxes you need to receive the emails to help out your Ashley Madison experience.

If you’re looking to remove all of your emails from Ashley Madison, uncheck all of the boxes and never receive another email from them again.

If you’re looking to be completely anonymous on Ashley Madison, we recommend creating an email that isn’t linked to your personal or work email.